I Believe That The Leaders Of The French Striking Students Never Cared About Tuition Hikes, They Are Pauline Marois Pawns?

With over one hundred thousands university students and their supporters marching on day two of their protest, I took this picture and walked among them in no fear for my safety. Now to see a couple of them with their red bands and face masks generates fear for innocent lives they are now willing to disrupt and even take. Sad day for democracy.

With the city, the province and the people of power breathing down their necks the protesters of Occupy Montreal could have let their protest get violent, but they did not. Great time and great show of respect for democratic law!

It has become clear that the French students of Quebec are as tricky and deceitful as the party they are seeking to help separate Quebec from the rest of Canada.  What a throughly good act they put on to get over 100,000 people to march with them on day two, a lot of whom were English and non Francophone.  I believe that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and that their real agenda was helping Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois and it separatists followers come to power in Quebec. It looks like Quebec’s powerful unions, Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois made a back room deal for the students help in bringing down the Liberal Party and promised the strike leaders to give the students what they were striking for if they broadened their platform, increased the chaos and deflected attention away from Pauline Marois and got the focus on the poor students of Quebec and a whole province fell for it. I say that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and are and always were Pauline Marios pawns in her game of chess to get Quebec out of confederation and out of Canada.

Some people say that politics is a game and that Pauline Marois is playing very well, but this game she plays leaves piles of broken dreams, creates suffering and chaos, and could lead to civil war, like we read about in the history books when brother fought brother and cousin fought cousin as they took up sides in the American Revolution.  How will Pauline Marois put down the Quebec Revolution as English and non Francophone townships and cities begin to fight for their independence from a tyrannical, non democratic, genocidal country of Quebec. A better question though is how will Pauline Marois and her followers justify what horrors, bloodshed and loss of life that will follow in the wake of separation from Canada, because the horrors are inevitable if her and the Parti Québécois plans are ever realised and if the genocide continues in Quebec unchecked and all hope of a peaceful democratic solution is lost.  It would seem that the world forgot its promise to not allow genocide anywhere ever again and has redefined it to mean never allow for genocide anywhere except in the democratic world, where it will only be used to preserve European heritage, culture and purity of race and of course democracy.  The ugly word of rape was removed from Canadian law and substituted with sexual assault in Canadian law, but rape is still rape to the victim. The ugly word of genocide has been all but removed from language except when talking about the Holocaust, or conflicts in Muslim or non democratically governed countries and replaced with preserving our way of life and culture, religion and heritage, but the oppressed and the soon to be extinct feel the effects of genocide none the less.  Stephen Harper can say or do little to stop what is happening in Quebec on a provincial level because he is engaged in the same type of racial, cultural, ethnic cleansing of Canada on a much larger scale on the federal level and he could very possibly like to see Quebec gone with all of its impurities and problems.  This is the situation the leaders of the striking students duped and betrayed their fellow strikers into taking an active role in when they pretended to care about tuition hikes, but were really Pauline Marois’s pawns in the Parti Québécois’ strategy to remove Quebec from Canada at any cost and by any means necessary.

 I read on Facebook a letter posted to Pauline Marois wall from a French-speaking Quebecer telling Pauline Marois what he thinks of her policies and the impact that they are having on Quebec and Montreal and thought you should see it so here goes:

Vincenzo Vaccaro wrote:

 In case you don’t make it to “Pauline’s wall”, here is my message to her:

 Dearest Madame Marois,

 Un petit discussion, une semaine avant le jour des élections!  You claim the french language is endangered in Quebec, and this is why you have no choice but to enforce severe changes to Bill 101.   Firstly, why is “Cirque Du Soleil” not called “Circus of the Sun” in Vegas?  Ce sont les États-Unis d’Amériqu…e. Vous devez respecter leur langue!…..c’est ANGLAIS down there!  You impose on foreign corporations, setting up in Quebec, to spend lots of $$, in order to obey the “language laws” of Quebec.   Why don’t you impose on “Quebec based” Companies/Corporations to follow the language of other countries where they are setting up in?  Vous devez respecter leurs lois, leur langue, leur culture!  Only in Quebec do we have such laws….ridicule, vraiment.

 Secondly, why doesn’t a Macpoulet exist at McDonald’s France?  It’s McChicken, along with the rest of the menu in English……Oui, en France!  I don’t see the French starting a revolution. I don’t see French language police, in France! You make Quebec, the laughing stock of the world! La honte!  Your political movement has created nothing but NEGATIVENESS for Montreal.   Montreal was.   Why don’t you, all PQ-ist go on a “visite culturelle” a Toronto, and see what political stability is, what economic strength is. What prosperity and wealth means….ca vaut la peine!  The Parti-Quebecois has made Montreal a second-class city, if not third-class city. Toronto has become the metropolis of Canada, only because of all the political problems Montreal has had since the mid-70’s, the gain in popularity of “La Souverainete”. You’re like a negative overcast on Montreal.   The PQ’s vision is archaic, dusty, outdated, and un-democratic!  Everyone has the right to get an education, in whatever language they please, be it French or English.   You don’t promote one culture, by destroying another! Its 2012, for crying out loud!  You seem to have the right to break-up “mon pays le Canada”, and create a sovereign Quebec.   Et qui a dit qu’un Québec souverain, n’est pas divisible?  Who said Montreal can’t separate from an independant Quebec?  C’est a NOUS de choisir, les Montréalais!  Don’t forget your “NOUS” includes US!  Be it English, French, or any other culture present in Quebec!  Je suis un Québécois comme vous.   Nous, les Anglophones, les allophones, nous sommes bilingues, anglais-français.   Mais vous, les Souverainistes, parlez-vous anglais?  How could you live in North America and not speak English?

 Last but not least,  Oui, je parle anglais, ma langue n’est pas un crime.

 Thank You

Aaron Rand, English radio talk show host said, “This is the strangest election campaign in recent memory. Why? Because when it was called, the subject of a referendum, or sovereignty wasn’t even on anyone’s radar. We weren’t thinking about it, and we certainly weren’t talking about it. But now, out of nowhere, it’s become the focus of the PQ’s campaign.  Pauline Marois held a rally last night telling supporters she needed a majority to make sovereignty a reality! Really? Is that what Quebecers are most concerned with, because polls suggest exactly the opposite. Support for sovereignty is at 28%. That’s it, and that’s the lowest it’s been in years. So if we don’t think it’s important, why is the PQ devoting the final days of the campaign to pushing it?  I don’t get it. Where’s the discussion on the economy, jobs, education, health care ? When did this election become about sovereignty? What road are we heading down, and why isn’t Jean Charest bringing THIS issue up while there’s still time for people to realize that the PQ has changed the dialogue of this campaign, and with it, our collective future?”

I, Archemdis first praised the students of Quebec for their peaceful protest and then was compelled to come down hard on the French protesting  students of Quebec for their violence and the dangerous tactics they employed on the innocent citizens of Quebec to get what they wanted out of the government of Quebec. Someone asked me did I see any positive in what they were doing and that question gave me pause to think. When I went to the march the first time on day two of the student protest I had been impressed at how over 100,000  young people obviously upset over the tuition increases coming their way could keep a cool head march and do it peacefully. I was right in the middle of those students and felt their disappointment, but never did I feel like I was in danger, or that anyone else was in danger.  I thought that back then that this was a group of people that deserved the right to be heard and perhaps had a point.  What they once were, what they once represented is long gone and long forgotten.  This group of students are no longer seeking the right to go to school in an affordable manner, but instead have become the not so secret army of terrorists for the unions that are helping pay for the students  legal expenses, uniforms and placards in exchange for broadening of their strike mandate. The moving away from the striking students original agenda and helping the unions and the Parti Québécois to bring down the current government which wants Quebec to remain in Canada.  This did not happen over night, but was a calculated plan by the leaders of the strike, because  I believe that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and that their real agenda was helping Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois and it separatists followers come to power in Quebec.

McGill support staff here protesting the loss or lessening of their pensions and other retirement benefits without violence or the spreading of fear throughout the school or the population of Montreal. I was there and felt no fear.

Quebec labor unions are separatists  and control what happens in Quebec,  by shutting down Quebec’s economy whenever it decides to make the current government look bad.   With the protesting students though they have captured the wild card; they have finally gotten the mindless weapon that they could  not quite turn their members into, because unfortunately for them their were other members in this unions that were not separatists and so tried to keep most strikes to the point of getting what was fair.  The unions realised that  for mere pennies in support, a drop in the bucket they could mobilise this student army, naive enough to ruin their lives, be beaten down by police and  go to jail all the while thinking they are saving the world, doing good and not catching on that they are being used to get these unions the political power they seek; in essence do the dirty work and pay the price for doing it; the same dirty work the unions could not get their members to do. These unions do not have the guts to march and have never  been about the good of their members. In my opinion these unions have almost single-handedly reduced this province to the never-ending cycle of strikes and labor unrest we see today and not for the good of its members, but to gain power for itself and to control the political direction of Quebec.  So for a few cents the students gave up what they said they were fighting for, gave up their goal of lowering tuitions and became a roving mob directed by the powerful unions of Quebec? I do not think so, I say that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and that their real agenda was helping Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois and it separatists followers come to power in Quebec.

Why is it that some can protest peacefully within the confines of the law like the protesters in this picture and yet Quebec and outside unions and the Parti Québécois support violence and disregard for the law, by Quebec’s striking students?

What good are low tuitions if you are not attending school? What logical, thinking person seeks to gain rights for themselves, by taking the rights away from someone else? What type of person would use violence to get school tuitions reduced, when they are already the lowest in the country?  What type of people would throw large stones and debris on the metro rails hoping to cause and accident and draw attention to their cause and what type of people would support them with donations of any kind?  What kind of teachers would allow their unions to support the beating up and the stopping of students who wish to go to school and are they the type of teachers we want teaching our children?  I am not in love with Jean Charest, but at least he had the guts to say no to the demands that were without compromise  and terrorists actions of the French university students of Quebec, while others like Pauline Marois try to take advantage and gain political points at the expense of Quebecers’ trying to go about life in a non aggressive peaceful manner.

Even as the city evicted them and closed down their peaceful protest the protesters of Occupy Montreal refused to take one violent action, sparing the city millions of dollars and a world of peace of mind for all Montrealers

It is easy I guess to motivate naive students into action and use them to do ones dirty work for the short-term, but what will happen when it is your turn to quell that army that you have set on the march, unions and Pauline Marois? When you have attained the power you sought and now these same students ask for what they have been promised, or perhaps something else that you can not deliver, what will you do to keep your power?  Will you use the tools set up by the now deposed government to keep them in line? We know that the French students will not take no for an answer and they will not compromise and now they are not only talking tuition thanks to you; so what will you do?  I think that you will do far worse than make new laws to protect other Quebecers’ from their violence and dangerous behavior, because you have proved as a political party that you have no respect for the law unless it means you get what you want; you have proved by your actions that you have a total disregard for  democracy and that you could careless about civil or human rights as it is defined by the rest of the civilized world, and so I ask again what will you do to put the student army down?

My children both speak french, write it and work with it everyday and my grandchildren will too and so are protected from the stupidity of Quebec’s linguistic war, but they still see you for what and who you are and will forever remain here and deny you your goal to be a nation.  They will do so primarily, because you do not deserve to be a nation and you have hardened them against your cause by everything that you have put this province through pitting English against French, causing division between families and friends and for treating all who are not French like second class citizens.  The leaders of the Québécois have shown that they and their political party are incapable of being fair to others who are not like you, or who do not think like them and so they will remain here in Quebec now armed with your language and fight you from within like a cancer.  In one way I want you to to win and have to face the mindless, senseless, angry group of young terrorists that you have foolishly help to create and strengthen with your support, but I know now that you will never accomplish your goal because the sane out number the insane.  I often wonder what would have happened to your lofty agenda, if for example the English who won the war had wiped out your language and culture, like you did to the First Nations People of Quebec and are now trying to do to the English-speaking people of Quebec?  We are not confused, and your secret is out, we are aware that the French university students of Quebec and their strike are now a weapon of the separatist movement of Quebec and has always been so, and never had anything to do with achieving affordable education. I believe that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and that their real agenda was helping Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois and it separatists followers come to power in Quebec.

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