Canada Was Founded On A Racist Premise And Not Much Has Changed


1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2:  racial prejudice or discrimination

The spreading of European culture throughout the world from its languages, religion and ideologies, have always been by force. Europeans did not venture out into the world to learn other peoples ways and bring home success stories that would help them to modify what was wrong in their homelands; they set out to conquer and make the world over in their image as faulty, as failing and as primitive as that image was.   This was accomplished only by superior weaponry and a   military that would be willing to wipe out entire civilizations without conscience and so enter God and bringing the true God to the world.  It has been proved through history, that who and what man will not destroy for king and country he will kill and destroy in the name of God. Even today when all else fails leaders such as Steven Harper fall back on the time-honored tradition of evoking the will of God and reminding the masses and the military whose  side the true God is the champion.

 Even the Europeans of the United States of America and Canada knew that they had to become independent and shed themselves of their founding fathers European ideologies and unrealistic sense of superiority of race religion and culture, if they were  every to be a country, a people that could hold their heads high and control their own destiny.  India, Africa, the Middle East and Asia have been fighting for this very same thing since the invasions began so long ago and really never stopped. What of the rest of North America, Central America and South America who were also  exposed to the European expansion, were they also blessed by this European cultural experience?  Would you say that the original people of these lands were better off for having endured the European method of cultural exchange, or did they benefit in any way past or present from being conquered, then or now?   My question and then statement is if European culture, law religion and ideology is based on such good, why did the people it touched in every case rebel from it even those like Canada and the United States of America;  Why did we cast it out like one being forced to eat rotten food, unable to keep it down, no matter the threat?  My statement and reply is, “Europe never came as a friend and equal; Europe never came seeking trade and exchange of ideology, culture and religious beliefs; this is the myth, the propaganda that fuels such righteous indignation from Canada and Europe itself. Europeans came to foreign lands to rape and pillage, conquer and subjugate and for the most part it succeeded in its mission, to the detriment of the world.”  Is this truly a history that we as Canadians are wishing to relive; is this what we consider our glory days; our days of enlightenment and our gift to the world?

Genocide: The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

Europe came as a people, a religion and an ideology and with a belief that even the lowest of its people were higher than the kings and queens of the lands they sought to make their own.  The Europeans thought that in order to make this all come to pass and to truly be able to make these lands their own and further their conquest of the new world they must first do the impossible and remove a people’s history from their minds. We have living proof of this  in what is left of the First Nations People of this country.  Our European founding fathers tried to strip all that these people were from them, all that they were before the European settlers  arrival of themselves and make them over in European image. In some cases it worked for a while, but in each and every case it failed over time, because it is wrong.  These old fashion ways of the conqueror failed, because they are based in a lie and are only maintainable by force and because the right to the basic freedoms of life are not only desired by all but are the very essence by which men and women judge the value of their existence.  Self-determination and sovereignty is not a gift that one man can give to another, or take away at will; it is way of life and idea that all men and women are willing to die for if stolen from them and the seed of rebellion is the thorn that provides no peace for the conquer set on total domination of the existing population.  Genocide is wrong, no matter who is causing it and you do not have to kill people physically to be committing it.  Genocide is based on racist principles fundamentals and ideologies, a feeling so strong of one’s superiority over others that you become right in your quest to dominate no matter what you have to do to achieve it.  Your need to have the rest of the world to see your superiority will cause you to do grave things, like we have seen done by our founding fathers.  This is the offer that our founding fathers brought to the world when they first embarked on their missions to discover new lands and this is the message that leaders like our Steven Harper is once again offering to all those not like us, except your inevitable defeat and become like us, until there is nothing left of you, for everything that you are is inferior and the world be a better place for it, so help you God.

I know a lot of people will take offense as they read this post, because we would all like to say not me, but before you say not me read on. Before you say let the past go make sure that the same thing is not happening in our present and that it is not going to keep on happening in our future.  Before you say not me, ask  yourself if you would feel happier, more comfortable, or  better in some way, if your child married within their race and religion and then ask yourself why and then ask yourself what that makes you?  Those of you that said a good parent think again. Giving we are sorry speeches and not following up with rectifying actions and meaningful restitution means nothing and is hypocritical. Bombing other countries for abuses of democracy and their people while we do the same is hypocritical.  Trying to maintain the purity of ones race in one’s country by denying entrance to immigrants of certain races and religion is racist no matter what race or culture is doing the discriminating.  I thought being Canadian was achieved in one instance by being born here and the other by immigrating here and taking the pledge of allegiance. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the only true Canadian was as Prime Minister Steven Harper put has to be a descendant from Canada’s European fore fathers and that the rest of us were like flies in the milk, or some other impurity threatening to contaminate the real culture of Canada.  If this does not seem racist to you read no further, because you are too far gone for me, or I am too far gone for you.

Please understand that to me European culture might have once meant the white race, but it no longer does and has not since the crusades and the time that Europe took to the sea and began its conquest of the world and through its colonization of the world made all that it came in contact with part of European culture.  White, Black, Asian and Native all across the world have been forced to adopt the European culture, ideology and even one of its forms of religion and so it is in Canada and this is the racist premise of which I speak that the Prime Minister is afraid of losing and wishes preserved. It does not respect any freedoms of choice except the choice not to be here if one cannot, or is not willing to except said European culture. So it is not the individual, or the white person that is commonly thought of as European that I speak of, but I speak of every Canadian who by virtue of their acceptance of Canada’s European founding fathers tactics and ideologies as right, just and honorable seek to expand on their example and continue likewise in their methods.

I think before we as Canadians can get better we have to want to be better and by that I mean we as Canadians must not only look at what we have done to establish Canada as a country and agree that our European founding fathers way of thinking was wrong, that our founding fathers actions were wrong and that there is no reason, or way of thinking that could ever justify the racist premise on which this country was founded.  We as Canadians must also be willing to admit that we are guilty of maintaining all that was wrong then, right now.  We as Canadians are being asked by our Prime Minister, Steven Harper, to believe that Canada is in danger of losing its identity, its European culture and somehow we as Canadians, we must protect it at all costs; be it reducing the amount of certain types of immigrants that are not in keeping with our European heritage and could threaten to go from a minority in Canada’s population to a majority.  So once again being Canadian does not mean taking the pledge of allegiance  to be a Canadian citizen, or simply being born here, but is dependent on a person willing to give up all that they are and by them  accepting a new life based on a European culture, religion and ideology.

Unveiling Quebec’s Bill 94 and implications for Muslim Women

I believe that Canada has always been racist by nature by virtue of its beginning and lack of political will to change, but until now Canada has never been as publicly cynical and proud of it as a government and as accepting of it as a people.   Is this the Canadian identity that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to take us back to and we as Canadians are slipping back in time to as if it were the right thing to do?  His plan to reduce the acceptance of multiculturalism as the right way to go and right attitude to have in Canada and replacing it with mistrust and divisiveness is working.  Canadians are divided on more things now than ever before and it is not just Canadians, but every European government is seeking a form of racial, religious and cultural purity and superiority. Prime Minister Harper calls his racist plans a saving of Canada’s true values and culture, but I call it racist by nature and followed by  some Canadians by choice.

Let us examine this great European culture, our countries roots and the very flavour of  this continent’s and this countries founding fathers, or in other words the very people and culture we seek to keep from losing and are now seeking to preserve.  Let us take a look at what it means we must do to achieve this goal of keeping our European culture pure in this every increasing world of refugees and immigrating   foreigners. What danger is Canada really in if we allow these immigrants to keep their religions, dress, food and cultures?  We know that Europe has always been about conquering, not sharing the world.  We know that Europe has always seen itself and its people as above all others and considered all other peoples not only inferior and in most cases not even human, but chattel, to be bought and traded like any other trade good, or commodity.  We know that Europeans even when trying to bring their religion to the new world did so by force not by choice.  We know that Europeans colonised and stripped countries of their wealth sending them back to Europe with little or no compensation to the people of said country.  We know that in most cases Europeans were not averse to committing genocide to get what they wanted.  This is the culture and religion that colonized North America and for the purpose of this post Canada and this is the culture and the religion that some leaders of this country want us to be proud of and to get back to being like once again?

I have heard in posts and comments to my post that all countries have their skeletons that they are not proud of hidden in closets, but if it was a bad thing then why do we wish to return to that time?  I have heard the excuse that all of these atrocities were done as we were becoming a new country and struggling for our survival, in our time of ignorance, but if we really feel this way why are we looking to go back to that time and what are we protecting? Why do I feel that the European element still feels that they are superior to all other races and that there is only room on this planet for their religion and ideologies? I have read it and it has been suggested to me by several commenters that I should move on, forget the past and somehow just accept the fact that things were the way they were and things are the way they are because that this is the will of God, or fate.  We seem to just say with a self-assurance and pride, that the founding fathers did not respect the fact that other people lived here because they were somehow less than them and because they did not share their race, religion and culture and so they took their lands, put them on reservations and drove them to the brink of extinction, but it was for the best, because they our founding fathers brought the poor misguided savages the true God, a new culture and they brought them progress.  Please tell me how the people native to North America, Africa, or any of the colonized world were better off then, or now for their  having endured the influence of European progress, religion, or culture.

This is not a new political tool, it is used over and over again by politicians, kings and dictators through time and in every corner of the world; if you want the backing of the majority of a country, tell the rich and the poor that they must rally together and fight their common enemy, the immigrant minority that threatens to become a majority, or the new power in the country.  Fear of extinction is the easiest method used by politicians to turn one citizen against another in a way that will serve the politician’s need to get votes and thus power.  Another is to convince a certain group of people that they are superior to the other and that keeping the other races down is just a natural defense necessary to ensure self-survival and that there is nothing wrong with it; hence the take-over of North America and almost total annihilation of the native people of this continent, where we teach with our version of history that the ends justified the means and that it was a necessary evil of progress.

Canadians today are not much different from our founding fathers were, in fact we are far worse than they ever were, because we have not learned from our mistakes.  We as Canadians still tolerate intolerance of all types; we as Canadians still make excuses for our disgusting acts of our founding fathers, while trying to bring them back into our world today; we as Canadians still seek to be superior to all others and make the world over in our image, but worse of all, we as Canadians are still lying to ourselves and seeing ourselves as doing good things for all Canadians.  If all this is not bad enough we as Canadians insist that we are just in our thoughts and practices and are now attempting to force them on others abroad, as our founding fathers did so long ago.  My God Canada has become a country that imprisons refugees now without due process of law to discourage other refugees from seeking asylum here.  In fact we have become so corrupt and so callous as a nation that we make new laws to get away with what was against the law moments in time before.  Have we forgotten so quickly the refugees of the MV Sun Sea and her 400 refugee passengers? What has happened to those men, women and children and where is the proof that they were not just refugees? Does that matter anymore in Canada, or will some new immigration charges make the illegal arrests and detention of these people somehow legal now that we have had time to change our immigration laws to target the 400?  Does any real Canadian even care?

 This is our history, this is our way of life up to now, but Canada could be different, but first Canadians must say no to the Lunatic of Parliament Hill, the Despot of the House of Commons and seek to right the wrongs that taint us and paint us as a racist unjust people and go back to a time when we as Canadians knew that our founding fathers were wrong and knew we needed to do what was right.  Now is not a time to go back to bad, it is a time to move forward with good, clean intentions and lose the taint of our past with the good deeds in our future.  Let Canada once again at the very least be looked upon as the land of the inclusive and not as the land of the exclusive and divisive policies.  Let us stop saying yes to bombing runs, blockades, sanctions and embargos and once again become committed to diplomatic solutions that are fair and just to all stake holders.  Let our eyes be opened as well as our hearts and minds so that as a country are able once again to see, feel and know that true peace and true prosperity can only be achieved when we see others as equals and worthy of respect, self-determination and sovereignty.  This is once was  how Canada and Canadians used to think even though we as a country and a people did fall short of our goals.  I think that this is how Canada needs to think again and must try even harder to reach our goals for a world of peace, harmony and prosperity.

I would venture to say that Canada is still trying to justify its origin and has learned little that it puts into use for a better way of life for all of it citizens and others, but continues to cling to it’s not so secret belief that in spite of all of its cruelties, injustices and racist nature that the European founding fathers had the right idea and did the right thing as they moved out and conquered the world and established Canada after stealing it from the people who were already here. Under the leadership of  Prime Minister  Steven Harper, we have seen the European arrogance which was hidden in our closet come out into the light in his policies both foreign and domestic and we as a people, despite color, but made to feel included in this European culture, seem willing to forget the shame of our past history and once more go forth as a conquering nation, whose mission it is to help bring the world into the light; into the our future whether they like it or not, because everything about us is superior and once we have accomplished our mission the other people will be glad we opened up their eyes; at least those that are left, or have eyes left to open.

Racism is never easy to admit to, but one cannot change if one keeps up the lie.

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  1. But our founding fathers differed from us. We’ve learned to separate ourselves from essential actions and participation in our government for no better excuse than to say “I’m tired”. These people were necessarily participant in the battle to secure our “live born”, but endangered, liberties as Americans. We’ve allowed a culture of demanding, narcissistic, self-serving, self-centered and whiny children feeling entitled to all there is available and the detriment of all others needing services, to become a growing party of dominance.


    • archemdis says:

      So what is it that you suggest we do and how do we fix it? Leaving it fix itself is no longer an option and I think everyone with a small bit of sense and a little bit of a conscience can see that we as a species seem incapable of doing the right thing if it means giving up what we have gained by greed and the suffering of the masses. As we explore space and look for the new worlds and new resources do we bring this corrupt ideology and sense of superiority to this new frontier and what will we do if we find someone else is already living their? Will they in turn become like our First Nations People, or perhaps the Jews of the Holocaust, or maybe the Palestinians of the Middle East? Thank you for taking the time to comment and have a great day!


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