Archemdis An Average Canadian Citizen Thinks That The Conservative Government Of Canada Is Just So Wrong!

What was once seen as a sign that a friend was approaching is now seen as sign that an enemy draws near. What was once considered the symbol of a peace broker is now considered the symbol of a warrior nation.  This is our new image. This new image is why we now live in fear of terrorist attacks where once we were  loved and respected around the world, by all nations.

What was once seen as a sign that a friend was approaching is now seen as a sign that an enemy draws near. What was once considered the symbol of a peace broker is now considered the symbol of a warrior nation. This is our new image. This new image is why we now live in fear of terrorist attacks where once we were loved and respected around the world, by all nations.

I am just and average citizen of this country who neither feels above anyone else or below anyone else. I do not love everyone, but I can honestly say that I do not hate or dislike anyone because of where they come from, what language they speak, what God they pray to if any, or the color of their skin and I am proud of this. I think that where the Conservative Party of Canada has gone wrong with its governance of Canada is multi faceted, but not really that complicated.  When you consider that the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Prime Minister Harper lied and misled the gay voters in his home riding to gain their support when he needed them and then abandoned them after he won his election race, should tell you something.  When you consider that our Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird plays the maybe I am and maybe I am not game with questions about his sexuality. I think that he is a homosexual still hiding in the closet, but hey I guess it takes a woman to take the lead and be honest and open and not ashamed for the world to know her sexual preference, while preaching equality for all.  It is a mistake for  Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird to be running around the world supposedly speaking on behalf of all of the oppressed, ill-treated people of the world, of whom gay men and women are included while still hiding in the closet. His failure to stand proud, or at the very least not be ashamed of his being gay should tell you something about him and the party he represents.  What I am suggesting is that the whole conservative cabinet is filled with hypocrites, cowards and political opportunists and that is a mistake when trying to govern a country not to think it necessary to ever tell the truth and to always hide the truth about everything.

The Conservative Government of Canada in my opinion also has no respect for people in general.  They respect the power of people in relation top voting blocks as we saw when Stephen Harper needed the gay vote, but as soon as he got elected he dropped their causes and moved on.  When next in trouble his party needed the francophone vote in Quebec,  he a ran a bunch of French-speaking passive Sovereignists in Quebec, but once they got him the vote they found themselves trapped in the back benches, powerless and duped.  Running out of ways to boost himself in popularity, because his constant lying to gain support and then refusing to honor agreed upon terms for the support received once he achieved his political goal has most of his past supporters not trusting him and keeps the Prime Minister seeking a new patsy every election. It was while on the quest  that Steven Harper decided to become the champion of rural Canada by pretending that the long gun registry was somehow a waste of money and that it somehow violated their rights as Canadians to have to register their long guns.  After alienating most unions and there members by forcing people in legal strike positions to return to work by legislation instead of negotiation Harper and his government decided to go to the only people in Canada he had ignored politically up to now, so in short had not screwed and so he turned to the Jews of Canada looking for and getting the votes he needed to replace the votes he had lost through betrayal and broken promises and back room deals.  He has been voted their man of the year and from him they have received the promise of unconditional support in anything they choose to do in the Middle East.  I say to the Jews of Canada, be careful, because he does not care for you either and sometimes being singled out and given preferential treatment has its way of coming back to bite you in the backside when the guy who made the deal with you is no longer around and you get to be just like the rest of us.

While the Conservative Government of Canada‘s Economic Action Plan  falls apart the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and his party refuse to give information about their plans on just about everything.   One only has to look at the spending for the Olympics and how there still has not been a complete costing.  The monetary gifts to Tony Clements riding diverted from the G8 summit in what was called the Tony Clement Legacy Scandal.  Tony Clement redirected 50 million dollars which his government said was for border security and used it as a slush fund to get Tony Clement re-elected.  If that was not bad enough the government even after getting their hand caught in the cookie jar still tried to hide the facts in the case and bury them.  This is the same government that tried to hide the fact that Canada was handing over our citizens to foreign governments to be tortured, because our laws would not allow for this type of treatment of prisoners or suspects. This lack of transparency has been a big mistake that this government has made, because when people have little or no reliable information they invent it and this is never good for anyone.

The way Steven Harper treats the First Nations First is typical of his method of dealing with all who oppose him and that is to make them suffer while pretending to be doing good-by them.  With First Nations Chiefs trying to force their way into the House of Commons and roads starting to be blocked by First Nations all over Canada, Steven Harper grins and maintains he is doing what is best for them and Canada.  That this Prime Minister and his party continue to call these chiefs liars and deny that they speak for their people is just so wrong. When you consider by the United Nations to be in 62nd place on a world scale for how we treat our indigenous peoples, we should be ashamed of ourselves and not warring with anyone over humanitarian issues until we resolve our own at home.

When you consider that the poor are living in the street the middle class are out of work and on their way to being poor and the moderately rich are becoming our middle class and the federal government keeps giving tax cuts to the wealthiest of Canadians while cutting the social programming and funding for just about all social programming, is a mistake in governance.  To make helping the poor internationally a part of Canada’s economic plan where we take away our aid to those with little or nothing to offer us in return and give it to other not so poor nations who have something to trade for it is a bad idea.  It is cold calculated actions like stopping the aid to Haiti, when they need it the most and awarding trade contract to countries considered with the worst human rights violations that are key places where this countries Conservative Party of Canada has gone wrong with its governance.  The Harper government respects only money and power and to this end they have burned bridges both internationally and at home that leave them only able to align themselves with nations like, Australia who for years denied access to Black people to their country and were 2nd only to South Africa as an Apartheid type state, with every other nationality of people to immigrate there, falling under the level of the lowest white person,(East Indian, Chinese and so on).  That we are aligning ourselves to Australia in terms of their racist immigration policies I find offensive as a Canadian and the effects of such influences to our immigration policies can be seen by the treatment of the 400 Sri Lankan refuges from the Sun Sea still in prison for daring to seek asylum on Canadian shores. Innocent men, women and children all being held without due process of law in Canadian prison.  they are being psychologically tortured, with time.  Tell us what you have done confess and you will be sent home, continue to   lie and claim refugee status and you will remain n in jail separated form your husbands, wives and children.  All this is very Australian and very in line with letting refugees ships sink in their rough waters and forcing refugees onto islands to be processed. Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain seem to be our new heroes when it comes to justifying the government of Canada’s new position on foreign policy, immigration  and safety of our citizens and just about everything else since Prime Minister Harper the USA said no to the new pipeline.  The only problem is that  these countries  have had foreign policies that have been hard to say the least on indigenous peoples of a land, promoted in the past or are in favor of going to race and religious type of selective immigration and do not believe that multiculturalism is in the best interest of a country.  this line of thinking in my part for a country with all different types of people in it promotes governmental and citizen prejudice creates the ground work for the environment  which allows for the sense of superiority of the race being preserved and protected by such immigration laws.

I guess what I am getting at is that Canada under this administration has become a violator of human rights and freedoms at home and abroad and that I consider this to be the biggest mistake that this government led by Stephen Harper decided to make and keeps on doing to this day. To my knowledge no one asked either Harper or his government to fundamentally change Canada forever and it is only by taking uncustomary advantage of the power afforded a majority government and twisting it to subvert the democratic process that this government is forcing this change on Canada despite the displeasure of the majority its population.  I think that most Canadians wanted to see some changes, but not the ones we got. I for one liked the feeling of people seeing Canada as a broker of peace and an ally to those who sought peaceful solutions through negotiations. I like the Canada that took an active role in the United Nations and adhered to their peace keeping approach to settling disputes.  I liked the Canada that took care of its elderly, sick, homeless and most fragile of people. I liked the Canada that respected the right of it citizens to strike and collectively bargain no matter how inconvenient it was for the country’s economic plan.

My mother once told me that if you show no respect for yourself no one else will either and I think that this government has led us into. I think that this government sees the world and everything in it as numbers, faceless data to be manipulated like stocks and bonds achieve the greatest fiscal gain and power and status.  It is an unfortunate turn of events that has a world leaders looking to make a legacy for themselves instead of letting the good works that they do become their legacy and this is the trap the Prime Minister Harper has laid for himself.

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  1. Piracetam says:

    The Time magazine also named him as Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year in 2006. Stephen Handelman wrote “that the prime minister who was once dismissed as a doctrinaire backroom tactician with no experience in government has emerged as a warrior in power”.


    • archemdis says:

      All true Hillary, but is this really what we need in these troubled times in Canada and all over the world, another leader, our Prime Minister considered a warrior in power? I would settle for a Prime minister that does not subvert democracy at home, does not cut of diplomatic ties with countries for no logical reason and is not a hypocrite. I could care less whether he is considered a doctrinaire backroom tactician with no experience in government, or as a warrior in power. I would rather him be known for ending child hunger at home and abroad, putting an end to child abuse and domestic abuse; I would rather him be known for bringing peace to labor unrest through negotiations rather than back to work legislation, Canada’s injustice to its First Nations through negotiations with them rather than more unwanted unwarranted legislation; I would rather him be known for taking care of the environment at home and striving to get the whole world on board about the dangers of acid rain, greenhouse gasses and the erosion of the ozone and the melting Polar Icecap. These were all things we used to be known for as a country when we just had Prime Ministers with no other fancy titles bestowed upon them and Prime Ministers who were not looking for the titles. Have a great day and thank you for your comment.


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