F-35 Fighter Jet, Hercules Aircraft Both Acquisitions Prove That Harper Government Incapable Of Governing This Country

 No plans to replace knock-off electronics (Photograph by Robertson)

No plans to replace knock-off electronics (Photograph by Robertson)

ArchemdisOkay what is it going to take to get this government out of office? This Canadian just does not get what the heck is going on in the heads of Canadians. The Conservative Government of Canada  is either totally incompetent when it comes to military acquisitions, or is willfully putting our military in jeopardy, because it just finds it impossible to tell the truth when it makes an error in judgement. I am finding it equally incredulous that  the Canadian military personnel and their families still seem to trust this Harper government to do the right things when it comes to ensuring that our military has the best equipment available when we send them on missions.

Even if we as Canadians could and  were willing to forget the whole fiasco that is the F-35 Fighter Jet, with all of the irregularities in the acquisition process (No bidding);  even if we as Canadians could and were willing to and somehow managed to forgive the Harper government for all of the intentional lies associated with the covering up of the true cost of the F-35 Fighter Jet(The over 40 million dollar per F-35  price tag per F-35 Jet Fighter the government insisted was not a true figure);  even if we as Canadians could and were willing to forgive this government for withholding all of this information from all other parties in the house of Commons and there by from the Canadian people (A fact that got them to be found in contempt of Parliament, which led to a none confidence vote as it should have), can we as Canadian mothers and fathers, siblings all, ever forgive this Harper led government intentionally putting our love ones and friends and neighbors in more danger than they need be for whatever reason, now that they are guilty of doing it once again with the Hercules aircraft screw up?

That the Harper government has allowed the F-35 Jet Fighter fiasco to go on without taking the advice of experts, for ignoring their own investigative reports on the matter is deplorable; That they have tried to undermine the reputation of the former Auditor General of Canada and that of the Parliamentary Budget Officer by trivializing their accurate findings and any independent study that showed the truth as inaccurate is unworthy of a parliamentarian, but at least our young men and women have not been flying in that aircraft?  The Conservative Government of Canada has still not apologised to Canadians for the F-35 Jet Fighter fiasco and are still trying to cover-up the extent of these lies will cost the Canadian people.  All of the cost issues of the F-35, the growing lack of confidence in their credibility and the impatience of Canadians with their stalling tactics has them going back to the drawing board, (1) to asked the questions that they as a responsible government should have asked in the first place and (2) to open the bidding process and try to get the best aircraft for the best price.  It is the stubbornness of this political party, its arrogance, its willingness to ruin the reputation of others who are telling the truth and exposing their deceit and most of all the cavalier way it keep putting our brave men and women of our armed forces in unnecessary danger, that both angers and frightens me the most.  It is their unwillingness to work with others, to take advice and their bad habit of covering up wrong doing or mistakes over and over again that demands that I ask, “If there is a long forgotten rule, or law still on the books to get rid of a rogue majority government, but has up to now not been used by any politician for fear that it could be turned on them when they in turn come to power, it is time to use it, or make it known, so the people of Canada can demand it be used.

After years of fighting and lying to everyone about the true cost of  F-35 Jet Fighter,  the Conservative Party of Canada now governing this country with a majority government who has used its power to block debate, avoid being transparent, and pass legislation in “Omnibus Bills” designed to bypass standing committees of experts scrutiny has only itself to blame for the trouble it now finds itself in.  Just as the dust settles on the F-35 Jet Fighter reversal, we Canadians find out (not from the Harper led Conservative Party), but rather we know this because of the investigating ability of the CBC that uncovered the story exposed the government and stuck with it.  The Harper Government has been at it again and this time there is no doubt, no way to hide that this government has our pilots flying in aircraft which it knows has computer chips in the cockpit.  That the chips are knock offs of the originals(made in China) and that experts in the field have said can not be counted on and could end up malfunctioning causing loss of life, loss of whatever cargo the aircraft is transporting and the air craft itself, does not seem to bother Prime Minister Harper and his conservative party.  Question for all Canadians is when is enough, enough?

When the Americans realised that they had this problem with their Hercules aircraft they came out and said so.  When it was asked in public and in private that since we have the exact same aircraft should not we be checking out our aircraft to ensure that we were not putting our pilots in unnecessary danger, we were told that such a thing could never happen to us because nothing like that could get by our inspection?  This has recently be proved not to be true and that the Conservative Government of Canada knew about it but chose to keep it secret from Canadians and allowing the Hercules Aircraft to be flown. Unfortunately we are being led by a government who when faced with things that question their judgement  prefer to cover up and look good and damn the consequences. I found it interesting that the Generals of the Canadian Air Force along with the Defence Minister and Prime Minister Harper have allowed after knowing our children, our siblings to fly in aircraft with unreliable knock off parts.

One can argue that all politicians lie and use spin to get their point across. We can also argue that when in the position of majority all political parties regardless of stripe are less inclined to work smoothly with opposition parties, because they do not needs them for getting things passed and because there is no mechanism to get them out of power no matter what they do or how dishonest they are.  The one thing that can not be argued though is that this conservative government, led by Steven Harper has knowingly and willfully put our young men and women of our armed forces in mortal danger by first not coming clean about the knock off inferior computer chips in the cockpit panels and secondly by not changing the parts once they found out about them.

Scandals, lack of transparency, omnibus bills, threats to Medicare, labor unrest and First Nations protests are shaking this country right at its foundation, but these things have been going on for years now and all political parties have been guilty of allowing one or all of them to happen on their watch, but never has a government of Canada intentionally allowed aircraft with faulty  parts to be flown by, or transport our men and women in the armed forces when not in an emergency war situation, before this Harper led conservative government.  To hear that the military brass has no intention of pressuring the government into fitting this fleet of Hercules aircraft with the right parts is for me to even contemplate. To know that they did not stand up for the young people in their charge and make it known that the chips were not the right ones is scary and makes me wonder what else the brass is willing to let slide for this government? I think that no matter what party you voted for you have to agree that this situation must be fixed and someone’s head needs to be put on the chopping block.  It is one thing for a soldier, pilot, or sailor to die in battle, this is one of the hazards of military life, but when their government puts them at risk of death for no other reason then to keep itself looking good and to avoid what screw-ups they are constantly making, then said government can no longer be tolerated and in my opinion is found guilty of committing acts of cowardice and criminal negligence.   The military command and the Harper led Conservative Government of Canada and all who lend support to their governance, in my opinion, should all be up on charges of treason and willfully putting our military in needless danger by deliberately providing them with faulty unreliable equipment which could result in their needless, senseless deaths.

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