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My Family And Cancer (Thyroid, Prostate And Now Multiple Myeloma)

My mom had the least common type of thyroid cancer which is called, anaplastic thyroid cancer, which has a very poor prognosis. Anaplastic thyroid cancer tends to be found after it has spread, and it is incurable in most cases. Continue reading

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Are We An Ignorant People, Slow To Grasp Things, Mentally Incompetent An Unable To Determine What Is Good For Us?

How could we be anything else but a country full of ignorant people, slow to grasp things, mentally incompetent and unable to determine what is good for us, if we just stand by and accept all this as okay as just politics in Canada as usual without putting up the slightest of objections? Continue reading

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Once We Were Known As The Fearless Canucks Now We Are Afraid Of Everything And Everyone

This is who the Fearless Canucks have become. We wage war much like the Americans seeking to kill from far away with no concern for who we kill as long as it does not result in any real hand to hand fighting where our soldiers could be killed in large numbers; when this happens voters start to demand the end of the mission, but keep the death count down and your voters will idealistically think they are saving the world and that the war is a fight worth fighting. Continue reading

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Archemdis An Average Canadian Citizen Thinks That The Conservative Government Of Canada Is Just So Wrong!

I liked the Canada that took care of its elderly, sick, homeless and most fragile of people. I liked the Canada that respected the right of it citizens to strike and collectively bargain no matter how inconvenient it was for the country’s economic plan. Continue reading

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Six Sitting Female Premiers And Counting / Needed One Female Prime Minister

I think that women such as our six female Premiers are what this country needs to bring respect and honor back into politics and I hope that in the near future we as Canadians will elect a female Prime Minister that will allow us to right all the wrongs that have been done of late in terms of foreign aid and diplomacy in the name of being seen as a warring nation and a nation who wishes to offer aid to suffering nations to only those who have something to offer Canada in return economically, in the form of trade deals. Continue reading

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