As The Dust Settles In Quebec Politicians Rhetoric Rises

Well as to be expected the other two leaders of the other two big federalist parties the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada had a lot to say in the days just after the Quebec provincial election, that saw, Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois voted into power in Quebec with a minority government, in which neither the New democrats or the Conservatives took a serious part in.

The Liberal Party of Quebec was the only party and has been for quite a while now the only party to represent the non separatists in Quebec.  As I have said many times scandals seem to follow them like a bad habit, but they do try to keep up the fight of a fair honest just Quebec for all and do their bes to promote multi culturalism and not division and secularism.  It seems to me that those other so-called federalist parties that could not be bothered to have a provincial party in Quebec should not now say how much they will fight for a better Quebec and just leave that for the official opposition party in the National Assembly, the Liberal Party of Quebec to do; after all thy fought for the right to do it.  Maybe if either the New Democrats or the Conservatives had bothered to enter the election in serious manner the Liberal party of Quebec might have been able to thwart easier the plans of secularism and separatism that is the Parti Quebecois main priority and sole objective, by adding their vote to that of the Liberals in the National Assembly, but alas to represent and make a difference one must run in  the election and neither the New Democrats,  or the Conservatives bothered to run in a serious manner.

Stephen Harper Is not alone

Prime Minister Steven Harper’s congratulation letter to Pauline Marois for her victory, was just like him and his party; it was devoid of sincerity and very generic, but this is way and so to this guy it was no surprise.  Steven Harper’s offer to work with Pauline Marois is in anything that is not separatist in any way is moot, because Pauline Marois and the Party Quebecois do not recognise his or Canada’s dominion over her,  or the province of Quebec as the leader of the Party Quebecois stated in an interview the day after the election when he said that Canada is one country with its set of laws and Quebec is another country with its own set of laws and that the Prime Minister and the rest of Canada need to accept that referendum or not.

The most hypocritical, self-serving bunch of election rhetoric of all came the next day from the leader of the New Democratic Party leader and head of the Official Opposition Party of Canada in The House of Commons when he gave what look to be a victory speech, but was really his pledge to antagonise the Harper government in the House of Commons. Thomas Mulcair, who just happens to represent the province of Quebec federally, stood on a stage like puffed out peacock talking about being from Quebec an identifying with the needs of Quebec and representing the people of Quebec and playing down the fact that he and his political party did not see it as a priority that they fight in Quebec’s provincial election.  It is clear to me that Thomas Mulcair seeks personal power much like Steven Harper has now on a federal level and would sacrifice the rights and freedoms of Quebecers to get it and keep it, just like the Prime Minister does now by ignoring the injustices happening in Quebec.  It is hard to do, but Thomas Mulcair managed to sound as phony, and as silly as Steven Harper.  Thomas Mulcair is no Jack Layton, nor should he attempt to be, but he answered something about what is important to him and in what direction he intends to lead his party.  That direction is the straightest path that gets him the most power and personal glory federally and I do not think that troublesome provincial politics is part of that plan.  The people of Quebec with their support for the New Democrats in the last federal election raised the New Democrats from 3rd party status to Official Opposition and to thank them Thomas Mulcair and the New Democrats said, “We as a party are much to busy to run in your provincial election; we as a political party have more important things to worry about than your problems in Quebec, but maybe next time. Okay?”

Pauline Marois and company are talking like they have a majority government and have achieved the separation from Canada already, or that they have obtained a majority government instead of minority government they really and all that this entails.  Pauline Marois made it clear to anyone that would listen that she needed a strong majority government to achieve her most important goals for Quebec and without a majority her hands would be tied.  Quebecers ar used to Pauline Marois’s constant cheap talk, and empty words and her secular views, so it comes as no surprise that to anyone that she will now recant her words of pre-election and now become happy with her minority government status post-election, because eating her words is what this Pauline Marois does best. The only thing that Pauline Marois has accomplished with her election is that Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois will become Quebec’s first female premier and I think that will be her only accomplishment of note historically.

Separation on hold, radical changes to Bill 101 on hold, life will go back to normal in Quebec and people will try to get along and live, work and play in peace and harmony despite what direction the political entities and politicians try to pull us in.  As i walk the streets, do business and listen to children playing and neighbors interacting with each other I again realise that left alone the people of Quebec get along without quarrel and respect the differences of language, culture and religion as they have always done.  It is only the greedy, selfish aspirations of a few secular politicians, filled with prejudice, hatred and a senseless fear that whip a province into a mob frenzy every once in a while that divides families, tears old friendships apart and incites hatred of country.  Why does the Prime Minister and the rest of Canada allowing it?  I think they are driven to ignore and go along with the separatists to keep the status quo and not make waves afraid of how standing up for the non separatists of Quebec will affect the French vote federally.

With their leader retired and the search for a new leader on going it is not clear what approach and how much the Liberal party of Quebec will be willing, or will be able to do without a leader is a concern. Afraid to force an election while leaderless it will be interesting to see just how much the Liberals will let Pauline Marois get away with.  For now they promise strong representation and a fair and just Quebec for all.  Let us hope that is more than just more political grand standing.

I think that the gunman’s actions after the Quebec election was over at the Parti Quebecois victory rally was so wrong for so many reasons and was shameful. It was equally wrong for a French lady patient to assault an English patient in the Jewish General Hospital for having the nerve to speak English in public when ordering his food at a public cafeteria.  The English idiot as well as the french idiot were both arrested and charged, but this is the climate that I feel that Pauline Marois, the Parti Québécois and her followers have fostered in Quebec, with their racist, secular policies and rhetoric.  Having said that it is also an indication of the sense of hopelessness, tension and need to do something that is driving this province on both sides of what the separatists and Pauline Marois call their, “Revolution of Independence”.  French youths cursing people for speaking English in public as though speaking English is against the law and English killing French to send a message; is this what Quebec is all about? Is this the glorious country that Pauline Marois seeks to give birth to, or is this killing that we now see, an acceptable sacrifice to achieve Pauline Marois’s and her followers desire for an independent Quebec?

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