Canada’s Two Clowns, Harper And Baird Take Their Show On The Road

Oh please anybody tell me it ain’t so.  Could someone please tell me that our two Canadian clowns Harper and Baird did not cut diplomatic relations with Iran, out of the blue, with no provocation and no attack on any of our allies.  What in the world is this strong, stable, Conservative majority government thinking about, or as usual is this some grand standing attention getter to grab a few headlines for the comedy duo as they hit the road on another comedy extravaganza.  No one wins in a war and only the most trusted nations and most trust worthy leaders in the world can put and end to senseless war with common sense diplomacy.  Canada used to be one such nation before the two clowns Harper and Baird decided to take their comedy routine on the road.

Iranian diplomats ordered to leave Canada for no new reason other than these two clowns Harper and Baird woke on Friday a decided that today is the day.  By the reaction of the foreign affairs critics it is an out of the air wild decision without consultation with other political parties, or should I say rather any Canadian political parties on the hill.  I understand that we as a nation are against Iran having nuclear plan, but this is hardly todays news and so any person giving the situation half a thought must be wondering wonder why now and why unilaterally?  I know that as a country that we stand behind Israel no matter what; even though they have nuclear missiles that they do not admit to having.  Israel has threatened to use the Goliath Project against their enemies if they feel like they are threatened as a nation, but so what they will have our unconditional support as a nation, because  we can trust them only to kill those we do not like.  So what dramatic event triggered the comic duo of Harper and Baird to sever diplomatic relations with Iran?  Why will we not be dragged into what is happening in Africa for example, or is it only certain types, or kinds of people that we allow to drag us into their never-ending strife?

It is although Steven Harper is taking pages out of the  little George Bush hand book on how to go to war based on a lie, alienate your country internationally, and make life ending decisions for millions of people based on a racist ideals for a Democratic, fundamentally Judeo Christian world and a desire to get Canada its share of the booty, or spoils of war under the guise of a New World Order.  I say it is blood money and the Devils work and will be paid for with the lives and blood of innocent people who just want to be left alone to govern themselves as they see fit, according to their laws, worship the God or Gods of their choice freely and to get a fair deal for the products that they have that we seem to need so badly that we would start a war, or many to get.  What a legacy for the two clowns, Harper and Baird to want as theirs and for their country.

I guess someone out there knows what has triggered this sudden kicking out of the Iranian diplomats in the next few days, so could you please enlighten this ignorant fellow, because it would seem that it is just another Harper I am doing it because I can thing and it is a matter of national security  and so you citizens of Canada do not need to know the details type deal, thing.  Is it that Harper has been traveling the world rewarding some of the worst violators of human rights and are in the eyes of the United Nations guilty of committing the vilest and cruelest of acts on and  to their own people, with  very lucrative trade deals and contracts that makes this act of cutting diplomatic ties with Iran seem like such a contrived farce?  I guess to me that is part of it.  If this was not so potentially costly in terms of human life it would be almost laughable, but costly it will be in terms of Canadian respect, impartiality and honesty.  I can respect taking a side, but only if you acknowledge it publicly and make your reasoning clear to your people in a manner that will get you their approval.  No one wins in a war and only the most trusted nations and most trust worthy leaders in the world can put and end to senseless war with common sense diplomacy.  Canada used to be one such nation before the two clowns Harper and Baird decided to take their comedy routine on the road.

Now that the comedy team of Harper and Baird have removed Canada as a nation to be eligible to sit at the negotiation table in the Middle East Conflict as the world struggles to find a fair non violent, diplomatic solution to the conflicts in that part of the world I can not see how the world will benefit more, by us so openly and unconditionally supporting one side over the other.    I do not like the position that Israel has taken in the middle East and I have never tried to hide it, but I wish the Israeli people no harm and definitely want them to exist in the Middle East, but it is often quoted by the western democratic alliance that to be a country you must be able to maintain that sovereignty and your own borders and I am wondering when that will happen for Israel, or is this unconditional financial, military and political support to go on forever time without end? Is it the fear that Israel will use their nuclear weapons against their enemies that has England and Canada so willing to do anything, agree to anything and turn diplomats out of this country for no apparent reason?  I could almost see that and get behind it.  After our assertions that we support Israel unconditionally repeatedly to anyone that would listen, I guess it would be a large blow to our credibility if we were to suddenly attach conditions to Israel now would it not?  Why is Israel to be trusted with nuclear arms and not Iran if we say that arming both sides equally is a deterrent to nuclear strikes? Why are we not disarming them both in any case since both countries have threatened to use them on each other and Israel on some we know but thew will not name?

I do not blame Israel, or its people, because they can only ask us to aside our values, put a blindfold over our eyes and plugs in our ears, but it is our leaders who make the choice to do so for this nation, making us at best very ineffective weapons, when we were very effective negotiators of peace, trusted and respected worldwide by all nations.  Everyone will take their own side in any conflict and the Middle East Conflict is no different, but in the end only a solution agreed upon using diplomacy achieved perhaps with the help  of a trusted negotiator will last.  I say that this is a sad time in Canadian history and indeed the history of the world as one of its last negotiators of peace lays down its diplomatic weapons and picks up a gun and seeks peace through war.

No one wins in a war and only the most trusted nations and most trust worthy leaders in the world can put and end to senseless war with common sense diplomacy.  Canada used to be one such nation before the two clowns Harper and Baird decided to take their comedy routine on the road.

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