Thank Goodness I Do Not Have To Pretend!

hearspeakandadmitnoevil1 CArchemdisThank goodness I write a  post based on what I see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears and feel in my own heart and therefore have no obligation to pretend to understand, or believe what the Harper led  Conservative government and it’s followers want us to take for true on trust, in absence of fact, or evidence.  I do not have to pretend, that this Harper led government is not asking  us, the voters of Canada to trust them most of the time even when all the evidence proves they are lying, or that they are being transparent when they are not. Their record of transparency and willingness to work with the opposition parties  speaks for its self, when you consider that this government has not adopted one amendment put before them on any bill from any opposition party since coming to power with a majority government.

laln371lThank goodness I do not have to pretend to be okay with where for example the federal government is saving this country money, or feel a sense of misguided obligation not to rock the boat when talking about what amounts to this federal government’s attack on the poor, both domestically and internationally.   I am free to admit that domestically this federal government has instituted policies as well as changed laws that intentionally target and hurt the poor of this country, the sick and the aged and the unemployed, in what it calls its Economic Plan.   I am also free to realise that they have chosen to abuse the faith and trust voters put in them by using their  majority status on the hill to force amendments to old laws without sufficient debate and without sharing the evidence that would allow the opposition a chance to study and understand why they are doing what it is they propose to do. I am free to say that this government has abused our trust, by using their majority status to enact new laws that they readily admit are not in keeping with traditional Canadian values, but say they must change in spite of our displeasure with them, because they know what is better for us then we do and we will thank them in the end.  I am free to see  that this new vision for a new Canada can only be realised by this government’s taking away the budgets of arm length institutions and by firing anyone voicing dissatisfaction with their governance, not because these things are what Canadians want but because no one has the political power to stop them and they have convinced 40% of voters that once elected a government must lead the country down the path it wishes the country to go and need not do what its people demand of it and have the right to change what the country stands for without debate, true democratic process, or consulting the people.  When this sort of thing happens in a 3rd world country I think we know how this type of behavior is dealt with by the population, because we are actively bombing, imposing sanctions and embargos in support those abused peoples protests.

Saskatchewan-First-Nations-protestThank Goodness I do not have to pretend that I agree with the scrapping of the Kelowna Accord. I do not have to pretend that it was not scrapped to enable the federal government to replace it  with a Minister Of Indian Affairs with more power over First Nations People and out of the hands of the First Nations People themselves? I do not have to pretend that the changes requiring more paper work and more transparency is anything but away to force First Nations People to accept and admit that they are not a nation in their own right and instead are a recipient of  federal government charity. I can admit that this is a way of putting the blame for our disgusting treatment and debasement of these people on them and somehow making it their fault that they are living in most cases in poverty and squalor. I can see that this government is trying to infer that without government oversight the savage is not capable of taking care of his own affairs and so must be made to be accountable to those who really understand how to govern, by handing in tons of paper work that will probably never be looked at.  I am free to see on the matter of our First Nations People, the government is telling these people that they will do as they are told  when and how the government says to and hope that all meets with federal government  approval, or the government will cut off the monies the First Nations People are entitled to until they comply.  I am able to admit that to these people whose lands we have stolen, who we have lied to over and over again, that this new thing being done supposedly once again for their betterment by this federal government must seem like another slap in the face after Harper’s public apology for Canada’s past treatment of them and a pledge of better things to come for them from his government.


A Prime Minister who now promises to fight climate change once ridiculed the Kyoto accord as a money-sucking socialist scheme and said he would battle to defeat it.

Thank goodness I do not have to pretend that I agree with the federal government withdrawing from the Kyoto Accord after we were the driving force behind the creation of it. Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend that this government is doing the right thing for the environment, instead of putting money ahead of environmental assessments and speed over safety as it ignores warnings and scientific evidence that what they are doing is wrong. I am free to see the effects of acid rain and what happens to the environment when oil is spilled or leaked rom ships and pipe lines. I am free to see and understand the science of global warming and know that the polar ice cap is melting and endangering life as we know it. I am free to know that there are far greater things to study and to worry about in scientific research that the study of a certain type of eel that might be responsible for the loss of some fish, but has become the focus of this governments environmental studies.  I am free to understand that turning over our testing facilities to oil and gas producers to do their own environmental impact studies and counting on them to do the right thing is the  wrong thing to do.

Unemployment rising concept UK against a stormy skyThank goodness that I do not have to pretend that the firing of  over 20,000 government workers responsible for delivering much-needed services to Canada’s most fragile Canadians was a good thing for the economy, or for the people who rely on getting those services on time, or having decisions made by these people in a timely fashion.  Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend that the new changes to the Unemployment Insurance Act will do anything, but force Canadians into a no win situation when faced with problem employers; force seasonal workers like fishermen into needless hardships and suffering, or that some how with just a few more years of the senseless suffering under the tyranny of this federal government the deficit will be wiped out and Canada will have balanced the budget. Thank goodness I do not have to pretend that all of the governments forced ending to legal strikes was a good thing for anyone.  I am free to see that this government has not kept their promise to create more jobs and so are either guilty of lying to Canadians, or they are blinded with their own vision.

epa0966lThank goodness I do not believe that cutting financing to the provinces while shifting the burden of every service under the sun solely on their backs, is good for Canadians, or is what Canadians want from their federal government. Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend that the waiting times to be seen by a doctor, or to have life saving surgery is a good thing and that making all this better for only those with cash is the way to go. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because this Prime Minister through his actions has proven that if it saves a buck and it does not change too much for the rich, that they wild what they do

welcome-to-canadaThank goodness that I do not have to pretend that the new changes to our immigration rules implemented by this federal government is anything but racist, targets certain people and makes it easier for some to immigrate into Canada then others and has done so for 7 years in a row, accepting only those they deem can be of benefit to Canada.  Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend that locking up 400 innocent men women and children who fled to this country seeking asylum as refugees without benefit of due process of law, with the government claiming it was in some way helping these people was a good thing, or the right thing to do by this government.  Thank goodness along those lines that I do not have to pretend that this governments attempt to keep Canada’s  European ancestry, culture and religion as the majority population no matter what it has to do to  ensure that is anything but racist, sounding a little like White Supremacy values and views.

Place once used to jail juveniles was change to maximum prison for adults with only changes to guards.

Place once used to jail juveniles was change to maximum prison for adults with only changes to guards.

Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend to like that this federal government is passing laws that will see our children in adult jails with harden adult prisoners, facing minimum sentencing and all consideration for them being just children forgotten, or removed by law. Thank goodness that I do not have to pretend that over crowding our prisons and removing all hope of parole and pardons is a good thing and will help in the rehabilitation process of prisoners and make Canada a safer place to live.  Thank goodness I do not have to pretend that this situation in Canada will last for ever and that Stephen Harper and his stable, Conservative majority government wild be in power forever.

110527-HalifaxPostalRally-01cropThank goodness I do not have to pretend that all of this bad that this federal government has done can not be turned around by a thoughtful determined government that respects its people and truly seeks what is best for all of its citizens and goes about it in an inclusive manner instead of a divisive one.  Thank goodness I do not have to pretend to not have ears, a mouth and a heart that work and so I can say that, “It is time for all Canadians to raise their voices and say no more we do not want this.  We must tell this government that they may hold the majority and they may not be able to be stopped right now legally, but that they no longer represent the will, or the wishes of Canadians.  We must let them know at every opportunity that we have lost confidence in them to do the right things, but not in ourselves and we never shall. This is a government that needs to be protested at every turn and the world needs to know that as soon is it is legally possible we as a nation will be removing this democratic farce now running things and go back to the Canada that was loved by all Canadians and most of the world; a loving, caring decent Canada.”

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