Canada And Canadians Have Been Cursed With A Puppet For A Prime Minister

I believe that Canada and Canadians have been cursed by having a puppet for a Prime Minister whose voice is that of a foreign entity and whose every move is made according to what string is manipulated by his puppeteer.

This government headed by Steven Harper allows me no sleep, because they refuse to get it; we as Canadians want transparency of all its government officials and demand it from those who eventually end up winning the right to govern this country.  Canadians also want and demand that our government take responsibility not only for its successes, its failures, but most of all for its responsibilities. It seems lately that I have a lot to think about and therefore write about, because  every file in just about every ministry that the Conservative government puts their hands on turns to crap, causes pain, anguish and suffering for the poor and  simply put are no good for Canadians and Canada. Since winning a majority status I am of the opinion that this government has decided that they do not need to respect the rules of democracy, or be representative of all Canadians and quite frankly go out of their way to pit Canadians against Canadians purely for political gain.  The radical changes to this country’s foreign and domestic policies implemented under this Harper regime, have redefined Canada and changed the way Canada is seen.  Once seen as a generous country, considerate of its people and all people in the world in need regardless of what color race or creed, is for the most part as seen now as a warrior nation which only seeks solutions that satisfies its allies desire to make the wold over in their image and to help people who are exactly like us in race, culture and ethnicity. Canada once thought to have its own mind and voice, which it used to fight for justice and peaceful solutions for situations like the Middle East, making Canada one of the most respected and loved nations in the world, is now thought of as a puppet sitting on its master’s knee, as its ventriloquist master manipulates its lips and throws his voice, giving the illusion that the puppet is not only speaking for itself, but that the ideas are its own as well, but everyone knows that this is not true. What is worse for Canadians though is that to be a puppet is to be lacking a heart, a soul and a mind, making us incapable as a country of feeling, caring, or understanding the things we once did, like human compassion, right from wrong and the right to self determination .  All this has come to pass because, we are cursed with a Prime Minister who thinks that:

  • Saving money is more important than children going to sleep with full bellies, or everyone sleeping indoors out of the elements, or that everyone has access to free medical care.
  • Saving money is more important than taking the time to ensure that all exploration and ultimately development of our natural resources does not negatively impact our environment.
  •  Receiving an award for being a good statesman is more important than speaking before the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Locking up refugees fleeing to Canada on boats in numbers more than 50 without due process of law, is fighting terrorism.
  • Cutting jobs by the thousands under their influence is somehow good for the economy.
  • The majority of people out of work in Canada, just do not want to work and so deserve to suffer.
  • When faced with a challenge to their authority, or policies feel that the answer is to replace the person, or persons,  organization, study groups, or arms reach organization rather than taking advice that is not agreeable to their agenda, but may have merit and worth.
  • Scrapping the long gun registry was the answer to safer streets and a better way to ensure that police have a safer environment to work in.
  • Scrapping the Kyoto Accord was in keeping with Canada’s obligation to do its part to cut back on green house gasses, helping to correct the ozone layer problem, or at the very least helping not to do anymore damage.
  • Scrapping the Kelowna Accord re studying everything and doing nothing, making it possible for travesties like Attawapiskat is in keeping with fixing the injustices of the past and creating a brighter future for our First Nations People.

I could go on, but I think my point is made, which is that this is a government that thinks wrong, but will never think right, because this Conservative Government of Canada led by Prime Minister Harper thinks that they are the only group of people in Canada, whose way of thinking needs be considered.  I feel we are witnessing what happens when politicians win a majority government that has no checks and balances and as a result gives it dictator like powers which we can only hope that they will not use. When a government need not consider what its people really want, or seek the consensus of all of the countries elected members of parliament and makes a mockery out of democracy, the country’s constitution and its country’s charter of rights and freedoms and at the same time imposes its ideological will on the citizens of its country, is such a government not a dictatorship and an oppressive regime in reality, to be considered a democracy in some macabre dream fantasy only?

In the few examples I have given I think that it is clear that this government is not interested in  anything that does not fit into its economic action plan and so the world and Canadians will continue to suffer as the Conservative Party Of Canada, under the leadership of Prime Minister Steven Harper continues to save money at all costs, and dances to the strings of a foreign puppeteer, posing as allies and friends of this government and nation.

Recently this government led by Steven Harper has:

  •  Refused to back a plan that would see a fund set up that would compensate our first responders, firemen and public safety personnel who suffer work ending injuries, or give their lives on the job, because of the cost involved, which is 10 million dollars a year, they consider way to expensive in this time of fiscal restraint. This government has fallen back to using its old reliable cop-out, stating, that the problem is not in their jurisdiction, but is a provincial problem to resolve along with various labor unions and collective agreements that cover such matters.  The Conservative party Of Canada does however acknowledge that fireman do put their lives on the line every day and are deserving of our thanks.  I wonder how many of these people could have been helped if we bought one less F-35 fighter jet in this time of fiscal restraint?
  • Made changes to unemployment insurance that would see a person trying to work and receive unemployment left worse off then if they just did not bother. Other changes made it clear that seasonal work like fishing is over and that fisherman who have to rely on unemployment insurance in their off-season, will have to work in other jobs during their off-season.  Easily said, but harder done.  When our fishermen are doing other things I wonder what third world fishermen will be supplying this country with fish and at what deflated cost
  • Kicked out all of the Iranian diplomats out of Canada and cut off all diplomatic ties with this country, citing it a friend to terrorists organizers and a threat to Israel’s existence.  It has also decided that it is no longer good enough to fine, or send landed immigrants, permanent residents living in this country to jail for breaking the law like the rest of Canadians, but that deporting them instead is the right course of action for violating one of our laws.
  • Refused visitor passes to certain types of people, making it impossible for certain immigrants to this country who have done nothing wrong and their families who have done nothing wrong to visit each other in Canada.  These people are being refused entry into Canada, or visitor’s visas because they were born in country the Conservatives do not like, or pray to the wrong God.
  • Handled the return to Canada of Canadian citizen and child soldier Omar Kadhr as shamefully as it did his illegal imprisonment, by the USA.  It did however soften its stance to allow the return of its convicted criminal friend Conrad Black and the soon to return alleged leader of the Mafia in Montreal, Vito Rizzuto.

All this because we trusted Steven Harper when the people of Canada felt the need for change. We the people of Canada were promised an open and transparent government, that would listen to the will of the people and act accordingly. Instead this Conservative Government of Canada led by Steven Harper has made everything a national security issue and closed the government to the people.  We trusted in Steven Harper and his Conservative Government Of Canada, whom I can only characterise as a bunch of power crazy egomaniacs, obsessed with a need to be seen as great, in terms of military capability and financial status, but believes that it is not necessary to be compassionate and do great things that affect peoples lives in a positive manner, to keep his word and what a mistake that was.

In Steven Harper and the Conservative Party Of Canada I believe that Canada has been duped, cursed  for trusting these frauds and mockers of democracy, with no other recourse than to go along for a four-year ride and thwart their plans as often as possible until finally we can vote them out of an office they no longer have the right to be in, as far as I am concerned. We as a nation will be made to suffer as our voices begin to rise in protest against Mr. Harper’s vision of the new Canada and we grow tired of the lies and hypocrisy.  We will be made to suffer, because this is the Steven Harper way of dealing with decent.  Hopefully we Canadians have learned to look for the connecting strings that make our politicians dance and look closely for the lips that are speaking the words for them.

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