Pauline Marois Leader Of A Political Party Without A Platform And Therefore Without Direction

Pauline Marois leader of a political party without a platform and therefore without direction. With no chance at success in all she wanted to do Ms. Marois and company have changed their priority for Quebec. What will her priority be tomorrow lol?

If some one were to ask me what I thought of Pauline Marois and her leadership and aspirations for Quebec other than sovereignty, I would have to say that, “Pauline Marois is the leader of a political party without a platform and therefore without direction, which makes her moot, a lame – duck, in a flock of lame – ducks.  A political leader begging the opposition to let her stay in power, because outside of the cost of another election Pauline Marois knows that very few Quebecer’s would be sad to see her made the shortest governing Premier in the province’s history”.

If one considers the policies of Steven Harper and the Conservative Government of Canada, it is impossible not to see a political party that is drunk with power and which has forgotten from which source that power flows.  Pauline Marois and her Parti Quebecois however has all the power of a lame duck government, who knows it and has begun its governance on the wrong foot, by keeping the wrong promises, like the ones it made to the students of  abolishing the fee hikes made by  Jean Charest‘s, Liberal Party of Quebec; trying to back peddle on all or most of its ill thought out campaign platform, ie. tax reforms, referendum push and making a stronger, tougher bill 101 and a whole lot more; most noticeably of late tries to halt the Charbonneau Commission as the inquiry into corruption plaguing Quebec’s construction industry, which her and the Party Quebecois pushed hard for while the Liberals were in power, after  star witness suggests that her party and the Action Democratic Party of Quebec and a Mayor who supported her in the last election all are guilty of corruption and taking kick backs, payoffs and bribes.

Pauline Marois, does have some likeness to Prime Minister Harper though and she wasted no time showing her love of  traveling when the tax payer is footing the bill.  the minute Pauline Marois was instated in her office, it was clear that she felt the need to take a little vacation, paid for by Quebecers’ as she hopped over to Paris, where she could hear nothing but French being spoken and hopefully get support openly and officially for the Quebec as a nation.  Although she was greeted by the new president of France with all the ceremony due a head of state, the president gave a speech in which he reaffirmed France’s neutrality in the matter.  In doing so he made sure that nothing other than talking to her as a visiting Premiere was possible on the record, turning her trip to France just a vacation paid by the already over burdened over taxed citizens of Quebec.

Pauline Marois said she was going to tax the rich and give the over taxed middle class a break in Quebec, but has since getting elected decided that she and her party can ill afford, to upset the rich and so has decided to increase the taxes of the middle class and poor as well.  At the same time her cutting of the tuitions has put the budgets of the provinces universities in serious jeopardy.  Quebec university budgets were already made based on the tuition hikes and the added revenue that would be available to them to do things like add more professors to their staff and do more research.  By repealing the tuition hike the way Pauline Marois did this year the universities in Quebec will go over budget and go into the red, this red number will increase in the next five years into the billions of dollars causing shortages in professors, research and other things that would better the universities and the education of its students.  Pauline Marois has offered no assurances that the money that she has taken away from the universities with this idiotic repeal of the needed tuition hikes will be given to the universities in another way, or indicated if this is her plan how and when she intends to do it.

When Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois needed to bring down Jean Charest and the Liberal Party of Quebec, she made it her business to push for a public inquiry, which Premier Jean Charest  fought against while he was in power citing no need for an inquiry.  Much money has been wasted in the pushing for this inquiry, with the challenges, legal battles back and forth and now that the Charbonneau Commission is finally getting some head way, Pauline Marois decides that maybe Jean Charest had a point after all and now that her political party is being pulled into the scandal that maybe it is not so good an idea to be opening up this Pandora’s box to the public.  It is becoming clear what the Liberals were trying to hide, but what also is coming out is that there is not one political machine in Quebec that was not either taking kick backs, graft, or political gifts, either on a municipal level, or provincial level and  that now the evidence is finally coming out Pauline Marois is seeking to close the leak at the source and close the  Charbonneau Commission down.

How could a province whose politics is so entrenched in corruption have the gall to think that it could possibly be trusted to do the right thing as a country.  There is not one level of Quebec politics that is not entrenched in scandal.  The leaders of Quebec feigned astonishment and hurt as the world proclaimed Quebec to be one of the most corrupt places in the world, but now we see through just the investigation into one industry just how deep the problem goes and begs the question in what other industry will we find this type of corruption and collusion by the Quebec governments.  I wonder what Pauline Marois could possibly be thinking as she fights to close down this inquiry, before it can finish its work?  Off the bat it makes her look like she has something to hide.  If that is not bad enough it is a shameful waste of money  and will not aid in the restoring of confidence to this industry; will not provide justice to all the companies and people who suffered by the corrupt practices, and will do little in providing clarity and a sense of closure for the people of Quebec.  Finally if I was an honest business person looking to do business in Quebec it would have been hard enough with everything being exposed to want to still do business in this province, but at least the  Charbonneau Commission gave the impression that we wanted this type of behaviour halted at all costs and were trying to right a wrong.  On the other hand if I were looking at this and seeing the  Charbonneau Commission being shut down by the government who fought for it because some of the mud was splashing on her dress, I do not think that I would be eager to do business here unless I was as shady as the leaders of this province seem to be. Oh well the time it took to write this post is as long as it took this lady to change her mind again, Pauline Marois has forgotten that her party was named in the construction scandal or there is little evidence against her party and so once again Ms. Marois has become our number one supporter of the enquiry and has made this of all things her party’s top priority. I wonder what will be first on her priority list by time this post is finished and posted?

So in closing I would like to reiterate, that if some one were to ask me what I thought of Pauline Marois and her leadership and aspirations for Quebec other than sovereignty, I would have to say that, “Pauline Marois is the leader of a political party without a platform and therefore without direction”.

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