Are Canadians Really This Laid Back Or Just Tired Of Fighting

Are Canadians really this laid back, or just tired of fighting?

Are Canadians really this laid back, or just tired of fighting?

ArchemdisI know we are known for being a laid back people slow to anger and all of the, but come on people.  Look around you and this time open up your eyes and see how we are being governed from coast to coast, to coast.  It does not matter the level of government, which political party you look at because from the mayors to the prime minister we are faced with little dictators who are busy building legacies and living out childhood fantasies, of what I would do if I were the mayor, the premiere, or the prime minister, rather than doing what is best for the community the province and ultimately the country.  Look at the representation I get as a Canadian who lives in Quebec for example and I seriously doubt that the problems I face outside of language are all that different from the problems in governance that you face where you live in Canada.

I remember when Montreal was the place to come if you were a tourist, looking to enjoy friendly people who were eager to help you with a quick smile, good food in restaurants with menus in both French and English.  This used to be a clean town, a happy place a modern city, until legacies like, bike paths, the Botanical Gardens, the Summer Olympics and the World’s Fair started to take precedence over things like changing the cities plumbing, hiring enough building inspectors, fixing pot holes etc.  In short legacies became more important that the running and maintaining of the city.  There was money in the of millions of dollars for keeping a failing bicycle company alive, but no monies for infrastructure.  We are at a point that when it rains we have flooding causing billions of dollars of damage.  When it gets too cold we have frozen pipes bursting and causing millions of dollars of damage and it is all because we have had mayors who put their vision of what would be nice before what was good and needed for a healthy city.  Add to that  the corruption that is going on I the greater Montreal area civic government and you have an environment of stagnation, poverty mistrust and total chaos and a great distraction for a provincial separatist government who wants all eyes and minds focussed somewhere else as it tries for the umpteenth time to ram its agenda down the throats of a tired and weakened provincial population.

Living in Quebec  is distinct all right, but not in the nice way it used to be.   At one time before the politically motivated push for separation started,  that turned citizen against citizen, in what was called a movement seeking equality, but has turned out to be little more than a case of reverse discrimination where the one time oppressed masses are now taking revenge on the ancestors of the one time oppressor in the name of justice, language preservation and cultural survival, it was once permitted to.

  •  Speak the language of your choice in the streets, without fear of being attacked by disgruntled separatists.
  • Make an order at the coffee shop without fear of being harassed and assaulted by the separatist standing behind you in line.
  • Asking directions of a metro attendant in the information and ticket booth in English and getting reply in English; one of the two official languages of Canada.
  • Asking for the time of day from a bus driver without fear of getting arrested for disturbing the peace.

There are a lot more examples that I could give, but I think that you get the point.  This is happening whether there is a separatist government in power at the provincial level or not and I feel that it has more to do with union and political corruption than anything to do with cultural survival.

Education, health care, employment all fall under the responsibility of the provinces, but in my province the premiere is living out her childhood fantasy of being the queen of  an imaginary country called Quebec.  In her fantasy the bridges are not ready to fall down, people have not already been killed due to overpass collapses, students are not demonstrating in the streets and there is no corruption running rampant in her province.  Her dream will not allow for things that need her attention; for she must stay the course and fight for the sovereignty of her imaginary realm and see that her beloved French language does not fade into oblivion, because of the nasty English minority population, who refuse to lay down and accept that they can no longer be English in Quebec.  In her dream she sees Quebec as it was before her party’s quest for separation from the rest of Canada, with tourist flocking to the province happy to see all French signs that they can not read and a population for the most part who is hostile to any language other than French and so if you speak it you are lucky if you are just ignored instead of getting a severe tongue lashing or even a beating to remind you that you are in the province that would be a country where only the French language can be seen or heard in public.

I think a very few greedy, but not too smart group of people want to control the purse strings of Quebec without having to answer to anyone,(like the federal government) and to this end have decided to make sovereignty and the language non issue the priority over everything else.  I think that they decided to divide and conquer Quebec, by taking what was a legitimate argument for equality for its French majority of citizens and use it to get rid of the watch dog responsible for keeping its spending honest.  We are now suffering in every way in Quebec from health care to unemployment and all we hear from our provincial government is that it is now time to separate from Canada and that should be Quebec’s priority.

If winning the daily double was not good enough we scored the trifecta of bureaucratic stupidity and ineptitude;  we as Quebecers are blessed with a federal conservative government that just does not give a crap about Quebec, or its citizens, be they English or French, Protestant or Catholic, Black White, Brown, or Yellow.  In fact in all of Canada we are blessed as the only province in Canada with this one equality, that the Harper government does not care about anyone or anything in Quebec without prejudice as long as it can use the votes it gets during federal elections and still gets to collect the tax revenue for doing less and less.  The government of Canada under this leader has in my opinion made Canada a not so nice country in terms of:

  • Compassion, both at home and abroad in terms of social programming and foreign aid.  The cutting of transfer payments to the provinces for example. This money helps to pay for social programs, like healthcare, education, social welfare programs.  The throwing of refugees into jail for daring to run to Canada for safety, without passports and other legal documentation.
  • Putting economic growth above environmental safety and the making of money over the safety of Canadians, often down playing the effects of acid rain, green house gasses, or toxic waste disposal in our waters.  Ignoring established science is the norm for this government or it would not have gutted the fisheries and oceans act for example.
  • The lack of  Canada’s willingness to use diplomacy over sanctions, embargos and war to settle disputes between two opposing forces and are increasingly inability to be a neutral mediator between two opposing factions which used to allow for a negotiated settlement.  The closing of certain foreign embassies in Canada and the expulsion of their diplomats for no reason speaks volumes.
  • The way this government deals with anything, or anybody that does not conform with their plans be they foreign, or domestic. One just has to look at the way this government deals with its First Nations People to understand that this government punishes anyone who dares ask for and stands up for their rights under the Canadian Constitution, Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, or treaties, if they are contrary to its economic plan, which almost always they are.

I could have saved myself a lot of typing and simply said that for the most part, most Canadians are being governed all fronts on all levels, by governments who care little for their people, by politicians with very few morals, no compassion for those less fortunate than themselves and for the most part feel that they are not in the service of the people, but are in a position to tell Canadians what is best for them and do so whether or not the majority of Canadians believe in what they are doing or not.

Perhaps if we were not so laid back, or tired we would:

  •  March in the streets denouncing the corruption that has become government practice and demand change.
  • Hold nationwide strikes that would shut this country down and blow the Economic Recovery Plan clean out of the water.
  • We might demand that health care, education and poverty be addressed first, or at least at the same time as sovereignty and language.
  • We might hold this country’s governments to account and refuse to work until they put into place a system that forces a government that receives by  petition a demand numbering  51% of the voting population demanding that an election be called, that all governments of Canada, whether they be municipal, provincial, or federal are under obligation of law, call an election in a time to be specified in the law.

If only Canadians were not so laid back, or so tired and would stand up and say no more we might be able to achieve a change in the way things were being handled on all levels of government.

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2 Responses to Are Canadians Really This Laid Back Or Just Tired Of Fighting

  1. charmaineyip says:

    Canada is in fact an interesting country and you learn so much when you live in Quebec, knowingly that it’s still part of the same “nation.” Thanks for including me in your links. My students often associate Quebec as a “country,” but I live in the most sovereignty part. Who can blame them?


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and yes Canada is a very interesting country and yes one learns a lot just living in Quebec, but right is right and wrong is wrong. Quebec is not a country it is a province and even if a certain part of Quebec wishes Quebec to be a country, to publicly voice that Quebec is a country changes nothing and in fact makes the person or persons making such claims seem unable to get a grasp and live within the confines of reality. How can anyone take the sovereignty issue seriously when sovereignists keep putting the horse before the cart?

      When the gun goes off in a race, one cannot stand on the finish line refusing to run the whole race, then simply take one step forward and one step back and then claim victory, by virtue of the fact that they crossed the finish line first.

      I do not understand why sovereignists have taken a hard line approach to the non sovereignists people of Quebec in an effort to win the right to become a nation. Perhaps if they did not threaten and make the majority of Quebecers feel afraid of losing all of their rights as they are every day now without Quebec being a country, perhaps the rest of Quebecers would have seen Quebec being a nation as a positive thing and not a threat to their very existence. I blame every single person who tries to put forward something that is not constitutionally true and illegally strips the rights of Canadians living in Quebec for the failure of Quebec’s sovereignists to achieve their goal of independence.

      I like many other Quebecers feel that if people like your students are willing to violate the laws of Canada and feel they do not have to follow international laws and treaties, or any other law just because they do not agree with them, then they can never be given a country to run. If they are willing to do what they are doing right now without really having the right to, it leaves the rest of Quebecers fearing what they would do if they did have the right as an independent country.

      I simply do not take their desire to be a country seriously, because they knowingly choose to live in a fantasy world based on a lie. I also feel that it is up to teachers and professors and all educators to teach students the difference between a dream and a reality and what it takes to make a dream into a reality. In closing force has never made any real change, one must convince a majority of people that they have nothing to fear from the proposed changes and prove your reasoning to be sound and just. This cannot be done from if the first step is a lie.


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