Let He Who Is Not Guilty Of Ethnic Vote Wooing Cast The First Stone

Would you say Harper is trying to woo an ethnic voting block and if so is he doing it with tax payer dollars?

Would you say Harper is trying to woo an ethnic voting block and if so is he doing it with tax payer dollars?

B.C. Multiculturalism Minister John Yap is leaving his cabinet post while an investigation is conducted into the Liberal Party’s strategy to woo ethnic voters, Premier Christy Clark confirmed Monday following a caucus meeting, but why?  This is the name of the game and it is done at every level of government, by every political stripe since ethnic minorities were given the right to vote and  politicians figured out that the  you could win whole voting districts which represent 1,000 and 1,000 of votes if you just say the right things in the right voting districts.  Ethnic  vote  wooing  has been a favorite political tool used by every political party and every politician, because politicians know that the ethnic minorities are often the neediest of voters and giving them a simple promise of better wages, living conditions, and the basic human needs will quite often get the ethnic voter to vote for them and if they can get enough of those ethnic voters to get on board, those votes have proved in the past to be the election winning votes.  The beauty of this kind of political game is that no one actually expects you to deliver on the promise, they just want to hear you say the words.  The ethnic voter has already been conditioned to understand that although they will of course get some payment for their vote it will not be close to what was promised and they should just accept that whatever they do get, is a good first step to total equality.

One only has to look at the NDP strategy where Quebec is concerned to see just how hypocritical this righteous indignation that is spewing from them is.  They were so guilty of this in the last federal election when Jack Layton promised and the NDP is still promising that for the Separatist’s vote the NDP is willing to allow Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada, with the land  and borders allotted to them for joining confederation and with a 50% referendum vote. They have just about agreed to the ethnocide that is going on in Quebec under the guise of the saving of the French language and culture, but what the hell, they are not the Liberals so I guess it is okay.  Reminder: The NDP after winning all of the new seats in Quebec, could not be bothered to run a single candidate in the last Quebec provincial election.

Then we have the Conservative Party of Canada, who should be arrested for prostituting itself.  Were they not encouraging ethnic minorities to show up to rallies in their ethnic attire?  What do think the value of that was?  It showed everyone that this group of ethnic voters is voting Conservative, get on board.  Did Steven Harper and his Conservative Party not go after the very ethnic Jewish vote?  Was there ever a more clear and deliberate attempt to sway a whole voting block and  influence the outcome of a federal election then that was?  Some consider this good strategy and some do not, but I tell you this that any politician who tries to take the high moral ground on this issue is the biggest hypocrite out there and should not be trusted.

The Liberal party is not innocent of employing these tactics either and that is my point all politicians, all political parties go after the minority vote, the ethnic vote, the poor vote, the religious vote, because getting people to vote for them and put them in power is what they do; it is their sole function, nothing else is possible until the election is over and they are in power.  That all this is done with the tax payer dollars is nothing new. Tax payers are paying for everything from Pauline Marois drumming up support for an independent country called Quebec, to Harper running national ads everywhere using millions of dollars to promote his party and it is all done with tax payer dollars.

You know Prime Minister Harper got booted out of office for misleading the House of Commons and this means lying to Canadians and most people said, “So what that is what politicians do” and  turned around and voted him right back into office. I fail to see how if being found in contempt of parliament is not enough to keep a politician out of office, how wooing the ethnic vote which all political parties on all levels do as a matter of routine should be considered a worse offense worthy of a punishment such as resignation of an MLA, or any politician for that matter.

In this case however I find that the NDP is displaying the type of politics that is sleazy, under handed and plain opportunistic and a disgrace, no matter what political party, or which politician is guilty of using it.  As an ethnic minority I find it more insulting that the NDP and all political entities that leak these types of memos think that I am so ignorant that I do not know that they are doing it, trying to enrage me and turn that anger into a vote for them; in other words seek my ethnic vote at the expense of a lengthy investigation, paid for by the tax payer.

I am neither flattered, or insulted when politicians promise to right wrongs that have been inflicted on the ethnic minorities, because in Canada this is the way of things. Our poverty, hunger homelessness is a tool for them, our vote is a tool for us and sometimes if we the ethnic voter are lucky they will deliver some of the most basic of needs for those who really need it.  It does depress me however to think that as human beings, “Politicians” can be so callous, so heartless, so without conscience that they would seek to profit off of human tragedy and earn a living by lying to those who have no choice but to put their faith in them; by cheating those who the loss of services and finances will literally be a death sentence and by stealing the hopes and dreams of ethnic minorities in Canada with a clear conscience.

It is too bad though that the losers in politics can not accept their defeat, instead choose to participate in the business of leaking private documents to the press such as the NDP did in BC about the Liberal Party of BC. If this type of leaking had anything to do with helping Canadians then I would say okay great, but this is purely an attempt to discredit an opponent in the press and public solely to achieve the same gaol by using the back door. I think it says more to the lack of integrity of the NDP than the bad politics of the Liberal Party.  The leaders of the NDP appear to be drunk with their political party’s success in achieving Official Opposition status in the House of Commons and I hear Mr. Mulcair and prominent NDP cabinet ministers already predicting their victory in the next federal election.The NDP of late in all levels of politics is beginning to come off as no better than the Harper Conservative Party with their do anything to win type of power-hungry politics and this is surely something that Canada and Canadians do not need any more of.

Political Pandering:

Pandering is the act of expressing one’s views in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal. The term is most notably associated with politics. In pandering, the views one is verbally expressing are merely for the purpose of drawing support up to and including votes and do not necessarily reflect one’s personal values.

Pandering is essentially a reaction of panic in elected officials who must either tailor their views to public opinion or risk losing their existing or potential seat.[1]

Politicians running for office are known to pander because their winning depends on the voters. When an election is upcoming, many straw polls are taken, and the results may change by the day or even by the hour. By pandering, a politician attempts to tilt the results in his or her favor.[2]

This is why I think that what the NDP is doing is more insulting to my intelligence than anything else that has happened in BC with the wooing of ethnic votes by the Liberals, or anywhere else by any political party.  I repeat, Let he who is not guilty of wooing the ethnic vote cast the first stone.”

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