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Obama’s Inauguration \ What Is The Point If His Presidency Is To Be Undermined?

I think that I will reserve my awe and praise for this gathering until I see how it plays out in reality and not just in lip service, but in respect and acknowledgement for democracy and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens of the United States of America. Continue reading

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Dedicated To Jeff (The Potty Mouth) And Benoit (The Bee) And All The Other Pesky People Of Cyber Space

I think that whether or not you agree with the author of a blog, they have the right to write what they feel and express their feelings and if they afford you the privilege of commenting on their blog, the commenter should do so with respect and conduct themselves using common courtesy at all times. Continue reading

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F-35 Fighter Jet, Hercules Aircraft Both Acquisitions Prove That Harper Government Incapable Of Governing This Country

Never has a government of Canada intentionally allowed aircraft with faulty parts to be flown by, or transport our men and women in the armed forces when not in an emergency war situation, before this Harper led conservative government. Continue reading

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Over Ten Days After Snow Storm Some Island Of Montreal Streets Still Without Sidewalks / Officials In Charge Happy With Progress

The city officials giving interviews seem to think that everything was handled just fine and everything is going as well as can be expected. Making me believe that every time there is a substantial snow fall we will be getting the same type of service in the same ill thought out way. Continue reading

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Choosing A New Leader For Liberals Always = Bad Government For The People of Canada

Political parties in this country need to have the interim leader picked ahead of time so we the voter do not have to endure, bad government while parties spend huge amounts of money in fighting. Continue reading

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