Once We Were Known As The Fearless Canucks Now We Are Afraid Of Everything And Everyone


As this painting of Vimy ridge shows, war was a dirty, nasty and costly business. So dirty and costly in terms of human life when fought like this that after them there was a desire and an effort to keep peace in the world, unlike todays sanitized, one-sided versions.

ArchemdisI remember my mother telling me once that if you respected others and didn’t go throwing your weight around, chances are that you could get through life without having to hit anybody and without them looking to hit you.  My mother never asked me to walk away from a fight if someone else gave me know choice, but she did advise against going looking for a fight.  My mother also told me that fighting did not mean brave, why and what you were fighting for did that and that truly brave people were not afraid to walk away from fighting, or fought only when every other avenue had been exhausted like talking things out.  Canada used to be a country my mother would have considered brave, but that was back before Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Canada was once a country that held to the principle that no country, no leader, no human being should have nuclear weapons, or weapons of mass destruction at its disposal, because the temptation to use them against ones enemies or a perceived threat was just too great.  We realised that our closest neighbor, our biggest trading partner, our ally in a time of war chose to use the greatest weapon of mass destruction the world knew of at the time on three of Japans cities, killing hundreds of thousands of civilian men, women and children and injuring and maiming millions more, because Japan in a time of war attacked and disabled what it perceived as a military target the naval ship yards at Pearl Harbour with conventional weapons.  That attack was carried out to disable the weaponry, the ships and the air strike capability of the USA with a minimal taking of civilian life. Canada was a country of leaders and of people who could not get behind such a vast taking of civilian human life in such a horrific manner no matter what the reason, simply because it was wrong to do; that unfortunately was before the Conservative Party of Canada, led by Steven Harper came to power with a majority government.  Now we seek to kill and maim both the soldiers and the innocent men, women and children of countries we say that we are not at war with by the hundreds and maim by the thousands as we dispense with the old forms of diplomacy and pick up the gun , drop the bombs from miles high in the sky, shoot our  missiles from our ships from over 800 miles away and only go into fight face to face when we are assured by the carnage of innocent life that resistance will be minimal and the loss of life to our troops is assured.  This is our brave, fearless Canadian way to wage war in this our days of shame, under the current government of Canada.

There was a time when Canadians knew that to go to war meant that our soldiers would die and that we would kill other soldiers in return, but we knew that the only way to avoid such deaths was to avoid going to war.  Is that not why we said the last world war would be the last war of this magnitude for all time? Canadians, Americans the British and all who fought Germany, in the 2nd world war claim they fought the 2nd world war to stop what the Nazis were doing by way of the Holocaust to the Jews of Europe, but this is about as true as the Civil War in the USA was fought to free the African Slaves. What I am getting at is that we have become a country that wants clean war and by that I mean we wish to have no loss of life on our side and to achieve that we are determined to keep our soldiers where possible from hand to hand combat even if it means we must knowingly and intentionally taking the lives of innocent, men women and children.  Soldiers on the ground can tell the difference between armed soldiers and civilians, but the weapons of mass destruction we now drop on cities, towns villages can not tell the difference and so as a result everyone is a potential target and is to be considered the enemy.

Our soldiers are still brave and they follow orders as directed, meaning they attack and retreat on command.  They will drop bombs where they are told, aim missiles at targets they are told and then come home all screwed up suffering from traumatic distress disorder for the way that they were ordered to kill and the people they were ordered to eliminate. They will be quietly be removed from the military for having the disorders, receive inadequate medical attention for their injuries and mental disorders gotten in the line of duty and their families will be left to pick up the burden of dealing with the injured veterans and the expense not covered by the government or stalled in red tape, because up to now this is how Stephen Harper and his conservative government have chosen to deal with veterans pleas for more assistance or at least to leave inadequate service free of more cuts and red tape. Amazingly when we were a brave peace keeping nation, there were far fewer cases of stress and other forms of mental disabilities afflicting our returning soldiers we sent on missions.  Soldiers are human beings, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and so to expect them to except the face of war Canada now engages in without coming back emotionally and mentally screwed up is either wishful thinking, or we are saying that they and their mental stability are to be considered acceptable damage and loss.

I wonder sitting at my keyboard when Canada will be buying our drones, so that we to can kill innocent civilians from planes that can not tell the innocent from the terrorist? What exactly is the Canadian Governments position on Collateral Damage, because if it is the same as the USA’s? We know of this government is that this government:

  • No longer stands by it commitments to the United Nations, or the World Court, because it has adopted a position closer to the USA’s .
  • Does not stand by the international definition of child soldier, because of the way the Omar Khadr case was handled from its beginning to now, as we molded our laws to best serve an illegal USA imprisonment of a Canadian national child of 15 years old and continue to imprison him here in Canada.
  • Like the USA no longer believes in not trying to assassinate the heads of state of other countries, by the growing number of attempts that Canada has praised.

This is who the Fearless Canucks have  become.  We wage war much like the Americans seeking to kill from far away with no concern for who we kill as long as it does not result in any real hand to hand fighting where our soldiers could be killed in large numbers; when this happens voters start to demand the end of the mission, but keep the death count down and your voters will idealistically think they are saving the world and that the war is a fight worth fighting.

Americans hunt everything in much the same manner removing the challenges so they can be assured a kill with every bullet, or arrow; chasing down deer with dogs until the deer is exhausted and a kill is assured; blinding alligators with flood lights so they freeze and are easy targets to shoot, dropping bombs from drones on sleeping people and firing missiles from far out at sea at a less capable enemy and often helpless enemy and we have become just like them giving them our support and engaging in the worst of it ourselves.  These are not the actions of the brave or the fearless; these are the actions of a coward and of a bully, because when a nation, is only willing to fight for what it deems right, if it can be assured a victory because of superior weaponry with no loss of life of its own then it is a cowardly nation throwing its military weight around and will be forever cursed to find better, cleaner ways to kill the most effectively to maintain its fear and dominance over the world.  Sooner or later this will end in said nations destruction and this is where Canada’s Steven Harper has us headed; like moths to a flame.

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