Attack Ads Harper Government’s Only Answer To Trudeau Popularity

MACKAY2458-jpg_143012 nYou know there is something horribly wrong with a country, its  government and its people, when public attack ads are the norm and considered by all to be just politics and is the accepted way to get rid of political opponents. In my opinion there is something wrong in the heads and hearts of most Canadians, because they continue to support this type of politics with their.  It has become a sad reality that the majority of Canadian  voters now throw their votes behind the leader, or political party that proves to be the best at character assignation, the best at lying and the best at using dirty tricks, rather than the political leader, or political party that demonstrates through its campaign that it has the best policies, that is transparent and that understands that it is their role to serve Canadians not to rule over us in dictatorship fashion.

If life  is not what you make it, but what you settle for and we apply this adage to Canadian politics, I believe that this country is in trouble.  I say this because, I believe that Canadians make it possible for bad government to get into power by settling for politicians whose only agenda is who they will attack, fire and get rid of through innuendo, inferences, gossip and even malicious lies and character assignations, because we the Canadian voter see this as normal behaviour to be expected from our politicians and just good politicking, on their part.  There was once a time in this country when elections were won by the party whose  ideologies and politics best reflected the feelings and needs of the voting population and not by preplanned personal attack ads and when politician sold themselves and their brand of politics and did not need to concentrate on attacking an opponent personally, but concentrated on comparisons in ideologies, policies and agendas.  I was actually stunned at how politicians and media personalities were talking freely and openly without fear of sanctions from either the viewing public,(the voters), the press,(CPAC, other media) or other politicians,  about what the plans were by  Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada. It was then I realised just how dirty and how meaningless Canadian politics has become since the election of Steven Harper  and members of the Conservative Party of Canada.

If the reporters on  CPAC  are any indication of the kind of news coverage we can expect from the press corps leading up to an during the next federal election, we are in for the dirtiest one-sided political coverage ever seen in Canadian history.  I mean during the coverage of the Liberal Party of Canada‘s final day and last chance for those vying for the leader of the party’s leadership to connect with their members and people across Canada we have Martin Stringer and Peter Van Dusen casually chatting about what was in store for Justin Trudeau if he became the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada with every other political stripe instead of giving the candidates their full chance to get their message out to Canadians in a full uninterrupted, clear format without the political rhetoric of their political rivals, invited to speak by the CPAC team.  What bothered me the most though is that both the reporters and  politicians outside of the Liberal party of Canada were calmly discussing the setting up at fellow politician as though it were the most natural thing in the world for  political opponents to do in this situation.  Person after person sat in front of the camera and discussed the time-table for getting something on Justin Trudeau like it was okay to plot character assignation for political gain. Peter Van Dusen  said at one point in a conversation something like, “Do you think that the conservatives will try to get something on Justin Trudeau right away, or will they wait and let him get comfortable before they start in with the attack ads and attack on his character?” The answer went something like, “I don’t think that the Conservatives will wait. They are prepared to deal with Justin Trudeau should he win and become the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.  They will try to get the attack ads going right away. They (The conservatives) need to get something on him and I do not think that they can afford to wait.”  Not once in the exchange did anyone in that conversation say that it is a deplorable tactic and denounce the Conservative Party of Canada for repeatedly using it.  Not once did anyone in that conversation even suggest that maybe the Conservative Party of Canada was engaging in something that is a disgrace, or perhaps they should promote their policies instead of trying to ruin other politicians using  attack ads and character assignation. Everyone in that exchange at every opportunity  seemed to suggest that if it works use it.  I think that CPAC is becoming more of an ad for the Conservative  Party of Canada  and a showcase for the Harper agenda, than a place to get unbiased coverage of what is happening on Parliament Hill.

The thing about democracy being so special is the right of the people to choose  the people they want to govern them based on what the political party states are its objectives and priorities, or its platform.  It would seem however that Canadian Politicians and the press believe that we would rather see a good smear campaign rather than learn what the politicians and their political parties are offering.  Why would they think that of us the voter of Canada? Maybe it is because this has happened before and we the voter keep asking for more dirt, more personal attacks and more character assignations and seem to care less and less about the issues, policies and transparency of political parties and their leaders? We seem to want to see the fight get down, dirty and personal, instead of informative and see nothing wrong until those dirty tactics and the people who use them are being turned on us after the election is won.  I think Canadians hear what they want to hear and if it isn’t dirt we do not hear it at all.  Two politicians honestly just putting their policies and plans for Canada out on the table for all Canadians to judge is boring to most of us and so the politicians give us what we want a mud-slinging contest with the politician with the most dirt on the other getting to lead the country in whatever direction they choose and most of the time when this happens it is a bad deal for Canadians, because after an election it is too late to judge their policies until the next time.  At the same time the press jumps at the chance to cover the greatest show on earth and the result is what we see I Canada now, a majority government ruling Canadians, instead of democratically governing Canadians.

I find that reporters like Martin Stringer and Peter Van Dusen are a doing a disservice to their profession and to those Canadians who are truly trying to understand what politicians really have in mind for Canada and who in the past have relied on CPAC to give them an unbiased look at the facts.  To that end I am eternally grateful for the coverage of the scrum, the committees and for the live coverage of day-to-day activities in the House of Commons, by CPAC, so that I  and all Canadians can see the attitude of the politicians with our own eyes, hear the words of the politicians with our own ears and put it all together for ourselves, using our own opinions rather than count on the biased coverage of its reporters, who at every turn seem to put forward the  Conservative Party of Canada’s view as though they word of God.

In conclusion we live in a time in Canada where issues and the need of the people count for little, or nothing and where ratings and a good show count for more than honesty and transparency. We the people revel in the personal dirt being slung and consider character assignation to be just good politics. We proved this in the last federal election by re electing a leader and a party who were thrown from office for contempt of parliament, meaning for deliberately misleading parliament which means deliberately misleading us the voters and citizens of Canada. I found it interesting and insightful that we collectively as a people decided to  punish the Liberal Party of Canada for bringing them down. We punished the Liberal Party in part because their decision to bring down the Tories forced us into the only democratic way to remove a misleading, non transparent government.  It seemed that a new trend was taking shape in Canada, which saw the Liberal Party being the only political party being held accountable for their misdeeds, scandals and bad practices.  For the most part this success in Steven Harper’s only agenda, only direction for Canada was succeeding; Steven Harper’s attempt in insuring the ruination of the Liberal Party from the Canadian political scene was working.  The attack ads, the dirty politics was working and Canadians were willing to accept its pound of Liberal flesh and keep a corrupt government as long as the Tories could provide a good show.

The Conservative Government of Canada, led by Steven Harper is a government which prorogued the government more than once during its first mandate, solely to avoid being booted out of power for the same inability to tell the truth, be transparent, obey the laws of Canada and to stop misleading the Canadian people.   The cost of prorogation is staggering and wastes millions of dollars, wastes all of the time and effort already put in on legislation that all must be started anew once government resumes, but worst of all it hurts Canadians who have to wait for the important emergency legislation, but we Canadians took this as just good political maneuvering and business on the hill as usual.

 I feel that the Tories convinced enough Canadians that everybody on in government lies, cheats and misleads Canadians, so it was wrong to bring them down for what is a norm to be expected from politicians of all stripes and a re-election would change nothing no matter who got elected and therefore could only be seen as a waste of tax payers dollars and move done by the Liberals for purely political gain.  Of course we now know who the non democrats are and we have been paying the price for our naiveté ever since by being ruled rather than governed by the majority Conservative Government of Canada we elected. I feel that the Tories also convince enough voters that once they cast their ballot and elected a government that the voters job was not only done, but that was the extent of the democratic process for the citizen and that no matter what the duly elected government did from that point on the people and the opposition parties must allow the government to do whatever it likes good or bad, because that was how a democracy works.. So get ready for the attack ads, the dirt and the character assignation on Justin Trudeau and the complete coverage of it as only CPAC can bring it to you from its star Conservative of Canada Party cheer leaders, Mr. Martin Stringer and Mr. Peter Van Dusen and company.  Of course this is all in my opinion and an attempt to voice how I see things.  Why don’t you watch the up coming coverage of Justin Trudeau and how CPAC covers it and let me know how you see it?

Food for thought: The press seems to question Justin Trudeau’s experience and try to say that his lack of political experience may prove him not ready to lead the country. I say that maybe the lack of experience in dirty politics, character assignation and mud-slinging is what this country needs. Perhaps it would be refreshing for some one to ask us the voters in which direction we want to see the country going and not telling us what is good for us for a change. Have we not had enough of being dictated to? Justin Trudeau is a man and not a child, a father, a husband and a Canadian. I think that this qualifies him to throw his hat into the race for Prime Minister of Canada.  Why is it that we as voters are always asking for our government to ask us what we want and then when a hopeful leader does just that we call him or her too inexperienced and run back to the dictator, begging to be led by a ring through our noses?  We have eyes, ears, a heart and a mind and I would suggest that it is time to look with our eyes hear with our ears, feel with our hearts and put it all together with our minds and decide for ourselves what is good for Canada and ignore the hate, negativity and divisive political rhetoric from all political parties and leaders.  I would suggest that it is time for Canadians to get back to voting based on what we see, hear and know to be the best leader, political party based on the policies and ideas that they put forward rather than voting on the rhetoric, the character assignation and the attack ads.

Justin Trudeau has won the right to lead the Liberal Party of Canada and as seen today the attack ads by Steven Harper and his party are out there.  Could someone tell me why we are paying for video footage to be played on television showing Justin Trudeau half-dressed for a fundraiser and what that has to do with his ability to govern this country?  Are the Conservatives and Steven Harper that afraid of Justin Trudeau’s popularity with Canadians?  Is Steven Harper that afraid of a Liberal Party resurgence?  What political experience did Steven Harper have when he became the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and what made him more ready to lead a political party than Justin Trudeau? Can someone please tell me what is wrong with a teacher wanting to run this country as the conservative attack ad seems to be suggesting? Are Canadian teachers considered not to be real enough Canadians, by Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada and so are to be discouraged from running for the highest political office in Canada, by any means necessary? Look for more trash ads from the Conservative Party of Canada and Steven Harper, because they only know how to win this way and are to full of themselves to see that Canadians want more than  attempts at smearing the opponent and have a clear idea what was not accomplished by this Conservative majority government as promised and want to know why that was and how they are going to turn around the mess that they have created with their governance of this country so far.  Here is an example below of the trash the Tories could not wait to put out.

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