Is Israel A Plague On The World Signaling The Apocalypse, And Armageddon?

Israel flattens research facility and holds itself above international law.

Israel flattens research facility and holds itself above international law.

Okay well I have tried to stay out of the Middle East Conflict for the last several months, because none of it makes any sense to me and you either end up bashing the Israeli’s for their behaviour or you end up having to bash all Muslims, but this last assault which amounted to the unprovoked bombing of Syria makes me feel as though the scales have been tipped way to far in what the world will allow Israel to do in terms of aggression towards its neighbors without having to fear sanctions, embargos, or threats of withdrawn financial, or military support.

How does a civilised world say out loud that it would not be a good idea for Syria to retaliate against Israel bombing them, because Israeli allies such as the Western Alliance would be forced to step in and assist Israel.  This last unjustified totally unwarranted, unprovoked attack on yet another of its neighbours proves that Israel thinks that it is above international law.   It displayed this when it stormed a Turkish ship in international waters killing unarmed civilians who they claimed were bringing arms to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  They justified the killing of civilians that time by saying that the people on board were armed and tried to attack them as they boarded the ship.  Unless we are now counting knives found in the galley as weapons of war, or crutches and other medical supplies as transporting weapons to be used against the nation of Israel, I do not understand why the Israel’s allies did not walk away from the Israelis right there and then.  Well that is not true I do understand it, I just do not agree with the principle and the ideology that says that no matter what I do to you, I am right and therefore by that premise you never have a right to act aggressively towards me, because you will always be acting from a wrong place.

Israel has long enjoyed the backing of its allies both financially and militarily as though they are blameless and only seek a peaceful existence with their neighbours and at times they almost pull off the act convincingly and then out of nowhere they pull of another military action which must be considered by all intelligent people as an unprovoked act of war and show their true colours.  Now unless they are attacking on the behalf of the Western Alliance, who wish to remain looking as  neutral as possible, I can’t imagine why this act of aggression was not met with at least an overt display of disapproval from the countries in the Western Alliance, like France, Italy, England, Canada and the USA.  I think that every time Israel does something like this it makes a fool out of its allies and confirms that its Palestinian neighbors and all other Muslim countries are not lying when they call Israel the aggressor and accuse this nation of having another agenda that has nothing to do with peace in the region, but rather Israel has an agenda that sees its nation increasing its existing land base by stealing the land  of its neighbors; similar to the way it keeps increasing its illegal settlements, while accusing others of wanting them wiped off the face of the earth.

I wish I had something nice to say about the state of Israel, but their actions show them to be a cynical, selfish, unlawful terrorist nation who uses an alleged promise or covenant they claim to have with their God Jehovah to commit these unprovoked attacks.  What was refreshing however was at least Israel stuck to its usual propaganda and political rhetoric and did not try to say that it was bombing  Syria to help the Syrians, as it allies in the Western Alliance are famous for.  I have heard it all now bombing a country because you think that they may have explosive weapons of mass destruction that they may at some point sell to an enemy of your country, like the Palestinians.  If every country in the world begins to take such actions every time they think another is about to do something that might threaten its security, or the Americans act like the Israelis did every time they are threatened verbally  and not use restraint and common sense like if the Americans decided to do when North Korea threatened them with a nuclear assault, we will indeed be facing the end of the world as we now know it brought on by the mass destruction of everything due to preemptive and reactive nuclear strikes, which will be the end of all life on earth, the Apocalypse and Armageddon.

Now we know that Syria is embroiled in a very nasty civil war to say the least and would be spreading itself really thin if they were to retaliate against the state of Israel for its cowardly, unprovoked act of war, but one has to wonder is this all Israel has got, is this who they have become, mere terrorists?  I wonder just how many wars Israel would be trying to start without the backing of the Western Alliance.  There is nothing worse in my opinion than the state of Israel whose people suffered almost total annihilation during the 2nd world war, who were force to live in ghettos, who had no homeland, who were exterminated like so much unwanted vermin to have learned nothing about humanity, the value of life, the value of being able to exist without far of being attacked without reason.  It is a shame that they now practice terrorism, expansion of territory by means of war and seek to do unto another race of people what was done to them during the Holocaust.

Ghettos, forced relocations, race identity cards, blockades, the killing of women and children and civilians and the denial to a race of people even the most basic of human rights and not because it is a kill or be killed situation, but because they believe that their God is telling them it is okay. I think that if Israel is not careful they might have to use Goliath and destroy themselves along with their perceived enemies and as the have insinuated a long time ago everyone close enough whether they are a threat to the state of Israel or not.  I have nothing against the Jewish race, but I do harbour a distinct dislike for the arrogant, cowardly state of Israel who can only defend itself with the backing financially and militarily from under the protective hem of mommy’s skirt (The Western Alliance), from which it dare not come out from under lest it be destroyed in a fair fight.

If Israel is protected by a God, why does it need the protection of mere mortal men and all of the weaponry? Why not just make another tabernacle and carry God with them, before them and in times of need unleash that God to slay their enemies?  Why is because it is a lot of political, religious crap that makes it look and sound good to do the evil that they are guilty of doing to others.  It also forces the countries of the Western Alliance to help as we share a common God and the same greed to control all of the world and recreate it in our own image.  The time is coming for another world war, because Muslim states will not tolerate the interference from the west as Israel continues to wage an unprovoked, one-sided war on all Muslim states in the Middle East, because the west protects its violent , bully child and covers up its actions with threats of force and military and financial aid to all who would dare to respond with hostility to Israel`s never ending push for more that dies not lawfully belong to them, but that their God  has promised to them.

Destruction of the world as we know, by war in the name of God is named Israel.  If religious experts say that we are now living the plagues that will see the apocalypse realised, then surely Israel is but one of them.  I hope that Israel changes, but I do not see that happening as long as they receive the unconditional support of its allies who need an ally in this part of the globe, but as countries suffer with economic instability, ending in fiscal debt and the poor and middle class of the Western Alliance look at the wasted resources be used up by an ungrateful Israel I think that for their own survival they will have to let Israel stand on its own and I believe it is then that Israel will change or find themselves wondering the world once again, homeless, hated  and persecuted once again, or forced to use what Israel has code-named the Goliath project wish would start as nuclear war and bring on the destruction of the world.


  • How was this act of war carried out without the help and permission of those supposedly helping to keep the peace between Syria and Israel?
  • Why were the Israeli planes not challenged by the “Peace keepers”?
  • Why in the aftermath of this latest unprovoked terrorist attack on one of its neighbours, a nation  where international peace keepers are trying to keep the peace were their not political, financial and military consequences?
  • By what right was the state of Israel not only created where there was no state of Israel before, but out of another sovereign countries land without the permission of its people?

Food for thought:   Israel once had a king and a country, given to them as a reward for their betrayal of the Muslims, or the Saracens.  The Jews of the area sided with the then so-called civilised countries of the west and joined in the push of a foreign invading force to help wipe out, the Muslim religion and convert every country and every person in the region to Christianity, by force if necessary. Israel assisted the Western Alliance of that time, the Christian countries of Europe and waged war on its neighbours, betraying treaties, and a peace that were etched into the region’s history.  The war was fought the Christians expelled and Israel was no more.  no more allies, no more foreign aid, no more state of Israel.

Is the Western Alliance so high and mighty now, such a believer in its own rhetoric that it thinks itself the instrument of God’s will?  Neither the state of Israel, nor the Western alliance has learned anything from past mistakes; the rhetoric is different, the cause is supposedly different, but the cost of their actions are the same, bloodshed, death and destruction and war; as never-ending hell brought on by greed and a false sense of self-importance in a time when global borders matter little and the sovereignty of all nations seems to be moot, what is the point of the war in the Middle East?

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