Six Sitting Female Premiers And Counting / Needed One Female Prime Minister

BC’s Rita Margaret Johnston the first female premier in Canadian history

BC’s Rita Margaret Johnston the first female premier in Canadian history

Quebec’s Pauline Marois, B.C.’s  Christy Clark, Ontario’s  Kathleen Wynne, Nunavut’s Eva Aariak, Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale, Alberta’s

Alison Redford to me represent a change in Canadian politics much-needed at this time in Canadian history.  I am sick of the testosterone wars that have become the norm on Parliament Hill and every provincial National Assembly and legislature in the country; where men have held the highest power.  I would not say that electing women to our highest jobs in the government like premier is the only answer and will save this country in and by itself, as  we can deduce by the election of Quebec’s first female premier Pauline Marois, but hey five out of six is not so bad, but all jokes aside I would say it is a good start.

Alberta's Alison Redford

Alberta’s Alison Redford

While men puff out their chests and utter threats and little is accomplished, women I have found tend to be more likely to try to avoid the tough act and get down to finding a solution to the problems at hand and are more willing to cross party lines and talk in a non-partisan way to accomplish the common good.  I could be wrong but in my experience I feel that women do not see the world as being one big game of monopoly where becoming the richest, the most powerful person or nation at all cost is the most  important thing.  Perhaps with a little luck and a little help from these dynamic, intelligent women  our priorities  will be changed and this country will be returned once again to what they used to be, before the world of finances and economics became our only measuring sticks used to determine our success as a nation and as a people. With a little luck we will elect more of these women to the highest of offices, even a female Prime Minister and hopefully see the return of democracy as it was meant to be and not this perverted version that men seem to think is okay; where we oppose for the sake of opposing, because we feel that the job of the opposition is to make the government look bad no matter what and the government of the day thinks that its job is to govern and take no advice, no matter how good, or how sound it is.  Women I hope will bring with them that  same glue that binds the family together and use it to help re-glue this country back together. I am hopeful that they can govern this country with the same sense of fairness, love, compassion and common sense that they use in their homes, to achieve harmony and peace, without which most families would fall apart.

Nunavut's Eva Aariak,

Nunavut’s Eva Aariak,

I honestly believe that the men of politics have reduced governing to little more than a heartless, cut throat game, where personal power and getting oneself elected or re-elected is all that matters and is to be achieved at all costs. To this end the men of politics have reduced campaign speeches and promises to lies, removed all pretenses of being transparent and have dehumanized governing people to numbers and statistics and see success only in terms of the number of dollars in the country’s bank book.  This government in power under Steven Harper has taken this game to a new level, but he is in good company we have been heading down this slippery slope for a long time and all political parties despite their stripe have worked extremely hard to get us no where fast.

Ontario's Kathleen Wynne

Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne

I think women see every street person as someone’s child and possibly their own or someone they know and can sense the urgency in correcting the problems that put these peoples children at risk. I think that B.C.’s  Christy Clark, Ontario’s  Kathleen Wynne, Nunavut’s Eva Aariak, Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale, Alberta’s  Alison Redford could be the start to humanizing government and making a real difference in ways that really count like ending child abuse, the abuse of women and put and end to hungry children, but they can not do it alone. Canadians need to keep voting them in to positions of power in such numbers that the old boys club is shattered and the old fossils that will not change are forced into retirement or rendered moot.  I also think that women know about finances, budgeting and getting the best value for the dollar, because they have been doing it all of their lives.

Newfoundland's and Labrador's Kathy Dunderdale

Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale

I think that women will choose peace over war unless directly threatened and will seek a diplomatic solutions based in honest negotiations instead of senseless bombing and bloodshed.  I also believe that women do not see collateral damage as a viable option when that collateral damage means innocent men, women and children are dying as a result of our bombing runs, or at the hands of our soldiers.  I believe that women are closer to environmental issues and can put aside the immediate finite benefits and profits of pipelines and other environmentally disastrous projects and see that getting all the money in the world  in the short-term, means little if you are bringing yourself and the whole planet closer to annihilation and what point is there to being the most militarily powerful nation in the world, if it means taking one step closer to Armageddon.

Quebec's Pauline Marois

Quebec’s Pauline Marois

I do not include Quebec’s Pauline Marois with B.C.’s  Christy Clark, Ontario’s  Kathleen Wynne, Nunavut’s Eva Aariak, Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale, Alberta’s Alison Redford, because all she has in common with them in relation to changing Canada for the better is that she is the first female premier to be elected in Quebec, which much to her dismay makes her a female premier in Canada. Her politics and ways of getting things done is closer to that of the man’s approach to politics. In my opinion she has a one track mind and could careless who she tramples on to get where she wants to go and seeks to rip this country apart rather than work to hold it together. Pauline Marois in my opinion does not see children, seniors, homeless people, she only sees Quebec’s secession from Canada and Quebec becoming a nation and her, or someone like her being the empress, or emperor or something of that nature.  Feeding people, economic success, creating jobs, education and equality mean nothing to her, because all that matters is Quebec’s independence and at the very least that everyone in Quebec speak French and French only.

Only female Prime Minister. We were not ready then, but I think we are now.

Only female Prime Minister. We were not ready then, but I think we are now.

In conclusion I think that women are as competitive as men, want what is good for their province and their country as much as men, but are more incline to look at all aspects of development, the pros and the cons of how we should develop and use our natural resources and not just look at the immediate monetary  benefit.  I think that the most important thing that women bring to leadership is their willingness  to work with others to get things done across party lines. In short form women bring compassion, listening and understanding back to politics and something as basic as honesty and transparency back into the political arena.  I think that women such as our six female Premiers are what this country needs to bring respect and honor back into politics and I hope that in the near future we as Canadians will elect a female Prime Minister that will allow us a country to right all the wrongs that have been done of late in terms of foreign aid and diplomacy in the name of being seen as a warring nation and a nation who wishes to offer aid to suffering nations base solely on the basis of what the suffering nations  have  to offer Canada in return economically for that help, such as trade deals and access to their water and mineral rights, by Canada and Canadian companies.

Prime minister Steven Harper. The man who would be king.

Prime Minister Steven Harper. The man who would be king.

We are in crisis as a country and as a world, because of men and their way of handling things. Big talk, big deals, big government, big promises, big guns and big wars with little being accomplished and very little progress being made on any key issues of the day.  I think that the males have done quite enough and now it is time to give the females a chance to show what they can do.  With wars raging all over the planet, the environment in a total mess, children starving everywhere and economic disasters in every corner of the globe, I ask you how could the women leaders do any worse? Is it not at least worth a try?

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