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Student Unrest In Montreal, Pauline Marois Starting To Itch

Pauline Marois in my opinion wanted to be premiere of Quebec so bad that she willfully and knowingly encouraged the students who were breaking the law to continue to do so with her and her political party’s full support. Continue reading

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Philippe “The Chicken” Couillard, Liberal Party Of Quebec’s Choice For New Leader

How dare Philippe “The Chicken” Couillard think that he has earned the right to speak for anyone in Quebec but his Liberal Party officially, when he refuses to ask for the privilege by running in the first available by-election ? Continue reading

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Amir Khadir Sees No Problem With Honouring A Kidnapping, Murdering,Terrorist And Marois’s Silence Speaks Volumes

I think that before the radical extremists on either side get the idea that the government of Quebec is in favor of actions like the ones demonstrated during the October Crisis, are okay to employ right now and may some day get them to be recognised as heroes, that every elected official in this country and in this province must step up to the plate and denounce these fools for what they are and set the record straight that it should be Pierre Laporte that should be honored for his service and remembered as an honorable man, not the terrorist, murdering, coward who strangled him to death. Continue reading

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Did Susan Clarke Ask Businesses In Her Riding To Police Themselves?

I suggest that Susan Clarke and the rest of the city counselors and mayors turn their attention and political will to the city’s more immediate priorities that have killed innocent Montreal travelers and are still fatal accidents waiting to happen and to this cities failing infrastructure like poor drainage, rotten old water mains and increasing the number of police on the force so that they can do their job and protect the citizens of the city of Montreal. Continue reading

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Let He Who Is Not Guilty Of Ethnic Vote Wooing Cast The First Stone

That all this is done with the tax payer dollars is nothing new tax payers are paying for everything from Pauline Marois drumming up support for an independent country called Quebec to Harper running ads national ads everywhere using millions of dollars to promote his party and it is all done with tax payer dollars tax payer. Continue reading

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