Student Unrest In Montreal, Pauline Marois Starting To Itch

Pauline Marois and company supporting students by wearing red patches

Pauline Marois and company supporting students by wearing red patches

What a difference winning an election makes even if it is a minority government that you end up with. Just a year ago the leader of the Parti Québécois could be seen sporting a red square and marching in solidarity with the students in their attempts to force the Liberal Government to remove the tuition hikes they had scheduled to phase in over the next 5 years; now she is using the laws put in by the Liberals to have the students arrested.  So hungry was Pauline Marois to bring down the Liberal Party that she started making promises to the students of what she would do for them, if they voted for her and her party and gave her a victory.  Well they did vote for her in the end and gave her that which was most coveted by her, the office of premiere of Quebec and the privilege of being the first female premiere in the history of Quebec.  The problem with seeking these particular students vote was that some of them were breaking the law and indeed acting like terrorist.

Pauline Marois in my opinion wanted to be premiere of Quebec so bad that she willfully and knowingly encouraged the students who were breaking the law to continue to do so with her and her political party‘s full support.  When the students started to block bridges and people complained that they were being made to be late for their jobs, Pauline Marois voiced her approval of their actions; supporting them and telling them it was their right to protest, march by the hundreds of thousands and disrupt an entire city and province and in a democratic society. When the students first began  attacking politicians, businesses and fellow citizens in the street, who did not agree with their position, she and her party still stood with the students for purely political gain and spurred them on with promises that she knew were impossible to keep.  It was clear to me that Pauline Marois was willing to sell her soul to the devil in order to win the election when the students began endangering the lives of fellow citizens by throwing obstacles on metro tracks and Pauline Marois stood apart from all other political entities and encouraged them to fight on and not to compromise. Pauline Marois through her promises and appealing for their votes added fuel to an already raging fire, putting the people all over Quebec, and especially Montreal in danger of their lives. When Pauline Marois publicly began denouncing a law put in place by the Liberals to try and stem what was becoming a large group of uncompromising roving band of students disrupting the flow of a city and a province using as its primary weapons violence and intimidation gave her approval of the tactics being used by the students who were beginning to look like terrorists, I knew that she was going to win the premiership of Quebec by any means necessary and did not care who got injured, or possibly killed in the process. Even when the clashes with the police were becoming a regular thing, Pauline Marois was holding meetings with the most radical of the student leaders behind closed doors, encouraging them to keep the pressure up and together they, (Pauline Marois and they the students) would defeat the Liberal Party and she would be able to give them what they were seeking and were entitled to get in terms of their demands for a tuition hike freeze.  So blinded was Pauline Marois by the glare and the hypnotic effects of the dangling brass ring dangling just in front of her nose that even when the students started to attack and disrupt other students trying to attend class in their classrooms, she continued to stand with them in solidarity and encouraged them with promises of vote for me and I will see that you get what you are asking for.  Well it worked in a way, because she did win their support and votes and she did manage to get the voters of Quebec to feel that the Liberals were not doing enough to end the student unrest, but like all deals made with the devil, there comes a time when the devil wants what is due and it is time for you to honor your end of the bargain.

Now I am not sure if Pauline Marois is really that stupid, just that greedy, or she really thought that these students who would not compromise with the Liberals were going to suddenly turn over a new leaf and understand that she really could not deliver on all of her big promises and that she now understood that the monies were just not there for what she had promised and would accept her doable new offer, but what I do know is that what is left of the student protest is out for political blood and it is her job that they want to take away from her failure to live up to her promises.  They are a non compromising lot and they have been embolden by the pervious words and frontline support of Pauline Marois.  These roving band of terrorists want new things now, like a tuition free education and in light of all of the corruption and wasted monies in this province I agree that it might be a possibility, but I for one could never get behind the senseless violence and reckless endangerment of fellow citizens lives to achieve that goal, as I believe the striking students did with the support of then official opposition leader Pauline Marois, the Parti Québécois and all of the separatist unions did. I could not put the lives of everyone in Quebec  in danger especially students trying to go to school, just to gain a voting block as I believe that Pauline Marois, the Parti Québécois and all of the separatist unions did.  Pauline Marois in my opinion proved that  their was no line that she and her party were not willing to cross in what I see as the worse case of  political pandering in the history of this province and also the most dangerous, putting the lives of every law-abiding Quebecer at risk for a few dollars a year for the students and a few votes for Pauline Marois and her political party.

Pauline Marois and her party are finding out the hard way that if you lie down with dogs you stand a good chance of catching fleas.  the fleas are indeed sucking the life blood out of any credibility Pauline Marois may have still had with the Francophone voter who was looking for some small reason to still vote for her.  The students behaviour of late has put them in direct violation of the law, a law she promised to repeal and called non democratic and in direct violation of a citizens right to demonstrate and freedom of speech itself.  With over 200 students being arrested and their promises of more civil unrest unless Pauline Marois gives them what she promised and what they want, I would think that Pauline Marois knows that her political career and credibility as  a politician is just about spent and the devil is calling in his IOU.

I believe that what Pauline Marois encouraged the students to do so that she could win an election was nothing short of criminal. Pauline Marois and her political party managed to single handily take a student movement making unrealistic demands and unwilling to compromise with a governing government and turned them into a group of uncompromising hoods who felt then as they still do now that it is okay to do what they do, because they once enjoyed the support of the self-appointed Queen of Quebec Pauline Marois, who they helped bring down a government.  They feel and correctly so that in time someone else will be willing to make a deal with them and for the price of their vote sell out the people of this province for the chance to become the new king or queen of this province as did Pauline Marois when she first put on that red arm band and marched in solidarity with those no compromising students who decided to get what they want by holding this city and this province hostage.

I think that Pauline Marois is an old nag with a broken leg and politically speaking and embarrassment and useless peace of horse-flesh in her political party’s stable. I think it is time to retire this political war-horse to pasture where she can live out the rest of her life out-of-the-way, until age takes over and mercifully removes the memory of her failure to achieve Quebec’s separation from Canada.  In other words Pauline Marois should cut her losses and not run again as soon as she gets booted from office by the opposition parties.  Everything about her career has been one mistake after another and a constant example of how to put your foot in ones own mouth.  I think in terms of getting anything done on the separation agenda if we have to have a separatist leader running this province this inept, bumbling leader is the safest bet no Francophone has in this province.  I say that because how could anyone take this women seriously, she has zero credibility.

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