What Will It Take To Make Someone Stop The Genocide That Is Happening In Quebec?

Genocide:  The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group 

If this definition of genocide is to remain true and we hold to its principles as a country and a democratic coalition dedicated to ensuring that all citizens of the world live free and without fear of being subjected to this sort of threat to their very existence how then does this government of Canada and the international of the world not condemn openly and publicly and even consider taking actions such as sanctions and other penalties against Quebec for the genocide that it is seeking and in fact committing against its English-speaking and non Francophone citizens? I again ask the question,”What will it take to make someone stop the genocide that is happening in Quebec?”

Pauline Maroi’s political platform and priority are based singularly on  the social suffering and removal of English-speaking and non Francophone people living in Quebec, by any means necessary.  Pauline Marois and her separatist party and followers, fear  that their culture, language and very existence is in some way being wiped out by the English minority.  I think over the years this problem has been corrected in Quebec and has even become reverse discrimination, by a party that wants to separate from Canada, the Parti Québécois.  So again one must ask themselves if it is not equality and a sense of fair play that the separatists and the Parti Québécois are after, then exactly what is it that they are seeking?  I would say that they are seeking to do to the English of Quebec and the non Francophones of Quebec what they did to the First Nations People of Quebec and that is to remove their individuality, (culture, language, religion) anything that makes them unique or different and in so doing commit an ethnic,  cultural, political and linguistic cleansing of Quebec; in short form, they are trying to achieve the death of the English or non Francophone in Quebec, or in shorter form they ar committing genocide.  This is a far cry from the original goal of Rene Levesque’s desire to level the playing field in Quebec and bring the standard of “French people equal to that of English people in Quebec.

The other question is should a party in  Canada be allowed to run on a platform that to succeed must commit genocide, or are we in Canada allowing the politicians of Quebec to rewrite the definition of the word genocide to suit its goals? I mean we have the head of a political party in Quebec, Canada, saying there is still after the removal of English  as a first language,  educational tool, a business tool in Quebec, too much English still being spoken and used in Quebec and now hopes to remove it as a political tool as well.  Now although this violates international law and is by international law and Canadian law considered a violation of human rights and considered acts of genocide, the federal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Steven Harper, does nothing.  These very same acts have been the cause of the Western alliance and  Canada to invade other countries on the behalf of its citizens to ensure their right to survive as a people, federally Canada refuses to put and end to this tyranny and this act of genocide by Quebec politicians and radical party and I question publicly why that is?  Should the United Nations and the Western Alliance invade Quebec and force it to comply with international law and the law of Canada and if not why?  Can acts of genocide only be recognized in non democratic countries, or countries not so friendly to us as a nation or group of nations?

What is the federal government of Canada waiting for I wonder before it makes the move to set things right again in Quebec?  It can not be inequality, because this has been happening for a long time now.  It can not be the loss to Canadian citizens in Quebec of their ethnic, religious, cultural, or linguistic rights, because all of these things have been happening in Quebec for  long time now, so again I ask what is the federal government of Canada waiting for when it comes to protecting the English-speaking and non Francophone people of Quebec and if Canada will not do it, should the English-speaking and non Francophone people of Quebec be seeking international protection from say the United Nations? I guess I am saying that our right to exist as English-speaking , non Francophones and be equal to our French-speaking neighbours as Canadians is being taken away in every way possible and this in itself is genocide.  Now the attempt is being made to remove our political eligibility to run for office and represent ourselves in government is yet another Canadian right guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights being denied to the English and the non Francophone in Quebec and is clearly against the law of Canada.  This in my understanding of  the international definition of the word  constitutes genocide.  This makes Quebec guilty of the definition of genocide in all of its examples with the one example of murder not yet being  done., so again I am forced to ask, “What will it take to make someone stop the genocide that is happening in Quebec?”

  • Do we the English and non Francophone people of Quebec, who I might add are still Canadians and under Canadian law be forced to live on reservations, before what is happening in Quebec is addressed by either the federal government or some other international entity?
  • Do we the English and non Francophone people of Quebec have to have our children taken away from us in the middle of the night by Quebec law to be educated in French and have our cultures and any signs of our ethnicity removed from them, before what is happening in Quebec is addressed by either the federal government or some other international entity?
  • Do we the English and non Francophone people in Quebec have truly only one chance of getting equality under the law and the very right to exist as Canadian citizens in Quebec a Canadian province, by leaving it, or will the federal government of Canada, or some other international entity recognize and address what is happening in Quebec for what it is, the total wiping out of anything that is not french in language, ethnicity, or cultural, or in any language even French to be defined as genocide?

It is not enough to save the rest of the world from tyranny, oppression with war embargos and sanctions.  As a country you must lead by example and show the world through the treatment of your people that you live by the what you preach and respect the laws you seek to have the rest of the world follow.  Is Canada better than most countries in this regard? I would say yes.  Does this give them the right to allow even one province, one city, or one town to do what is contrary to international law and Canadian law and commit acts of genocide? I say no it does not and until we have cleaned up our own house I feel we have no right to dictate to others how to run their countries and have no business involving ourselves in wars around the globe to supposedly eradicate such actions that we ourselves are allowing to go unchecked in our own country.  We should not have to discover large graves of people to recognize ethnic cleaning when we see it.  We should not have to see tanks running over protesting people to recognize tyranny and oppression when we see it.  We should have to see residential schools to recognize the wiping out of a culture and we should not have to see gas chambers to recognize genocide, when we see it.

Now to th French-speaking people of Quebec who will be denied the right and the decision to educate their children in English and in English schools, ask Pauline Marois and the other high and mighty Bloc Québécois leaders, politicians  and big time supporters, where their children attended school, in what language and why?  I think that you will find that they attended private English schools outside of Quebec and most outside of Canada.  They educated their children in English, so that they would be better prepared to work and compete anywhere in the world, because internationally the working language at the top is English.  The sole purpose of getting the average Quebecer to know only one language is to keep your children trapped and forced to work in Quebec, because they can only communicate here, or in another predominately French-speaking place.  It is not the English who are holding you back, it is your leaders such as Pauline Marois, who ask you to trap your own children and deny them the same rights to a full education, that will allow them to compete in the world where ever they choose, while extending that right to their own children. This is just one example of the duplicity and hypocrisy that Pauline Marois and Parti Québécois elite are engaging in to keep you and your children obedient servants  and foot soldiers trapped in Quebec forever.  I ask you this, who is it  that really thinks that they are better than you and your children? The international world is not going to change their official business language to suit Quebec, or is Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois just going to opt out of the international business community like they do in Canada?  I ask you the French-speaking citizens of Quebec, “What will it take to make someone stop the genocide that is happening in Quebec?”

Follow up:  As you can see below this posting received a bit of attention and that is good. Some agreeing with my point of view and some not, but that is the way it should be.  Then there are those who forgot where they were and decided to hurl insults and abuse the privilege extended to them in the form of a comment box and to them I say this, “I feel that I have the right to say what is on my mind and if I am bitter than maybe I have cause to be. I will not lie down and die, or stand by and silently watch, or apologise for speaking what I feel to be the truth, because someone does not like the way it sounds, or looks on them.  I try to answer all people who comment on my blog until they become disrespectful and forget that they are in my space and their comments serve no other purpose than to insult me, or others who are sharing their opinions in a respectful intelligent manner.  I try to respect the right of everyone to have an opinion and to voice that opinion, even if I do not agree with it and for that reason I have always left my comment box open indefinitely, but recent comments from some pretty despicable people have forced this habit to come to an end. I will now be allowing comments on all of my blogs for as long as the post is the front page, but as soon as another post is published the comment time will expire.  In this manner I will no longer be bogged down answering the commenters who surf the net looking for arguments and not the sharing of opinion.  Remember it is not your duty to comment on another’s blog site, it is a privilege that they extend to you.

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38 Responses to What Will It Take To Make Someone Stop The Genocide That Is Happening In Quebec?

  1. bledking says:

    French Canadians have a desire to protect their language. The situation has been steadily deteriorating in the past couple decades and measures are being taken to improve the health of this language and by extension, the health of French Canadian culture. The Anglo minority in this province will continue to thrive, as it has done for generations. Those who refuse to recognize that this is a French province and that its French population has a legitimate right to protect its language will probably thrive less and live a life of frustration, though. But most educated Anglos do recognize that right and will continue to live here with the same tolerant, “vivre et laisser vivre” attitude that the vast majority of French Canadians also adopt towards them.

    In Montreal, french speakers and english speakers are constantly adapting to each other and getting along just fine. We will continue to do so because english-french mingling is part of the culture here, and we like it. Genocide ? Wiping out ? I really have no idea how you rationalize using those words, you should go out more.

    • archemdis says:

      I speak French, my children speak it too. I hope you wake up , but that also is up to you, but please take your head out of the sand.

      • Jeff says:

        (I’ll speak to you in english so you don’t feel genocided or something like that) You are one crazy retarded piece of ****, go kill yourself! I hope your children won’t get as dumb as you are, you are the reason why people like Marois attain power! Do you get it? People like you who are yelling at us canadian french and drama-queening about us being at HOME : MAKE US FRENCHY WANT TO GET YOU (and the people who look like you) OUT OF THIS PROVINCE! We are the only real Quebecers, you have nothing that ties you to those lands (like being proud of ’em). You have no problem speaking french? well speak it, it’s the prime language here…

      • archemdis says:

        You are not worthy of comment Jeff and your statement proves my point.

  2. benoit The genocide that archemdis sees is not so much physical it is spiritual. Souls are not being made alive by being like the merciful Lord by oppressing people like the people of Sodom did calling it good.

  3. Jean Naimard says:

    How does it feel when you are fed your own medicine?

    For 200 years we have only got poverty and dienfranchisement from the english. We have said “enough of this bullshit” and have decided to take our existence in our own hands!

    The unsustainable, always negligible, english community of Québec has always depended on subverting immigrants to survive; once we took out this, their numbers began to dwindle as they could not stomach being what they always were in Québec: a tiny, insignificant minority.

    But being anglo-saxons, the english are the most imperialistic people in History, so they cannot stomach not being able to run things.

    Well, though fucking shit. You just reaped what you sowed. Good riddance!!! You won’t be missed a bit!!!

    • archemdis says:

      Finally an honest man, we English are being paid back is that it Jean Naimard thanks for proving my point. It was so hard to do with the others trying to lie and deny the PQ’s real intentions. Thanks for the honesty I will use your answer in all of my post about the PQ and Quebec.

    • archemdis says:

      Pascal I guess you will use what the definition I want, or have I lost that right of choice in Quebec as well?

  4. Jeremy says:


    I will go ahead and tell you what you need to know asap. You are fucking insane, but I see how this shit will bring you a lot of attention, which is “ok” as a blogger. But next time you want to talk about genocide go talk with some Armenians, American Indians, Rwandans and German jews. They will enlighten you with what a real genocide is. And please do not come up with your dictionary bullshit to me. Your arguments linking genocide to the activities of the PQ are so weak that you make yourself look bad as a polemicist. Anyway, I would suggest you to take basic rhetoric classes from college (even the interwebz can teach you that) to understand how your arguments are all sophists. It would greatly improves your blogging skills and make intelligent people consider reading your stuff.

    I will add, because I feel it is good to mention, that I am myself not a separatist, even though the conservative party is trying hard to make me become one.

    Good day sir

    • archemdis says:

      Jeremy, why sir after your tirade genius. Now you are implying that you have to have a certain level of genocide before it can be considered genocide. All of the cursing and talk of expanding my skills, to make people want to read my articles and look who took the time to even reply. I notice people like you always talk a lot about others skills, but never start a blog of your own. Now I wonder why that is?

  5. benoit says:

    Goddamnit Christopher, physically killing a mass of people is not juste one of the ways to commit a genocide, it’s the only way ! Whatever you dictionnary says, you misinterpret the definition. Look I understand you want to save face and not look like the idiot you really are, but just google “examples of genocide” and compare what you see to the situation of anglophones in Quebec. I can’t believe I have to point that out, it seems to me anyone with an ounce of common sense would have done that comparison before writing such an outragous claim.

    And by the way, im way farther in my schooling than you are. Since you’re just some college kid I can excuse your ignorance up to a point, but I think you should continue your schooling in order to understand what you write.

    You are so ignorant that you even realise your whole text is based on the premise that the PQ is commiting a genocide against the anglophones of Quebec, that this premise is FALSE, and therefore any argument that comes after it is NULL AND VOID. You’re the one who miseducate people, feeding in the hysteria of all the angryphones with your nonsense.

    You could have made an argument that bill 101 is racist, makes a de-facto apartheid between french and english, or that it goes against the constitution. But no, the inflation of hysteria dictates to use more and more violent words ! And logic de damned ! We have to feed the hysteria !

    And as a side note, yes what happend to the natives could be described as a genocide at first sight, in order to qualify it as one I would be interested in knowing what percentage fo native people were murdered (by any means, i.e. knowling spreading disceases, and shooting them) by the whites.

    • archemdis says:

      Why is it that you know it all types always revert to the name calling and start using the I am better educated than you crap? My name is not Christopher, Benoit, but I guess you can read so you knew that, but like the facts, the names of us less educated do not matter to a person of your importance right? I think that you are a pompous ass, who has used just about enough of my time. For a supposedly educated person, you come off pretty lame.

  6. benoit says:

    and btw im not even a separatist

    • archemdis says:

      Good for you Benoit that means there is hope for you yet.

      • benoit says:

        hope ? what you mean separatist are doomed… to what ? Look you may be too close minded to realise it, but most separatist are not racists, most Quebecois federalist support bill 101 in its present form, and most separatist are able to rationally discuss their idea, contrarly to you.

      • archemdis says:

        Now you are starting to come out into the open Benoit. I think you protest too much not to be a Separatist, but who cares I will afford you more rights than Quebec affords me and give you the right of choice.

  7. benoit says:

    Btw, you grossly misinterpret the definition of genocide. Genocides comes from the greek roots “genos” and “cide”. “genos” refers to “origins” “spiecies” “birth” while “cide” means “to kill” “to massacre”. the suffix “cide” clearly refers to the lexical field of death and murder. Therefore the definition on which your article is based is false.

    Your logic is bad, your article is bad, and you should feel bad.

    • archemdis says:

      Benoit so typical. Play word games all you like I just wrote what the dictionary said, don’t like it take it up with them. lol. Guess you are a French speaking Quebecer right? Probably a Separatist, am I right? Just a little upset? I understand no one likes to be considered a racist, committing genocide, but I think that this is what is happening in Quebec and this is how we English speaking minority see it so, keep trying, but we are not buying your lies anymore of a place for us. I feel great, my article is just that mine as is my opinion. They say that the word “Nigger” has a different definition in the dictionary and Black people should not be always taking it as an insult to their heritage and are too sensitive; what do you think, just another word taken out of context?

      • benoit says:

        Im not playing a word game, your WHOLE article is based on the PREMISE that the PQ is commiting a genocide against the anglophones of Quebec. THIS PREMISE IS FALSE, and therefore so is the rest of your article. If you don’t understand that you fail at logic.

      • archemdis says:

        I could say the same thing, reverse your arguement, but you really do not have one and I tire of beating a dead horse.

      • benoit says:

        Maybe you should change the motto of your blog, from “talking things out of my mind” to “talking shit out of my ass” HAhahah !

      • archemdis says:

        Now there is a remark from an educated person, but it is what I have come to expect from you. Benoit.

      • Benoit says:

        Im not playing any word games. Your WHOLE article is based on the premise that the PQ is committing a genocide against the anglophones of Quebec. The premise is false, and therefore so is the rest of your article. If you don’t understand that you fail at logic. Deleting my comments won’t change anything to that.

        Je persiste et signe, you should change the motto of this blog to “talking shit out of my ass”, or else it’s just false advertising.

      • archemdis says:

        Benoit I have no intention of deleting all of your comments you make my point beautifully. I intend to use all of your replies all over the internet. I can only say thank you for intelligently putting your point across for all of cyber space to see.

    • Your body is bad because it dies killing life to sustain it for a blink in time seeing Gods glory as a fire that will devour flesh that dies. Talking like you do with a defiled bitter spirit will ensure that your soul will perish with your body on that day. Repenting saying you are sorry will keep you from that fate.

      • archemdis says:

        I feel that I have the right to say what is on my mind and if I am bitter than maybe I have cause to be. I will not lie down and die, or stand by and silently watch, or apologise for speaking what I feel to be the truth, because someone does not like the way it sounds, or looks on them. If the road to my salvation lies in me allowing my voice to be silenced, although I do not believe this to be true, then I will just have to perish in the way that you have described. I do recall Jesus though speaking quite openly and not beating around the bush about what he saw wrong with the politics and the politicians of his time. Good night Jonathan and I hope that both of our souls shall live to rise on judgement day.

      • Not you, benoit The one that spoke against you. I clicked the reply under his name

      • archemdis says:

        That is alright my friend, it showed under mine, so I responded. Thanks for letting me know, no harm done.
        Ps. Next time could you lead off with the name of person you are responding to so this old guy does not get confused? Have a great night.

  8. benoit says:

    Genocide: The deliberate and systematic EXTERMINATION of a national, racial, political, or cultural group

    extermination : To get rid of by destroying completely; extirpate. synonyms : abolish, annihilate, blot out, decimate, destroy, do away with, eliminate, eradicate, erase, execute, extinguish, extirpate, finish off, massacre, obliterate, put an end to, rub out, send to kingdom come, slaughter, stamp out, wipe out

    Extermination is in the lexical field of death, and so are its latin roots extermināre.

    Since no english speaking quebecer has been killed (so far) by the language police, no genocide is taking place.

    and seriously what kind of whackjob would believe the PQ is commiting genocide, cmon.

    • archemdis says:

      Why in heavens name should Quebec need language police according to your PQ? Why is there too much English being spoken in Quebec according to your PQ? Quite frankly to use your words and I guess the only language you can understand, “What kind of whack job would not believe that the PQ is committing genocide, come on”? Why do you think that no English speaking person will vote for your PQ and enough French speaking people will not vote for your PQ to allow you the votes you need to ask the question? It is because what you seek is to erase all that is of the English language, culture and political will from Quebec and that my friend is a form of genocide, whether you like it or not, or whether you accept it or not.

      • benoit says:

        Christopher, please, answer this simple question : How many anglophones were killed by the bill 101 ?

        I’ll give you a hint : 0

        knowing this, if what is happening in Quebec is really a genocide, it would be the first genocide to not have any deaths !!

        It’s nonsense. Im not arguing about the morality or immorality of bill 101, or whether or not anglos are being assimilated, and if its the case whether its a good thing or not ! All im saying is that using the word genocide to describe what is happening here is C R A Z Y.

        Use some friggin common sense…

      • archemdis says:

        Benoit get back to school, try to understand all of what you read and you will understand that physically killing the masses is one way of committing genocide.

      • benoit says:

        Also, my statement is not ignorant at all. Howerver, the way you change the definition the word “genocide” by saying you don’t need to use physical force to destroy a culture is incredibly ignorant and stupid.

        I may not be obvious in today’s world where the mass media deforms words everyday, but WORDS have a MEANING. Because if they wouldn’t, then they would not carry any INFORMATION, and therefore COMMUNICATION would be USELESS. So, in order to communicate we have to agree on the definitions of the words we use.

        Now, if you want to argue about the definition of a word, it’s alright, but at least try to be scientific about it. A word is defined first by its etymology, and then by it’s historical use. In the case of the word genocide, both its etymology and historical use point to the fact that you need to have MULTIPLE MURDERS for a genocide to occur.

        No anglo was murdered by the language police or a racist francophone, therefore no genocide is occuring.

      • archemdis says:

        Benoit this is not a spelling bee and I am not interested in breaking the word down scientifically. I gave you the definition found in the dictionary and you refuse to accept it. I did not make it up, I did not alter it, I simply copy pasted it. I would be interested in hearing what your opinion is of what has happened to the First Nations throughout Canadian history and therefore Quebec’s. It is a shameful part of Canadian history that has never stopped and is often referred to as the Canadian Holocaust. Do not be one of those people who fight to hold back or educate people wrong because you are stuck in word origins. This is the real world and your PQ was spawned out of the actions and desires of the FLQ and we all remember what they did. Is their manifesto not being taught in French colleges and universities? Was their manifesto not recited at provincial government sponsored out door event by government officials in Quebec City?

      • Laws that oppress are made for one reason, fear. it is so simple. The devil has been full of fear ever since he rebelled . Each second on the clock to the devil seems to him to be his last. That fear is what starts wars. That fear mandates stricter, and stricter laws.

    • Michelle says:

      @Benoit Genocide: The deliberate and systematic EXTERMINATION of a national, racial, political, or cultural group exactly his point The PQ is trying to EXTERMINATE the english speaking People of Quebec we are a group so thus they are commiting genocide 😛 exactly we haven’t been killed yet by the separtists notice how I say yet, but there blatant actions against us, IE STM worker beating a woman because she spoke english, another putting a sign saying ” speak french only”, a paramedic refusing to speak english to parents who’s 2 yr old daughter was very sick, a guy who got a tomato sandwhich thrown in his face and had an allergic reaction who could of DIED had it not happen in a hospital, another family who had eggs thrown at them, should I go on???? I think not these people are disgusting and a disgrace to the human race, and from here it will only get worse and I predict an anglo will be killed eventually … pretty soon were going to have to sit at the back of the bus, have separate washrooms, drinking fountains and so on. I am from Quebec and I am an Anglo so I know exactly what I am saying and I see this crap everyday!

      I cannot wait for the next election which by the way I wasn’t allowed to vote because ooops I wasn’t on the registry like alot of the other anglo speaking people but I have been on every voting list over the last decade except this one, things that make you go hmmmmmm.

      This bitch Marois has taken away our constitutional right of freedom of speech, I refuse to speak french to anyone because I am starting to hate it because it is being shoved down my throat. and I say if you want to preserve the french language first learn to speak it properly, the french language here is aweful its so full of slang and english words when people speak it you sound like trailer trash even the people from France and Belgium laugh at us because our french is terrible and they can’t even understand what your saying!

      we don’t need language police, we need the money to go to education, healthcare, infrostructure who gives a shit whether a sign is in english or not that is a waste of tax payers money. Just wait the English are waking up and are forming a protest that is going to be bigger than the stupid students who in the end got shafted up the ass without lube by Marois and that makes me LMFAO bunch of idiots we the ANGLOS are not lying down and taking this shit no more, were done and Marois has a fight on her hands we will not rest until she is removed from office and our rights as a human being are restored,

      • archemdis says:

        Could not agree with you more Michelle. Benoit says he is no Separatist, but I think that he is trapped in the movie Akeelah and the Bee is all. lol

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