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Multiculturalism Is A Necessity / Sectarianism Is A Death Sentence

Perhaps it is time for our very existence to come to an end as some have predicted is close at hand. When we as species are too slow, too dull-witted and so unable to adapt that we find it impossible to grasp the simple concept of equality and justice for all in all things, how long will it be until we wipe ourselves off the face of the earth through violent acts designed and committed to prove our superiority and dominance anyway. Continue reading

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These Are Our Children Not Collateral Damage In Someone’s Demented Personal Statement

What happened to those poor children and adults in that school and al of the people who have met death in a similar way my heart aches for them. To have their lives snatched from them and their families, is just so sad and so pointless. Then I get angry because I know it is only a matter of time before somebody commits another copy cat mass murder. I call it this, because this is what it is and the Nations willingness to allow for and make acceptable collateral damage in its quest for a successful mission and to make a point is what is being copied, by certain citizens.
Continue reading

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Conservatives Back Peddling As F-35 Jet Fighter Procurement Problems Once Again Come To Light

This might even be considered by some just good political one up man ship, but when the lives of our military are on the line and in these hard economic times when we are being forced to go without some of the most basic of things and we are being told by this government to tighten our belts, how dare they pull off this type of fiasco, that will cost Canadians billions of dollars and still leave our air force pilots flying dangerous missions in outdated aircraft Continue reading

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Thank Goodness I Do Not Have To Pretend!

This is a government that needs to be protested at every turn and the world needs to know that as soon is it is legally possible we as a nation will be removing this democratic farce now running things and go back to the Canada that was loved by all Canadians and most of the world; a loving, caring decent Canada.” Continue reading

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Good Lord Not Again / Baird Accuses UN Of Abandoning Principles By Recognizing Palestine

Stephen Harper has helped to make this country dark in spirit, something to frighten little children in their sleep, a demon that kills other human beings in their sleep and a bringer of death. Stephen Harper has hurt this country’s credibility as a peace keeper internationally and a helper of the less fortunate both internationally and domestically. Is this who we really have become Canada, or is this the vision of some pretty sick individuals running Canada for a moment in our history that needs to take a new direction? Continue reading

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