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Well what a night and so much for the polls.  English and non Francophone  voters in Quebec have voted in the only way that would see them rid of a leader they came not to trust and actually detest and save themselves from a leader and a political party who threatened to remove them politically,  linguistically, ethnically and culturally if they gained a majority government.  Given a choice between voting for their own genocide, or the only party running in the election who will protect what little rights they have left they voted Liberal once again despite their dissatisfaction with the party and its leader Jean Charest.

Blessing in disguise for the Liberal Party of Quebec came when Pauline Marois held her rally and decided to tell Quebecers’ what she and the Québécois really had in mind for Quebec’s English minority and for the non Francophone people of Quebec, raising once again the spectre of separation, a stronger bill 101 and her secular views for Quebec.  This seemed to strengthen the resolve of the English and non Francophone voters of Quebec to do all in their power not to let her get a majority and to trust no other party with their existence, but a tried and true political machine whose mandate includes staying in Canada and ensuring the same rights for all people of Quebec.  When the New Democratic Party and the Conservative party chose not to enter the fight in Quebec for equality and justice for all people living in Quebec they left the English and the non Francophone voter with the choice of voting for corruption, or extinction and the voters made the only choice possible; they voted to live.  You can fight corruption, but once you are dead you are dead and there is no coming back.  As I said in earlier posts, it will be easy now for the New Democrats and the Conservatives to say they were with the people of Quebec and they care about what happens here, but I say to the English and non Francophones of Quebec, no matter what you may think of the Liberal Party they at least fought and gave you a choice to live on as a free people with a chance at maintaining some dignity  in your life and a chance to keep what is left of your rights that the other two supposedly federalist parties were willing to sacrifice to maintain their popularity in Quebec on a federal level.

Liberal leader Jean Charest in my opinion got just what he deserved from the voters of Quebec and in my opinion it is long overdue.  I do not know how the accusations of corruption will play out, but this guy as far as I am concerned has been in the back pocket of Prime Minister Harper since his crazy, over night change of political party, 9 elections ago.  Under his guidance the Quebec liberals have won, but the cost to the party was great, because they began to adopt a more Conservative way of doing things and forgot the socially conscious ways that made them such a success in Quebec.  I always felt that Steven Harper relied on Jean Charest to handle Quebec for him and after nine elections felt no need to run candidates in Quebec on a provincial level they already had one who could make the Liberals a hated brand name and the conservatives could have the best of both worlds and take no responsibility for anything happening politically in Quebec although they were benefiting politically, by their mole’s actions.  This of course is just my opinion, but the proof for me seems to be in the pudding as they say.  I think that the Liberal Party of Quebec needs to go back to the drawing board and remember their history and what made them a winner in this province.  The people of Quebec do not like the Conservative party historically because it was a party without a heart and rarely showed any sense of  social consciousness and so as such they are not the political entity to emulate if you are seriously contemplating political; victory in Quebec.

Pauline Marois, The Parti Québécois and all of the separatist political entities vying to  make Quebec a sovereign nation will never succeed, because they do not deserve it and are too immature to see that bullying and making life difficult for the very people you need to vote for you is not going to accomplish that end.  One would think that by now that Pauline Marois and company would have learned that they need the very people they choose to alienate to make their dream of sovereignty a reality, but every time they get to where they think it is a possibility they announce their plans to subvert the English language, culture and take away their civil and human rights, both under international law and Canadian law and then wonder after the election what went wrong and why do the English and the non Francophone voters of Quebec not trust us to be fair.

Trust and respect are not simply given they have to be earned and I think that all political entities in this race learned that lesson last night.  The new political entities were really trusted by no one, because there is no history and issues are too serious in Quebec for taking a chance that the person you vote for will fight for your head that is on the chopping block.  The Parti Québécois does well because they have demonstrated that they can be trusted by the separatists and the French people of Quebec to fight for an independent Quebec and to never let the French language or culture slip to the dismal state it was in before, but they lose respect and trust when the talk genocide.  The Liberals fight in Quebec to keep English and non Francophone rights alive gains them the trust if not the respect of the English and non Francophone voters.  Their power is in the fact that unlike the Parti Québécois they do not have to fight for a free Quebec, the wiping out of a language, a culture, to the exclusion of everything else that is important to the survival and well-being of the province and everyone in it.  Their weakness is they can not seem to stay out of scandal and with the new accusations and charges of corruption it sure makes them non trustworthy in some ways.

We are doomed with another powerless master in Quebec and as such will be punished by all side and all political entities who will blame us for their inability to get anything done.  Unfortunately a minority government is the only way to ensure that no political entity force feeds us their personal agenda like we are seeing out of Ottawa by Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Government of Canada.  The only winners in this election were the people of Quebec last night who have gained another few years to really think over their collective future.  The head of Liberal snake has been cut off and this party has the option of returning to the policies that made them a power house in Quebec in the past or face extinction on both levels of government in the near future.  Now it is time for Quebecers French and English to come together as a people who desire to live in peace and prosperity to grab the tigress by the tail and lock her in her cage.  Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois for the most part have been de – clawed, but now it is time to give them rubber teeth and render them helpless.  Of all the political entities in this country the Parti Québécois’ political agenda in my opinion is based on the intentional  destruction of a culture, a language and a people.  This political party in my opinion is promoting and advocating the denial of these same people the civil and human rights guaranteed to them by law in Canada and by international law. Putting an and end to genocide is everyone’s responsibility and should be the number one priority of Quebec. Only when this is accomplished will harmony return to Quebec.

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