John Baird, Unleashed Unmuzzled Addresses The United Nations General Assembly

John Baird took Prime Minister Harper‘s place addressing the United Nation‘s General Assembly and Harper’s pit bull, growled, snapped and strained on his leash wanting to sink his teeth into anyone in the room, but as fate would have it hardly anybody was in the room apparently not interested in listening to senseless barking, or watching a trained attack dog, going through his paces without his master being present.

I know that John Baird and his owner / trainer do not like the United Nations, because they feel that there are too many of the wrong types of people now on the United Nations Security Council. This change in the United Nations Security Council takes away the ease with which the West and coalitions of peace used their combined votes to get sanctions, embargos and permission to bomb, insight treason and violate the sovereignty of certain countries and regimes while allowing others who are just as guilty run free because they call themselves our allies.

I witnessed Iran, Syria, the USA and the Canadian delegation in attendance during the speech, with the Iranian and the Syrian delegations taking note of the insults, racist comments and unfounded allegations that John Baird spewed from his mouth.  John Baird’s effectiveness and believability as a fair seeker of peace for all really took a beating when he engaged in language more suitable for an Israeli propaganda writer then a politician seeking an end to senseless violence in the Middle East by peaceful diplomatic means. 

To hear Gandhi’s  and Martin Luther King Jr.‘s names being referred to in the way that would suggest that they would be in favor of the coalitions violence, or the violence that they insight and back by the citizens of countries seeking change shocked me a little.  Everyone knows that these two champions of social change believed in total non violence to change to such and extent that they refused to have anyone in their protest that could find any reason to resort to violence and demanded that even when faced with violence that their followers could not respond in kind.  Gandhi and King must have rolled over in their graves to see their names used to justify the violence of coalitions, like the Western Alliance and politicians like Harper and Baird.

Then there is Iran’s nuclear capability that bothers John Baird and what that means to Israel and its security.  I agree that Israel should be worried about Iran’s attaining nuclear weapons, because there would go their advantage in being the only one in the region with them.  I understand Israel’s fear, because Israel has repeatedly threatened to use their nuclear weapons against all countries and people in the region if their nation’s existence is threatened.  John Baird and Steven Harper and the entire Western Alliance can ignore the existence of the Goliath project, but as long as Israel is allowed to have nuclear weapons, it will be perceived as a threat by its enemies, such as Iran. Iran and other nations will continue to need such weapons of their own to level the playing field. This means all nuclear weapons in the region must be either eliminated by Israel and all nations in the region, or all countries in the area will seek to have their own to deter nuclear attacks against them.  All countries must be held to the same standard and rules when seeking peace through non violence, no one can come to the table with a threat of violence to gain peace if it is truly a peaceful solution that is sought.

John Baird,  I find an interesting study when he tries to speak to the cruelty and inhumanity of governments who make a person fear being who they are when it comes to their sexual preference.  He talks of  wanting all of the world’s people to be able to be open with their choice of sexuality and not having to fear jail, or death for being found out.  I find him interesting because he himself goes to great lengths to hide is own sexual preference as though he himself feels that he will lose respect, or influence, if his sexual preference was confirmed by his own mouth.  I think his plea for recognition of the rights of people to be who they are sexually, worship how and to what God  they chose, would have more weight if he himself did not hide as though he lives in a country guilty of the same prejudice as he says he wants to eradicate in other countries.

John Baird exhibited a total lack of respect for the way the United Nations operates and spoke with contempt about how long it takes to  okay actions, such as sanctions, embargos,bombing runs and on the ground invasions asked for by the Western Alliance and its allies. Clearly Canada under advice of Stephen Harper, delivered by his pit bull, John Baird, went to the United Nations not to share views, or open dialogue, but rather to accuse, insult and threaten members of the United Nations and the very institution itself.  This was a sad day for diplomacy on Canada’s part and no one will be forgetting |John Baird’s trash talk, or Steven Harper taking off his leash and muzzle and giving the order to attack. 

In closing I would like to say that we can not as a country afford to be seen as a nation which has 2 sets of laws, one for them and one for us and our friends.  Shouting from the roof tops about social injustice, loss of religious, sexual, and all basic rights is nice, but it is not enough. Engaging in all of the above and supporting all of the above when our friends do it is hypocritical.  We know that there are serious problems in the Middle East and for that matter all over the world. We also know that for  reasons other than the right and wrong of each side, all stake holders will take sides based on similarities in religion, friendship and shared values.  John Baird and Steven Harper seem to forget that the road to peaceful settlements is through negotiations,  so when we as a nation close down conversation and diplomatic ties, we are in fact saying that the time for a peaceful  solution through debate and negotiations are now over and we will try to achieve peace through our superior capability to win an armed war. This was indeed a sad day for Canada as far as I am concerned, as the Steven Harper and John Baird continue to try and baffle the world with bull sh_t, instead of dazzling it with brilliance.

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