Good Lord Not Again / Baird Accuses UN Of Abandoning Principles By Recognizing Palestine


Baird accuses UN of abandoning principles by recognizing Palestine

All I can say is, “Please dear  Lord not again”, as Prime Minister Steven Harper’s attack dog John Baird runs to New York City, to the very United Nations that the Conservative Government of Canada thinks is obsolete to demand of it that it not allow the Palestinian Authority an observer seat on the security council.

The world asked of the Palestinians to have a democratic vote for a government and a leader to their not recognised country, or state, with independent international observers overlooking the election to insure that the process was an honest one free from coercion and the Palestinian people and leaders complied.  This was supposed to get them recognised as a legitimate diplomatic state, but as soon as it became clear that the people wanted to elect the Palestinian Authority which had political factions not ready to bow down and kiss Israeli butt and was not pro-American and Western Alliance, the United States of America and Canada decided to not accept the democratic choice of the Palestinian people and in fact withdrew their support for the election and everything that they had agreed to if the election was done as they asked. What we are seeing now is the Palestinian people being punished at every turn by Canada for what the Conservative Government insists is a wrong choice in voting in the wrong people to represent them.

Canada faces another problem with its position and that is that no one really cares what John Baird or Canada has to say in regard to the Middle East Peace Process, because they have made themselves irrelevant, a mere tool , a weapon of the State of Israel, a never-ending source of Canadian financial aid and an unconditional military supporter; hell Prime Minster Steven Harper is their “Statesman Of The Year”.  The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people have to see and agent of Israel not an agent of peace every time Canada acts, or opens its mouth and since Israel is not in favor of a 2 nation solution, this would make Canada an ally to Israel and not an objective, neutral party interested in finding a solution somewhere in the middle ground.

This Canadian finds it some what insulting to my intelligence that the Prime Minister says that he wants to see peace in the Middle East and is a firm believer and is committed to a 2 state solution and then threatens one side with consequences if it avails itself of the democratic non violent step of seeking an observer seat on the United Nations Security Council.  Harper states:

  • The Canadian government has warned the Palestinian Authority’s representatives that their ‘embassy’ in Ottawa – in fact a delegation office, because Palestine isn’t a state – might be closed, and the Palestinian envoy, Said Hamad, sent home.
  • In addition, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has told several people, including Palestinian Authority representatives, that he would travel to New York personally to cast a vote against the bid.
  • Harper warned, namely that Ottawa, which had pledged $300 million in aid over five years to the PA starting in 2008, could refuse to grant the generous sum again, as the period is about to run out.
  • If the international body  grants the Palestinian Authority Observer status, the international body will be enabling it to achieve de facto status as a sovereign state and effectively circumvent final status negotiations with Israel.
  • The status, if granted, would grant the PA access to the International Criminal Court at The Hague and other similar bodies, which would enable it to pursue “war crime” charges and other grievances against the Jewish state.

Why after hearing this type of one-sided foolishness and after being threatened like this would, by the Canadian Prime Minister would the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people see the Canadian government as anything but an Israeli puppet that has a Prime Minister so pro-Israeli that he can see no need for the Israeli’s to adjust one demand, soften one stance in order to achieve a peaceful 2 state solution in the Middle East?

What is so bad about the Palestinian Authority being able to bring Israel before the  International Criminal Court at The Hague and other similar bodies? Why shouldn’t the Palestinians have the right to pursue “war crime” charges and other grievances against the Jewish state?  One would think that there is proof of such crimes and that this is an effort to block  this from coming to light and to keep Israel from being brought to justice.  Is this what our country stands for now justice for some and for others none, because this is certainly what this statement of the Harper government implies.

I was amazed when the Prime Minister, closed the Iranian embassy in Canada booted the Iranian ambassador and  diplomats out of Canada and all without provocation and I thought, odd way for the leader of a country to act, but hey everyone is entitled to one mistake an even he would have to realise that he had made a huge mistake and with all of the bad press and international voiced criticism of his actions, even he the despot of Parliament Hill, the Silencer of The House of Commons would have to realise that he would just have to keep his personal urges and hate of Muslims and especially Palestinians under wraps.  Unfortunately I was wrong and here we go again our Prime Minister threatening to once again close yet another Muslim embassy and remove  yet another Muslim envoy if they do not knuckle under to his demands to kiss Israel’s and his butt.

Now after John Baird addressed the United Nations and told them that they were out of step with reality and too self-absorbed and then insinuated that if the organisation did not do as Canada/Israel wanted in terms of  the Middle East conflict that Canada one of the United Nations biggest financial supporters could see that change in the future, I thought he was blackmailing the organization and I said to myself, “Ouch, Harper government still sore about not getting the nod from the United Nations security seat, but they will stop pouting when they realise that you can not buy certain things like decency and a global conscience”.  I was wrong again proving that I know nothing of what this Harper led government thinks, acts. or how far they will go to achieve Israel’s goals in the Middle East and ensure the Jewish vote for himself and his Conservative party at home and possibly win another election.  This was realised when he personally told the leader of the Palestinian Authority that if he availed himself of the legal and non violent option of seeking  an observer seat on the United Nations Security Council, that they stood to lose the $300 million in aid, because he could refuse to grant the generous sum again, as the period is about to run out.  Sounds like out-and-out blackmail to me.  Further more and more reprehensible by far is that this blackmail is a direct attempt by our Prime Minister to thwart the will of a legitimate government trying to represent its people in a none violent, legal way.

Well all that being said one would think that it could not get any worse, but this is not true either, because the Prime Minister of Canada has stated publicly that he does not care about the rights and wrongs of Israel and is determined to ensure that any solution in the Middle East must meet with the terms set out by Israel and that any attempt to give the Palestinian people a sovereign state without the never-ending degrading conditions they chose to impose on the Palestinian people like, check points, swearing of loyalty and security passes, will not meet with his approval; like any body cares what this moron thinks anyway.  Prime Minister Harper further states that he will not allow Canada to support a sovereign state for the Palestinian people, in any other fashion as long as he is Prime Minister of Canada, unless it is done the way Israel wishes and includes all of Israel’s demands.  I say it is time that Stephen Harper goes and it is time for Canada to get back to being a democratic country, supporting the democratic principles that it did before Stephen Harper and his party of war mongering, money hungry, power crazy, conservatives got themselves elected as a majority government. Stephen Harper has helped to make this country dark in spirit, something to frighten little children in their sleep, a demon that kills other human beings in their sleep and a bringer of death.  Stephen Harper has hurt this country’s credibility as a peace keeper internationally and a helper of the less fortunate  both internationally and domestically.  Is this who we really have become Canada, or is this the vision of some pretty sick individuals running Canada for a moment in our history? I think it is time once again for a new leader and a new direction?

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