Quebecer’s Holding Their Breath And Trying To Survive Until Tomorrow

The election is over in Quebec and everyone seems to be either holding their breath and waiting for the fight to begin between the Parti Quebecois and the Liberal Party Of Quebec, or waiting to see which other borough mayor will have his or her house or office raided in Montreal to gather evidence of corruption in the construction industry  to be used in the public enquiry.  We are all of us waiting to see just how much crow the Parti Quebecois under the leadership of Pauline Marois is willing to swallow, before it admits that they were wrong in backing the French university students of Quebec as they took to the streets and held the citizens of Montreal hostage.  We are all waiting as these same students begin to demand of Pauline Marois all that they won in negotiations with the Liberal Party Of Quebec and tell all who will listen that the bone she has offered as a meal is not enough reward for letting themselves be used to help bring down the Liberal Party Of Quebec, with their protests, violence and at times terrorist like antics and tactics.

Pauline Marois seems to have taken the attempt on her life very well and has deflected the intended debate over just how fed up certain people are in this province with all of the divisiveness, hatred.  Pauline Marois and her political party and followers have simply stated  that there is no proof that the gunman in the kimono, armed with incendiary devises was not out to get her, but was mentally deranged and out to hurt anyone not English. A little unrealistic, but it seems to be working.  The real problem is that on both sides hard liners are using the fear generated by this type of senseless violence to retaliate in violent manner accosting people on the street for speaking the wrong language in public, for example.

All political parties in Quebec finally got together, putting their political views aside and took an active part in seeing that the murdered man’s funeral expenses were taken care of by the government. A man gunned down, because the political forces in this province and country chose to first allow a group of people to infest and infect and then incite such fear and despair in its population that one decided the only way to get these officials to see how tired of it all he was, was to kill people in protest.  The Liberals made sure that the murdered stage hands funeral expenses were picked up by the government while they were still in power and the  Parti Quebecois went along with the gesture.  Then something very special happened as Celine Dion and a few other stars came together and put on a show to raise money for the dead man’s family.

Sure some people came to see a great show, but at the same time Quebecers showed all politicians that the majority of  English and French-speaking Quebecers‘ just want to live together in mutual respect and harmony.  I do not think anyone other than the minority of extremest sought to gain ground on this stupid, insane act of violence.  Instead both English and French went out and paid money to see the show and stood side by side, no one attacking anybody.  Everyone there was to just trying to  try to help support the family left behind by his murder.  As I listened to the reports on the news and the comments made by people attending the show, I was proud that know one seemed to care what his, or his family’s political views were and were just there to right a wrong and do their part to make the life of a fallen Quebecers’ family a little easier.  I say fallen because fallen is the title given to a soldier in a war and Quebec’s politicians have turned this province into a war zone, with its practices and policies. A man is dead and another seriously injured and I do not believe the hard liners on either side get it; This man will never live to see Quebec separate, or another anti-English law passed and I bet his family would speak English everyday if they could just have him back.

This is the Quebec before the fear mongering; when its people were not allowing themselves be pushed and pulled, bullied and threatened by the minority of separatists of this province; this was the Quebec that found itself if only for a few hours and came together to do something human and acknowledge, that if we have to kill each other for one side to gain the upper hand in a language war, then we do not want to win that bad.  Politicians are good a playing their political games and stoking the fire to heat things up and motivate the mob to vote for them, but they are not always careful to make sure that the fire is contained and under control and often lose sight of the real damage they are doing and how once certain ideas, like racism, anti multi culturalism and win by any means necessary are awoken in the masses they are not so easy to put down when violence, hatred and fear are no longer needed and the election is won.

The gunman was a nut for sure, but the violence in the French separatists students protests that were backed by Pauline Marois and her Partis Quebecois were increasing and escalating in severity by the day and causing great pressure in Quebec.  Pauline Marois might be talking tough now, but not so long ago when students were beating up fellow students because they went to class,  attacking members of the National assembly, or were throwing rocks and other objects on metro rails, the leader of the Parti Quebecois  was marching in the street with them and making promises to give them what they were asking for publicly, if they would vote for her and give her the power of a majority government.

All that has changed in Quebec so far  is the rhetoric, there seems to be very little coming from anyone as the transition from Liberal government to Parti Quebecois begins.  The majority of people living in this province have gone back to what needs to be done to survive every day life, like earning enough money to keep a roof over head, eat and pay the bills; no easy task when the government of the day is only concerned about what language is spoken, how big whose language is in relation to others on signs.   No survival and providing the basic amenities of life for your family will not be an easy task when you know that just to make the federal government look bad, that Quebec under the leadership of Pauline Marois  will make things worse as she  opts out of everything that is good for this province and its people, by claiming it is not in Quebec’s best interest  as a sovereign nation to accept and become dependant on such handouts from the federal government.

The people of Quebec will continue speaking both French and English, some better than others in both languages, because we are both of us English speaking and french speaking and so much more than language and really unless being pushed by one side, or the other do not give a rat’s a_s what language someone speaks. Most English and French-speaking people  understand enough of both to get by. French and English people will continue to fall in love and get married and have children who will end up speaking both languages to the chagrin of hard liners on both sides of the language issue, because this is the true nature of Quebec.

Unfortunately for the hard liners neither side has enough power to do much, but that in itself will not stop them from grinding down the gears of government and making it impossible to get anything constructive done for the next few years in Quebec. The people in the middle, who people have been starting to call the silent majority; the French-speaking population of Quebec, who did not and do not want to separate from Canada will be pushed harder than ever to get on board and support Pauline Marois and her party for the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada and from the oppressed people of Quebec to help them in their effort to keep the few rights that they have left and to stop the genocide that Pauline Marois and her political party are committing in Quebec and the population the federal government under Steven Harper has abandoned and sacrificed as to not inflame the Separatist cause.

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