Amir Khadir Sees No Problem With Honouring A Kidnapping, Murdering,Terrorist And Marois’s Silence Speaks Volumes

460778-depute-quebec-solidaire-amir-khadirxArchemdisI heard on television and I read it on the internet and I just can not believe that  anyone would want to honor a terrorist who was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of a Canadian elected official.  Today I was truly ashamed and embarrassed to be a Quebecer, because it made me have something in common with the ilk, the sub-human, fanatical trash that has once again entered into the political arena of this province and is in a position to  aid in the policy making of this province.  To give this Paul Rose a murdering terrorist credit for what is happening in Quebec today and breaking the ground for all that is to come in a separate Quebec nation in my opinion about wraps up the fear that English Quebec has of the separatist movement as a whole.  That Amir Khadir, one of two members of the pro-sovereignty Quebec solidaire could ever think of such a thing should show everyone in Canada  and the world just how unsafe the independent country of Quebec would be for any English who dared to remain in Quebec. This is what we the non Francophone citizens of Quebec face from these fanatical people everyday, because what these fanatical separatist political parties are doing to the non Francophone is being down played and excuses are made that allow them to continue with their ethnocide in Quebec.  Everyone up to the Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harper, knows what most of  the Parti Québécois is doing is un constitutional and violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Everyone up to the Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harper, knows that Quebec in doing what it is doing to the non Francophone in Quebec has put both Quebec and Canada in violation of international law and in violation United Nations agreements that we as a country have signed and agreed to follow concerning how the citizens of all countries are to be treated and what rights must be maintained. When elected politicians of this province, seeking their independence look to the FLQ and its kidnapping, murdering terrorists as heroes and openly name them as the founding fathers of their movement, read their manifesto at public historical ceremonies and top it all off by seeking to make heroes out of those who are responsible for the killing Pierre Laporte and infer, suggest or make claim that these terrorists sacrificed their freedom and future to advance the cause of sovereignty and are worthy of thanks and special recognition, red flags should start to go up that there is something terrible wrong going on in Quebec.  I begin to understand  Thomas Mulcair’s and the NDP’s stand on giving Quebec to the separatists, when we remember that they had Paul Rose running as a candidate for their provincial party in Quebec.

Paul Rose, who died Thursday of a stroke, is best known as one of the convicted terrorists of the October Crisis and the self-confessed murder of Pierre Laporte and  as an architect of the 1970 October Crisis.  Paul Rose and his brother and the rest of his faction of the FLQ committed political kidnappings and brutally  murdered  the then Vice Premiere of this province Pierre Laporte who was also serving as  the Labor Minister for this province and now a member of the provincial legislature wants to honour Paul Rose?  It is not enough for the Parti Quebecois to distance themselves from the FLQ and the likes of Paul Rose. I believe that  they must publicly denounce him and denounce the methods he and his terrorist group the FLQ used during the October crisis and those who would seek to glorify the perpetrators of such heinous acts. I am no supporter of Pauline Marois, but I could never get behind the idiot who tried to gun her down at the victory speech, because it is wrong to do so and I know that nothing good ever comes from this kind of senseless violence.

Amir Khadir, one of two members of the pro-sovereignty Quebec solidaire must have the backing of their political comrades, because they have not been booted from the party and I have heard no calls for their resignations from the Parti Québécois, or any of the political parties in the legislature for that matter.  Paul Rose kidnapped a government official named Pierre Laporte off of his front lawn while he was playing with his nephew, strangles him, leaves him in the trunk of his car and the separatists want to honor him as an inspiration to all Quebecers seeking separation from the rest of Canada?  Never mind Pierre Laporte  who ended up having to give the ultimate sacrifice for serving his country, province and constituents says the  pro-sovereignty Quebec solidaire and the Parti Québécois, the latter by their silence, let us honor the terrorist.  I dare someone to write me and tell me that everything will be okay if these supporters of Paul Rose and the FLQ ever get their wish and achieve an independent country called Quebec.

Paul Rose died peacefully in a Montreal hospital, in bed surrounded by his wife and two children, as well as his sisters and brother Jacques, another former member of the FLQ member responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Pierre Laporte. How nice for him and his family. Too bad an honorable man like Pierre Laporte, who tried to serve his country and province and constituents was denied a full life with his family and a peaceful death in his sleep, because a terrorist decided to advance his political agenda by strangling him an leaving his body to be found in the trunk a car.  Pierre Laporte’s family was robbed of his presence, his love and saw their time with him cut short, but so what right? What self-respecting separatist would care that Pierre Laporte’s family might find it a little offensive and insulting and perhaps just a little ungrateful that the province in which he served with honor would choose to seek honors for his kidnapper and murderer, but this is Quebec and this is the value placed on a life that chooses  not to get on the separatist band wagon and support the separatist cause.

By what right do we seek to tell others what to do when it comes to terrorism when we have politicians of this country openly seeking to honor a kidnapping, murdering terrorist of our own?  What message are we as a nation  and as a province sending if the person asking for this honor is not driven from public office for such a disgusting suggestion?  What are we in this country, this province as a supposedly democratic country saying to terrorists? Finally what are we saying to the family of Pierre Laporte and all of the decent law-abiding people of Quebec, who respect the law and the democratic process and do not take the law into their own hands?  Do we really want to be sending the message that it is okay to kill your political opponent if they get elected and to do so will get you not only remembered, but honoured?

I think that before the radical extremists on either side get the idea that the government of Quebec is in favor of actions like the ones demonstrated during the October Crisis, are okay to employ right now and may some day get them to be recognised as heroes,  that every elected official in this country and in this province must step up to the plate and denounce these fools for what they are and set the record straight that it should be Pierre Laporte that should be honored for his service and remembered as an honorable man, not the terrorist, murdering, coward who strangled him to death.  This indeed a sad day for Canada, for Quebec for all Quebecers and for all Canadians.  I would like to say to the family of Pierre Laporte how sorry I am and that I know all Quebecers thinking clearly are that these fools have decided to insult your loved ones memory and in doing so insult you with this one of the most ignorant, heartless public displays of disregard for right and wrong and democracy, that this Canadian has ever heard. Please except from us Quebecer’s and Canadians not blinded by our political aspirations our sincerest of apologies  for the utterance of this wish to honor the kidnapping murdering  terrorist who is responsible for the killing your husband, father, brother, relative and  friend.  Is this what Pauline Maoris meant when she said the time is now and the urgency was never greater?

People have accused the English and the non Francophone of Quebec of overreacting to what is going on in this province, but I say that what the two members of the  pro-sovereignty Quebec solidaire are suggesting says enough to dispel the overreacting theory. I would further suggest that the silence on the matter and the lack of public denouncing of Amir Khadir and his suggestion from the Parti Québécois speaks volumes and almost adds their silent acceptance and support to Amir Khadir’s, position even if they are not willing to commit political suicide and  say it out loud.

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