Multiculturalism Is A Necessity / Sectarianism Is A Death Sentence

multiculturalismsectarian / sectarianism.
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a sect.

2. Adhering or confined to the dogmatic limits of a sect or denomination; partisan.

3. Narrow-minded

1. A member of a sect.

2. One characterized by bigoted adherence to a factional viewpoint.

ArchemdisWhen thinking of racism, sectarianism and multiculturalism, it was hard for me to get my mind to think of Italians as being the victims of prejudice, but the more I thought about it and the more I researched their history in Quebec the more I began to see what was always right in front of my eyes all of the time.  It was in my neighborhood this stereo typical idea of what and who all Italians were and for that matter what all of the different peoples were.   I remember all of the name calling now, the racial slurs and the whispers about the mafia and how everyone thought that all Italians were in it.  I remember all of those people talking about how slow all Black people worked and how lazy they all were and that being the reason Blacks could not find work and how racism had no part in their plight at all.  I remember the jokes about the French being as backwards as their language when translated to English and so much more.  My neighborhood had a little bit of every race, religion and culture in it and we all had gangs, fought each other coming and going to school. For the most part races kept to themselves and mixing was to be avoided especially between the sexes and many a young man and women were beaten or shunned by both communities for breaking the rules. Go to school with, play with, but when it comes to marriage keep it pure marry one of your own was the rule.  If in a position to hire, hire one of your own first.  If you are going to be charitable give to your own.  Multiculturalism was never a choice it has always been a necessity sectarianism has always been and is still to this very day a death sentence not only in Canada but for the whole world. It is not something that can be dealt with later, I believe  we must embrace multiculturalism and make it our top priority if we are to survive.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell this country has a government in power that says it fights for the rights of all people, has also stated that as a country and as a people that we need to rethink multiculturalism and perhaps ratified our thought on the subject, or jus do away with it altogether.  If we undo the good that we have done when we put into law the ideals and principles of multiculturalism I fear for the welfare of this country and its ability to maintain its boast of equality for all in all things under the law.  The laws were put in place not as a courtesy, or to make immigrants feel more at home; these laws were put in place because as a people we were incapable of putting our fear and intolerance to differences in race, culture, religion and language aside. We have a history of treating every immigrant group distinctively different from us as though they were beneath us, a tool to be used and when we needed them no more thrown out of the country as useless entities, with no value and therefore to be considered vermin and a drain on real Canadians.  Does any of this sound familiar to you. It should because this is the direction that this government and the governments of Europe are taking its people.

  • The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has courted growing anti-immigrant opinion in Germany by claiming the country’s attempts to create a multicultural society have “utterly failed”.
  • Tony Blair formally declared Britain’s multicultural experiment over yesterday as he told immigrants they had ”a duty” to integrate with the mainstream of society.
  •  Nicolas Sarkozy, dismissed Quebec’s aspirations toward independence, associating them to “sectarianism” and to a “hatred of the other.” (democracy)

This position of Europe’s governing bodies has Europe at the brink of civil war and Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney and company continue down the path of Europe’s mean-spirited road and to its fate.  The gloves are off and all over Europe, North America and Australia, people who wish to immigrate are being told they are not wanted, are not what the host countries are looking for and certain targeted races and peoples practicing certain religions have begun to be rounded up by the thousands and deported after a short fixed hearing behind close doors with zero transparency.  Wrong name, wrong religion, wrong place of birth, demand your rights under the law of the land that deals with equality and you are a Candidate for quick deportation, Now is this not democracy at its best or what?

I must say that Europeans are such practical people and have long memories.  They know what they did to other countries and the original people inhabiting the lands and they are not going to allow for the same thing to happen to them that they inflicted on others.  Too bad for the Indians that they did not learn until it was too late that the European settlers did not believe in multiculturalism, or perhaps they would have stopped the migration and immigration of these people to their lands and so still be in control of their lands, in procession of their cultures and still worshipping their Gods.

Perhaps it is time for our very existence to come to an end as some have predicted is close at hand. When we as species are too slow, too dull-witted and so unable to adapt that we find it impossible to grasp the simple concept of equality and justice for all in all things, how long will it be until we wipe ourselves off the face of the earth through violent acts designed and committed to prove our superiority and dominance anyway. How far off could it be that we trigger the catastrophic event that will see to our own extinction as we have caused for so many other species on this planet and even that of whole tribes of human beings?  When killing the greatest amount of people at once, or causing the most structural damage with one bomb or missile becomes the criteria that determines how wise we are, brave we are and more superior we are, how long will it be before the race to be the wisest, the bravest and the most superior cause us to self destruct?

When we say that multiculturalism does not work, we are saying that we as species are incapable of living together in peace and harmony and that our religious, social, cultural and ethnic differences represent too big a challenge for us to coexist in the same cities, the same country and soon maybe the same planet.  When we get to this point and we are very close to the end of existence as we know it for there is no going back to the separate countries for certain groupings of people; total isolation as was once a reality of the past is no longer an option. Multiculturalism is not a choice anymore and has not been since Europe sailed its ships across the seas and immigrated to the new and ancient worlds.  What was started can not be turned back and if we are to live we must embrace multiculturalism and move forward or die at our own hand.

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  2. I do believe that the country needs to respect the rights of its immigrants; however, the situation also works in reverse: immigrants need to respect their host country.

    Herein lies many of the problems. Groups cluster together in certain neighbourhoods and rarely venture out of this area. In this scenario, it is very easy for the political or religious leaders of said neighbourhood to spread ideas of distrust or hatred of the host country. This has become especially problematic amongst the Islamic communities in Western metropolitan cities. This is not the intent of multiculturalism: multiculturalism was not designed to create non-overlapping cultures within a city: this is a recipe for disaster. The purpose is to encourage the intermingling of different cultures in one society. When this fails, I believe the government and the locals have a right to criticize the behaviour of the non-integrating immigrants.

    • archemdis says:

      Who do we start with first and where does it end in your scenario? The Italians in St. Leonard, the Jews in Hampstead, the Chinese in China Town, or is it just the Muslims, because that is what you are inferring is it not? Why did not your scenario begin with the Christian leaders who spread the anti Muslim rhetoric that has spawned such great fear of more than one Muslim in a group is up to something and that every mosque is a training facility and headquarters of a terrorist cell? If I were to agree with your scenario your ancestors would have never been allowed to set foot on these shores and the First Nations People would still have their lands, culture, religion, language and the millions of lives that you took while practicing their version of multiculturalism. It never ceases to amaze me how quick the one race, the one religious faction that went out of their way to force their religion, their culture, their language on the rest of the world by force has the temerity to insist that everyone else is guilty of:

      (1) not respecting their host country. (Usually means exercising their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to worship the God or Gods of their choice)
      (2) cluster together in certain neighbourhoods and rarely venture out of this area. (They clearly cluster together as you put it, because often the only people who will help them are their own. It is no mistake that the Jews ended up in their own neighborhoods. English and French Christians would not allow them to buy homes in their neighborhoods, so they had to buy property and start their own communities, open shops and factories and employ their own. Who wants to mingle with a society that believes that everything that you do is a crime? Would you venture out under such conditions?
      (3) political or religious leaders of said neighbourhood to spread ideas of distrust or hatred of the host country. Please what is your practicing faith, if you have one, because you are in your scenario, doing right now what you accuse the Muslims of doing, or as you call them, “The Problematic Islamic Communities”

      In closing I would say that it is not the immigrants to this country that refuse to integrate it is the people of certain communities in this country that refuse to allow these people to integrate, or mingle freely with theirs. So afraid are these closed minded people that they spread propaganda that undermines the whole idea of multiculturalism. It is hard to promote multiculturalism for example when one is trying to maintain the purity of one’s race, culture and religion, because this kind of protectionism that the host country is engaging in, does not encourage the mingling that you are suggesting that these immigrants do not engage in. So in conclusion, when multiculturalism fails, I believe that the government and the locals have no right to criticize the behaviour of the non-integrating immigrants.

      • I’m not sure why you responded so angrily to my post, I was simply trying to show you an alternative view to this issue.

        It is especially troubling since you didn’t seem to pay any attention to the first half of my first sentence:

        “I do believe that the country needs to respect the rights of its immigrants”

        On this I do agree. It therefore doesn’t make any sense for me to rehash all the same arguments that you made.

        My point was simple. It works both ways. All humans are capable of error and bad behaviour. Your statement: “when multiculturalism fails, I believe that the government and the locals have no right to criticize the behaviour of the non-integrating immigrants” seems to run counter to this belief. This statement makes it seem like immigrants can only be victims and never perpetrators of violence or hatred. This is simply not true. If you don’t believe this, check out this article from my own hometown, Toronto:–east-end-madrassah-loses-toronto-school-permit-after-anti-semitic-postings-on-website?fb_action_ids=10151227586493518&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366

        After telling me how bad Christians are at excluding people from their societies, you then considered asking me my religion. I have none. So, bad behaviour by Christians doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

        Also, my ancestors were not the ones exploiting North America’s shores, but even if they were, why should I be ashamed of that? I played no part in that.

        Further, I am almost an immigrant myself. I’ve lived in South Korea for 6 years now as a foreigner. I feel it is my responsibility to learn the language and the customs of my host country. That’s the way I was raised. People who don’t do this deserve criticism. It seems natural when it’s applied to whitey, but so racist when we apply the same logic to any other group. That’s not consistent, and I don’t agree with inconsistent logic.

        So, in conclusion, the failure of multiculturalism can be blamed on both the locals and the immigrants depending on who is causing problems. Simple.

      • archemdis says:

        Almost an immigrant, is that like being almost pregnant? Is what I said sound angry to you? You accuse me of not listening, but I did, I just did not agree with your point of view and put forth something for you to consider. What nationality you are, where you lived or live, or to whom you pray, is not important to me, but your arrogance is. Your statement in which you say “Also, my ancestors were not the ones exploiting North America’s shores, but even if they were why should I be ashamed of that? I played no part in that”, is like the German people feeling that they should not feel ashamed for what their ancestors’ did to the Jews during the 2nd world war, because they did not run the gas chambers.

        Come on now feeling sorry for oneself is not going to get us anywhere. You set out to antagonize as your name states and your way of writing proves and then you got offended, because someone responded to you in kind. There is nothing wrong with being antagonistic and trying to get people stirred up to think, but good lord man you are “The Great Antagonizer” do not be surprised if people give you back what you put out there. It is a tough world out here in cyber space and I am open to debate and intelligent conversation, but let us try to be honest and open shall we? Your opinion is your own and you are entitled to it, but so am I entitled to mine. Remember this, you are visiting my space of your own free will and are free to come and go as you wish. I have not asked you to fit in or anything else in order to remain in my community and I do not think that you are up to something evil.

        You were not talking about all immigrants at all, I was. You were singling out Muslims, “Islamic People”, as your statement says,” It is very easy for the political or religious leaders of said neighbourhood to spread ideas of distrust or hatred of the host country. This has become especially problematic amongst the Islamic communities in Western metropolitan cities. This is not the intent of multiculturalism” I find it hard to discuss issues with people who tip toe around what they are saying. If you think that Muslims or Islamic people are all up to something bad then say it; stop with the most all immigrants’ nonsense. I believe in what I said and I think I stated it clearly whether you agree with it or not is up to you, but I stand by it. I believe that all immigrants are given a rough time by the people you call, “The Locals” and it is these locals and the government that force the immigrants into little parts of the city or towns (non-overlapping cultures within a city according to your words) and make them afraid to venture out. I also believe that it is no mistake what is happening to immigrants. I believe that what is going on here is just good old fashion racism that has been allowed to go on so long that it becomes the norm and it has been justified by government and the locals for so long that it is now being defended as a truth and not what it really is. So the answer to local racism and governmental racism is the same through out time, “Immigrants if you do not like it here, go back to where you came from”.
        If you read what I wrote you would have noted that I referred to Jews, Italians Orientals and Asians as all at one time or another falling victim to this type racist behavior, while you on the other hand seem intent on feeling hurt while attacking one type of person. I still say that, “when multiculturalism fails, I believe that the government and the locals have no right to criticize the behaviour of the non-integrating immigrants, because it is the locals and the government who are the people responsible for its failure.” Now I do not think I can put it any clearer than that. I am not angry friend just a little frustrated with people who think that they are innocent of wrong doing in all of this racist madness.

  3. Islamic religion that uses sharia law is parallel to the law of the USA that also condemns.

    • archemdis says:

      I do not care who it is, it is the same for all; learn to live together and share this world or die in your own ignorance and self importance.

      • Had people follow the right master what we see would not be what we see. That master is who many say they do not see.

      • archemdis says:

        It would seem that no matter the master innocent people are always killed in their names. Man needs to own his stupid ways and just stop the killing. No one group of people praying to one God in particular is free of blood on their hands and the deaths of innocent lives at their feet.

      • God will not smile upon those that kill in his name. They will be stumble before his glory. The person treated like Jesus was treated being like Jesus will have a soul that will never die. The killer calling it good has a projectile piercing their soul. They are not awaire of it until they either see Gods glory, or are snatched or unwittingly lead to the devils jail to await ultimate annihilation in Gods glory only seeing the devil in them. Had people see the ultimate end of not being like Jesus is people would choose to be like Jesus is. All being like Jesus is including all the angels would mean no lake of fire. Religion would want you to believe otherwise That is the devils teaching. Those people saying they pray to God not being like Jesus is thinking they do good walk in the dark not knowing where they are going acting like they know where they are going. God sees them stumbling,and falling, but the stubbing human is not even aware of it. People with God in them see it. The only way for the people that spilled blood to be saved is to repent. God alone knows who they are. The devil is the stupid one that thinks he is hot stuff throwing fire.

      • archemdis says:

        I just want peace my friend and to that end I would fight the devil himself, but I am finding it tougher to separate him and his followers from the supposedly men of God, no matter what religion I look at.

      • The devil has been out of your sou for a long time. Religion is not where you look to see God. He is in you. I have seen God in spirit in the Sikh religion. They changed not even with a traumatic incident when a person came in shooting at them. They remained constant unmovable. They did not seek revenge at all. They maintained their open door policy. They did even as Jesus said weep with those that weep. The last time I checked they did not believe in divine carnation, but Gods spirit is in them anyway.

      • archemdis says:

        I understand finally Jonathan and It has always been a thought of mine, but of late it has been buried deep in me. Thank you for bringing it back to me. It has been so long since I heard those words that they were almost lost to me. Thanks for the reminder.

      • You are welcome beloved. It is by Gods grace I do what I do.

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