Dedicated To Jeff (The Potty Mouth) And Benoit (The Bee) And All The Other Pesky People Of Cyber Space

This was taken from a writers post named Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' , titled, The 9 Types of Blog Commenters – Have You Met Them?

This was taken from a writers post named Ingrid Abboud aka ‘Griddy’, titled, The 9 Types of Blog Commenters – Have You Met Them?

This post is dedicated to Jeff (The Potty Mouth) and Benoit (The Bee ) 2 guys who entered my blog space because I allow everyone who wishes to comment on what I have written the opportunity to do so. Most people are content to leave their comments in a courteous manner even when disagreeing with mine and I can respect that, because we all have a right to our opinions.  I try to answer all comments and usually we engage in interesting dialogue that explores the reasons for my making the statement and the reason they are disagreeing with me.  At times these discussions can get quite heated, but  99.0% of the time the conversation never goes to total disrespect and disregard for one another. Usually one or the other decides we have discussed the subject matter enough and further talk is moot so we simply say goodbye for now and things rarely get personal and then there are the commenters from hell like Jeff (The Potty Mouth) and Benoit (The Bee).

The Jeff (The Potty Mouth) types are incapable of intelligent rational discussion and have to use profanity for adjectives, use large, bold type to show that they are raising their voice and finally as proof of their sincerity this type of commenter will acknowledge that everything you are saying is true, but it is your fault and you are to blame for everything.  They are typing as fast as they can, because they are angry and want to put the author of the unworthy post in their place and spelling and grammar are set aside for the moment and it is assumed that you will get the gist of their argument, because their argument to them is all there is.  On a little more serious note, it is hard to tell if they are mad at you for the statement you made, or mad at the other guy for saying you are lying and not standing up for their mutual cause and mission, but what is clear is that they are mindlessly venting and acting out, like a child throwing a temper tantrum.  They vomit their foul language and threatening words into your comment box and disappear as quickly as they came, kind of like the pesky house fly.  Jeff like a lot of people  did not like the fact that I referred to what is happening in Quebec to the English as a form of genocide and  so he decided to share his opinion with me. Most of the dissenters and they were a few said shame on me for trivializing the word genocide even though what is happening fits the dictionary version of the word, but they did so in a respectful manner and I will have to live with it and can respect it even if I do not concur with their opinion.  This as you may have gathered was not the way Jeff (The Potty Mouth) chose to make his point.  Here is Jeff’s comment in its entirety and the reason I call him and others who behave like this (Potty Mouths).  I have not edited out spelling errors, or altered his wording in any way.

Jeff on  2013/01/16 at 5:15pm | in reply to archemdis  (I’ll speak to you in english so you don’t feel genocided or something like that) You are one crazy retarded piece of ****, go kill yourself! I hope your children won’t get as dumb as you are, you are the reason why people like Marois attain power! Do you get it? People like you who are yelling at us canadian french and drama-queening about us being at HOME : MAKE US FRENCHY WANT TO GET YOU (and the people who look like you) OUT OF THIS PROVINCE! We are the only real Quebecers, you have nothing that ties you to those lands (like being proud of ‘em). You have no problem speaking french? well speak it, it’s the prime language here…

The Benoit (The Bee) types want to break down a word to its origins before you can truly understand what the word means and be able to use it in the context for which it was properly intended.  This type of commenter does not care how the dictionary defines a word, but rather insists that the definition found in the dictionary is wrong, or that you have misinterpreted it. They and they alone are capable of putting the dissected word back together once its parts have be traced back to its origins and coming up with the true definition missed by the experts such as Merriam and Webster. They fail to understand that this is not a spelling bee preparation and they are not Lawrence Fisbourne and I am not Akeelah in the movie “Akeelah and the Bee” and although I find some of the things he asserts interesting, I put my faith in Merriam and Webster when it comes to definitions of words.  This is how Benoit (The Bee) views the dictionary definition of genocide:

Benoit on 2013/01/16 at 9:29am|in reply to archemdis  Goddamnit Christopher, physically killing a mass of people is not juste one of the ways to commit a genocide, it’s the only way ! Whatever you dictionnary says, you misinterpret the definition. Look I understand you want to save face and not look like the idiot you really are, but just google “examples of genocide” and compare what you see to the situation of anglophones in Quebec. I can’t believe I have to point that out, it seems to me anyone with an ounce of common sense would have done that comparison before writing such an outragous claim.

And by the way, im way farther in my schooling than you are. Since you’re just some college kid I can excuse your ignorance up to a point, but I think you should continue your schooling in order to understand what you write.

You are so ignorant that you even realise your whole text is based on the premise that the PQ is commiting a genocide against the anglophones of Quebec, that this premise is FALSE, and therefore any argument that comes after it is NULL AND VOID. You’re the one who miseducate people, feeding in the hysteria of all the angryphones with your nonsense.

At this point I realise that the Benoit (The Bee) type of commenter is not looking for a conversation either, but for a quick victory and nothing but the total retraction of your statement and an acknowledgement of his or her’s brilliance will do. Anything that falls short of total surrender of your point  will be met with profanity and an assertion of their superiority.  Benoit (The Bee) was also just looking for a fight and his assertion that I needed to know where the word originated from and do comparison tests before I could understand its proper use was just smoke and mirrors. What Benoit (The Bee) really wanted was  to insult me for daring to use the word genocide.  Here are some more words of wisdom from Benoit (The Bee):

Benoit on 2013/01/16 at 12:46pm | In reply to archemdis Im not playing any word games. Your WHOLE article is based on the premise that the PQ is committing a genocide against the anglophones of Quebec. The premise is false, and therefore so is the rest of your article. If you don’t understand that you fail at logic. Deleting my comments won’t change anything to that.

Je persiste et signe, you should change the motto of this blog to “talking shit out of my ass”, or else it’s just false advertising

Now as you can see I am not talking about the go back to school comments, or the you are wrong and I am right comments, or even you are a racist comments that are often posted in the heat of debate, what I am speaking are comments like the ones I have shown you, that I feel are a disgrace and have little or no value when it comes to furthering a point and little or no value except to intentionally insult the author in whose blog you are putting them in. These types of comments serve no real purpose in advancing any point  of debate. The only thing that such comments prove is that the commenters are foul-mouthed, poor excuses for human beings.

I have not changed anything in either Benoit’s, or Jeff’s responses, because I think that they really were angry and had something they wanted to say, but it all got lost in their inability to deliver their side of things without using  foul language and bad manners. I felt they came across as spoilt  little children having a temper tantrum, instead of intelligent adults trying to prove an important point on something close to their hearts and of great importance to them. I ended up having to make it impossible for them to continue to comment, because I was beginning to reply to their comments in their way, in other words sinking to their level and this is not normally my way.  I decided that it was time to take back the control of my blog from these 2 trolls.

Now I am sure to some people that this is just the way it is and they see nothing wrong with this type of  behavior and some may think that people like these are just exercising their rights in regard to freedom of expression, but I just do not agree.  I would suggest to all of the “Bees” and to all of the “Potty mouths”, that they should consider starting their own blogs where they can speak to their concerns in any way they like, just like I  do on mine, because it is their personal space.  From their blog they can explain what they feel in any language they please and use as much profanity as they need.  I would suggest to all of the “The Potty Mouths” and to all of the “The Bees” that if they could just see their way to talking to people instead of at people; could just try lowering their voice instead of screaming at people, they may find that people might actually take the time to listen to them, instead of tuning them out.

I believe though that everything and everyone has a purpose no matter how irritating they are and the pests of cyber space are no different. Everyone in the PQ is bending over backwards pretending that they are not trying to rid Quebec of everything that is English, including its English citizens. When you call what is going on a form of genocide against the English in Quebec, most French Separatists argue that, they are only trying to save the French language and culture in Quebec from extinction, by over use of English in the province. They would ask you to forget their closing of most of the English schools; forget that the only signs on the highways are French; forget that even on the signs warning of fatal danger the French in the sign must be larger than that of the English and finally they would ask people to forget that they are trying to take bilingual communities and turn them into French only communities against the desire of the French and English people living in them.  Then along comes a Jeff ( The Potty Mouth) and Benoit (The Bee) and says out loud and clear  for all to hear, what all of the others who share their political wishes for Quebec only whisper about in private and speaks for all the Separatists in Quebec  and confirms the PQ’s and its followers real agenda and validates my argument ending the need for further conversation with them.

My point is simply this, I think that whether or not you agree with the author of a blog, they have the right to write what they feel and express their feelings and if they afford you the privilege of commenting on their blog, the commenter should do so with respect and conduct themselves using common courtesy at all times.  I try to talk about a wide variety of subjects on this blog, from family issues, such as child abuse and my personal experiences having survived it, my experience with cancer, having survived it and of course what I consider to be the important  political issues of the time. What I have noticed about these type of commenters is that they are  usually responding to a post that is over several months old, so in an effort to not to get bogged down by them when I am trying to engage conversation on a current post I have decided to shorten the length of time for commenting on a post to what I am discussing at any given time.

I will end with  Ingrid Abboud’s description of commenter type number 4 in her blog, (The 9 Types of Blog Commenters – Have You Met Them?)  when she says, ” Then there’s the ever so popular Tactless Trolls – who will pretty much criticize anything and everything and often play devil’s advocate just for the sake of it – they’re not always rude although they can be.

Believe it or not, the trolls sometimes make valid points which are worth listening to – but their lack of tact in presenting their opinion leaves you with a negative impression. As for those who make no plausible arguments and are just there for the hell of it – their efforts are usually a sad attempt at gaining some kind of self validation.

The more you feed these people, the hungrier they become and the higher you boost their self-esteem.

I would suggest after writing and publishing this post that she is a better woman than I am a man, but I will try to do better in the future. (smile)

About archemdis

I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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2 Responses to Dedicated To Jeff (The Potty Mouth) And Benoit (The Bee) And All The Other Pesky People Of Cyber Space

  1. Idebenone says:

    Point The First: Unless you are a nun, if you are over the age of 12, and you use the phrase “potty-mouthed” in a way that is not ironic, you should be removed gently from any mode of mass communication, handed a cookie and a glass of warm milk and a tranquilizer the size of an elephant’s dong, and gently laid down on soft cushions until a bed can be found for you at the Premature Fogies Home.


    • archemdis says:

      Nora P. Cantrell,
      I did not know that one had to be a nun to expect a little common courtesy. Do not get your knickers in a twist though; your world is safe, I am sure that my post did little to stop your friends from availing themselves of their right to freedom of expression, no matter how offensive and how unnecessary we premature old fogies find it. I do however find it ironic how you would chose to criticize my use of the phrase “potty mouthed” and when and how it can be used, but saw fit not to comment on the profanity and insulting manner of the comments posted on my blog by the 2 commenters.
      Now I agree that it may not be the word you would choose, but to me it aptly described the childish, rude way the people I am talking about acted when responding to my post, in my space. Is there something about profanity that makes you feel more mature, more adult, wiser, or did your reading of the post stop at the word “potty mouth”? So not to jump to any conclusions let me ask you this, Is it your position and the reason you are chastising me for using the phrase “potty mouth” that you see nothing wrong with the comments of the 2 adult children who left such disgusting messages on my blog? I will take the warm milk, the tranquilizer and the company of the people found at the Premature Fogies Home over that of adult children who find it impossible to communicate without the use of profanity and intentionally insulting people. Have a nice day and I hope you have plenty of opportunity to share your views and communicate with the type of commenter you feel so freely to defend.


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