Will New Bill Fight Terrorism, Or Is It Just More Harper / Canada Boot Licking

I hear of all the arrests and convictions of persons by law enforcement of people who were plotting to blow up or planning to commit terrorist activities in this country and I wonder why it is that we are seeing this new anti terrorist law being introduced into the House of Commons.  Please do not tell me about the alleged plot to derail a train on a specific Via Rail route the other day that investigators were following, but stopped investigating, at the point where people were just looking at trains.  I am not suggesting that they should let these alleged terrorists blow up or derail a train, but if we knew who they were and were following them why not continue to follow them and see it out?  Why not see where the trail would have led, who else was in it with them, get an arrest based on the attempt rather on an alleged attempt are questions that immediately pop into my head?

What was behind the police exposing themselves and their investigation that I feel could have been carried out to its full obvious conclusion of catching the alleged terrorist duo in the act, seeing all others that were involved?  Did the government wanting to make points and use the USA‘s Boston Marathon tragedy to gain political points force the RCMP to conclude its investigation early?  I ask this because closing down an investigation when you have the  perpetrators under this type of surveillance and settling for a might have been planning and attack and an it was far from the action stage.

An article posted by the CBC News, Titled, Alleged terror plot targeting Via train thwarted reads, “Chief Supt. Jennifer Strachan said the two suspects watched trains and railways in the Greater Toronto Area. There was a specific route targeted, not necessarily a specific train, Strachan said, although she declined to reveal which route was allegedly being targeted.  “We are alleging that these two individuals took steps and conducted activities to initiate a terrorist attack,” she told reporters.  The two men are expected to appear at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto tomorrow.  Alleged attack in planning stage.”

It is not that I doubt the police or the validity of their statements, because I believe that they are doing what they must to keep all Canadians safe in these turbulent times, but I think that they are being interfered with by people in the Tori government trying to make political points and once again try to look like they are doing something positive to fight terrorism when they all they are really doing is covering up the fact that they stole the monies that would have helped beef up border security for example by diverting the money to Toni Clement’s riding, for things like toilettes and gazebos.

The Huffington Post on the 08/15/11 posted an article titled: NDP: Tony Clement Created G8 Slush Fund in which they stated, “Critics howled when they discovered the G8 spending included funding for public toilets, gazebos and other local beautification projects hours away from the summit site in Clement’s sprawling Ontario riding.  The audit, released in June, found that the Conservatives passed off the $50 million G8 legacy cash as part of an $83 million fund to reduce border congestion when Parliament voted on the appropriation.  “I think we’ve moved well beyond the fact that Tony Clement took $50 million in border infrastructure money — money that would have helped trade, money that would have made Canadians more secure — and he spent it on gazebos and glow sticks,” the NDP’s Angus said Monday.”

It is the timing and the motivation that I am questioning, because it just happens to be after the Boston Marathon tragedy and happens to coincide with the Harper government’s new anti terrorism bill being introduced into the House of Commons today.  It falls on the aftermath of yet another border threat of our friends the Americans who are threatening to impose a charge on all Canadian vehicles entering the USA to help supposedly to help them pay for their massive, over dramatic,  highly theatrical and totally unnecessary  Canadian – American land border crossings; which I feel amounts to another cash grab to bolster their rapidly failing economy and help finance their over the top involvement in wars and toppling of legitimate governments around the globe.

I believe like John Chretien that trade and partnership as well as friendship is a two-way street and that the USA needs our trade dollars as much as we need theirs and the pain would be felt in both places  and disastrous for both economies if the borders were to be closed, but not insurmountable.  I feel  that it is time to call their bluff and a  let them put the charge at the border and any other hair brained money grabbing scheme they want to impose on their side of the border  and let Canadians make their own choices whether to go there or not.  Canadians are smart enough and it should be a personal choice to go to a country that is intent on ripping of Canadians which such outlandish charges just for entry onto their precious soil as though it were an amusement park, or a ball game, or a theatrical show.

The USA treats Canada as though it were a threat to its borders and  Canadian citizens as terrorist in disguise  and I think in light of their present and never-ending threats on  everything from national defence to business and  travel, we need to remove their friendly neighbour status and stop looking at them as a friendly ally.  I think we need to start looking at the USA, as an ally forced to be an ally because of a common cause and only towards that common cause are they willing to work with us and only on matters that suit their agenda and needs. Are they not the nation that hassles us the most about our territorial rights in the air land and sea, from coast to coast to coast?  Are they not the same nation that threatened to defend their country using Canadian air space whether we agreed with to let them or not? Finally was the USA not the same country who refused to pay us back the tariffs that the world court said they charged us illegally for in the soft wood lumber dispute? Are these the actions of a friendly neighbour state, or the actions of an opportunistic neighbour state?

With all of these threats and aggressive stances  coming from the USA I think it is time to start thinking about them in  terms of a  less than friendly nation status and more like a hostile aggressive neighbour; the type that likes to throw wild parties, is always complaining and blames you for all of the problems they have created for themselves.  The USA must be treated as a jealous, two-faced, back stabbing neighbor who having wasted all of its naturel wealth and resources, now talks about us fondly in public and at the same time does everything in its power to take what we have as Canadians for cheap, or for free.  The USA is not a shrewd trading partner, it is a greedy, every man for itself nation, who we are unfortunate enough to share borders with.  They are the alien invasion seeking to steal the resources of Canada and make them their own, by any means necessary.  I think if nothing else Wiki leaks taught and showed all Canadians what the USA really thinks about us when they are talking about us privately; when we are not in the room.  Whether or not we need this hypocritical, warrior nation, we will never know until we stand up to them and say forget it, give us your best shot; don’t stop there, close the borders, we will take our business elsewhere.

I like the NDP believe that we already have laws against Canadians being involved in terrorist activity and should not be duplicating them just to look like we are doing or saying something new to satisfy the USA’s never-ending demands and attempts to squeeze us for more.  Is it not enough that we build bridges to the USA and pay for it  on our own even though both countries will use it equally? Is it not enough that our government has lessened the Canadian standard of living by cutting all of the social programs down to nothing so that the USA can compete on the world stage trade wise? Is it not enough that we supply the USA with  hydro power, oil, and gas at under market value rates? Is it not enough that Canada supplies the USA with the blood of our soldiers in the USA’s never-ending campaign to police the world? Do we really have to give them our soul, our heritage, what it is to be a Canadian too? Must we really learn to forget what being a Canadian is? I hope not, but it seems to be what they are asking for and we have not denied them anything they have asked for in some time.

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