Golf Manitou Reneges On Online Special Offer And Down Grades Offer With No Warning And No Refund

Golf  Manitou, is a par 58 course in the Mount Tremblant, Que and is open to the public.  It is on what I like to call a golfing line or street. There are several golf courses on it to challenge the best players with a couple dedicated to younger players, the elderly and the learning players; on these the object is to have fun, improve your game and so these courses are  less time sensitive and more beginner  friendly.  Golf Manitou, shares the street with Diablo Golf Course and Grey Rocks and so as you can see there is choice in cost per round as well.  My story began this Christmas with my daughter trying to be nice and buying me a round of golf for two online using her credit card.  Golf Manitou‘s  motto which is used on their advertising and is plastered on their wall is that you have to play it to believe it.  There is also another article claiming that Golf Manitou was said to be noted for being a small course, but a classy one, but I find nothing classy about reneging on ones special on-line deal offers and so this is my story and experience with Mount Tremblant’s, Golf Manitou.

My daughter knows I love to golf and thought it would be a nice gift for me and she was so right.  My daughter knows nothing about golf so when she saw a deal at Golf Manitou: B. Weekend Golf   that offered a round of golf for two, lunch consisting of two hotdogs and a drink, a hat for each player, a bucket of golf balls each player for driving range and a free golf cart, she bought it online using her credit card.

Now the first time I decided to set up this golf gift I went to the Golf Manitou to check it out and register in person.  The gentleman who attended me   was friendly told me that there was no problem playing the weekend package on a week day and there would be no devaluation or loss of  any of the perks by doing this, because the weekend package cost more than the week day one.  Unfortunately I was unable to keep the date and cancelled and was told no problem just to let them know when I wanted to golf.

Now calling for the second time 2 months later if not more I was told by the gentleman that answered the phone at Golf Manitou, that it would be no problem to come during the week and to come for 11:20 and because it was a week day there would be no problem going out as two, but never was there a mention of a down grade.  I thought it strange that the gentleman attending us only offered us a bucket of balls each and the cart, but did not give us a free hat each and made no mention of the free lunch, but it was a nice day and he was being so nice that I decided to play the first nine and when I stopped for lunch wait to see what happened and he had not said one word about a downgrade, or made any mention of returning any of the money, so I thought all was okay and went golfing.

Every hole in the first nine holes at Golf Manitou was a delight, the people were  friendly and I was pleased that I was golfing at Golf Manitou.  Before starting out for the 10th hole the lady I was with and I decided to take advantage of the free lunch and were surprised when the same gentleman that had registered us that morning started writing out a bill charging us $13.50 for 2 hotdogs and 2 soft drinks and no hats were forth coming.  Now on hearing my golfing partner and I discussing whether we read the deal wrong the lady helping him said in French, guessing wrong that we didn’t understand, “They know that this is part of their package”, but the man ignored her and charged us anyway.  I was with a lady and decided not to cause a major argument for what could be at most $33.00 of extras and paid for the hotdogs, which were very good and went out to finish off the course.  I must say that the last half of the Golf Manitou course was as delightful to play as the first, but now I had the feeling of being hustled and I did not like it and it kind of darkened my mood on the back nine and took a little away from my total experience.  Where I was at first going to recommend them to everyone as a nice course to come an hone your game, I was now not so sure. They had the print out of the deal and so I decided to wait and look it up on my computer at home, just to be sure and to have the proof that I needed in hand before speaking out.

I wondered to myself just how many people Golf Manitou and its representatives  had ripped off  in this way and why any business would put their reputation, and online business in jeopardy for 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks and 2 golf hats, or a value of approximately $33.00.  This type of behavior that Golf Manitou engaged in is not only bad business for Golf Manitou, but it puts a dark mark on anyone trying to do business and advanced paid sales online and I feel it is just plain tacky.  Golf was always a gentleman’s sport, with a dress code and a code of conduct and now it has expanded and taken ladies into its ranks following the same code, so I found it interesting and shameful that a golf course and its representatives would act in such a reprehensible way and rip off their clients intentionally.

I think that I should have been advised if they intended to downgrade the package and not refund the money.  With their downgrade they ended up getting back the money for the cart and the bucket of balls and so there was absolutely no deal at all.  The loss was totally mine and the benefit totally theirs.  I will not be golfing at Golf Manitou anytime soon, because I do not like getting ripped off.  I think that Golf Manitou should have given back the extra money if they did not intend to go through with the deal.  There is no way that if  Golf Manitou’s representatives told me that the cost of my playing golf  during the week instead of on the weekend, would be to forfeit my saving bonuses and waste my  daughter’s money that I would have agreed to take the loss; in fact I was told the first time that the package would be honored and was given no indication that agreement didn’t still hold true.  I write this to suggest that before you pay for one of these packages you check everything out twice and then don’t.

As I close I still wonder to myself just how many people Golf Manitou and its representatives  had ripped off  in this way and why any business would put their reputation, and online business in jeopardy for 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks and 2 golf hats, or a value of approximately $33.00.  This type of behavior that Golf Manitou engaged in is not only bad business for Golf Manitou, but it puts a dark mark on anyone trying to do business and advanced paid sales online and I feel it is just plain tacky.

 Here is the deal my daughter bought me as a Christmas gift:  I have removed the last names, but should Golf Manitou, or anyone who is associated with this in any way, like (Living Social) wish to contact my daughter who was sold the package they can do so by using the voucher number to get the appropriate information.  If you are wondering why I am bothering now it is simply because I felt ripped off and was made to feel like I did not know what the voucher said and once it was out of my possession I needed to be home to make sure I was correct.  I also wanted everyone to realise that this is going on and although most business is conducted in a proper manner online that these types of things do go on.  Also in these tight economic times, when golf is indeed a luxury, I think that if a golf course offers a deal by making something affordable they  should honor their deal, because the extra that it cost their client when the golf course reneges perhaps could have went to something else within the person’s budget who opted to buy into the golf courses deal, because it looked so good.  Lastly I am bothering with it now, because it was all done in an under handed sneaky manner by Golf Manitou and its representatives and when I find things that are not right I let everyone know, because that is just who I am.

Golf Manitou: B. Weekend Golf Package for Two: 18 Holes + Electric Cart + 2 Baskets of Range Balls to share + Manitou Golf Hats + 2 Hot Dogs and 2 Pepsis (Soft Drink) – Valid all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

GIVEN TO: Milton
PURCHASED ON: December 9, 2011

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