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When The Love I Had To Offer Was Just Not Enough

As Christmas approaches and I begin the proces of transforming my house for the holidays, I hope for the phone call, the e-mail, or the text message of apology and sadly know that it will not come, because there is something broken in her that I do not know how to fix and that she does not even feel that is broke, or in need of fixing. Continue reading

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Charbonneau Commission, Gomery Commission Tools Used To Smear Political Rivals And Give The Illusion Of Change

Are all Quebec politicians deaf, blind and dumb, or are all Quebec politicians that incompetent? Either way I could not see myself voting for anyone of those politicians that have been around for the last 11 years actively in Quebec’s politics, no matter what political party they are in. Continue reading

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Brown Faced Video In Bad Taste Says Peter Mackay / Military Personnel Are Not Perfect

We as a country, a government and especially as a people cannot let the world think that we believe that a little prejudice, a little bigotry and a little racial and religious intolerance is acceptable and understandable if it is directed at a perceived enemy, or a certain people.
Continue reading

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Pauline Marois Leader Of A Political Party Without A Platform And Therefore Without Direction

If some one were to ask me what I thought of Pauline Marois and her leadership and aspirations for Quebec other than sovereignty, I would have to say that, “Pauline Marois is the leader of a political party without a platform and therefore without direction, which makes her moot, a lame – duck, in a flock of lame – ducks. A political leader begging the opposition to let her stay in power, because outside of the cost of another election Pauline Marois knows that very few Quebecer’s would be sad to see her made the shortest governing Premier in province’s history”. Continue reading

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Rememberance Day Needs To Mean More Than A One Day A Year Celebration Of Thanks

Every year sadly my message on this day must be the same and it is this, “We as Canadians love march lay wreaths at home and abroad and take Remembrance Day very seriously on November 11th, but it is not enough by a long shot. We are responsible for the government, for Prime Minister Harper’s actions against or non actions towards veteran’s well-being and so their present sad state of affairs rest on our shoulders and should weigh heavily on our consciences and hearts. Continue reading

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Why Do Good, Decent, Smart And Usually Sensitive People Spank Children?

Instead of measuring what is tolerable violence when dealing with children would it not be better and wiser just to fore go the violence all together and use alternative means of discipline like we do with adults? Continue reading

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