François Lisée’s And Diane De Courcy’s Open Letter Is An Insult To Every Quebecer’s Intelligence

Do You Feel Wooed?

Do You Feel Wooed?

Do you feel wooed Anglo Quebecer‘s, or get the feeling you were being played with, or perhaps that the open letter from Jean-François Lisée and Diane De Courcy was a condescending piece of crap that insulted not only the intelligence of non Francophone in Quebec by offering little real substance and asking us to trust them to stick the proverbial knife in our backs, but that of every Quebecer in Quebec, by saying that they are trying to preserve a fair balance of language being used and not remove English totally from Quebec where possible? Has this open letter put your fears to rest, or has this open letter from François Lisée and Diane De Courcy only reaffirmed your understanding as it did mine, that this political party cannot be trusted to do what they say they are going to do, or want to do for the Anglos, or the Francophone of Quebec, because they are cowards desperately trying to find a solution to what they see as their only priority right now how to stay in power and look to anyone like a vote for them means something positive?

Do you now feel that you have nothing to fear from the Parti Quebecois?  I think Marois and her bunch are crazy at best if they think that this open letter even remotely suggest that Anglo’s concerns about Bill 14 were even vaguely addressed.  I agree they were mentioned in the open letter and therefore they must have been heard, but the third part the part about stop stripping Anglo’s of Quebec of their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada and the Canadian Constitution has not been acted on and therefore I put it to all Canadians, ” That to hear an oppressed peoples cry for equality is only a part of the solution. The other part of the solution is that: If the oppressor (The Parti Québécois and the Sovereignists of Quebec) have to really change their ways and:

  • Stop allowing by doing nothing the degrading of anything English, or not French.
  • Stop the physical and verbal assaults of Anglos on our streets and in the work place, because they dared to speak English in public in Quebec.

  • Stop removing the rights of Anglo’s in Quebec with every law they pass and try to see all Quebecers as equals.

  • Stop trying to remove any presence of Anglo language and culture from Quebec. maybe then the non Francophone of Quebec would feel like a less of an oppressed people.

‘Perhaps if the open letter would have said we heard you and are going to stop all of the above, or any one of the above we Anglos living in Quebec might have seen a dim light at the end of the tunnel and not thought that it was a speeding train  that if not derailed would mean our end.’

To promise to amend a bill that strips Anglo’s in Quebec of just about all of their rights left to them in Quebec for now, but promise to get back to doing the same thing once the political climate cools down, or write that you still intend to attack those very same rights in another way, to me is not acting on the fears, or what you claim to have heard and understood,  but making a mockery of what those feeling the weight of oppression are trying to say.   Anne Bolin is reported to have said as the people starved and begged for food, “Let them eat cake”, and we know what that got her, don’t we?”

Pauline Marois must be taking lessons on evasiveness and political non transparency from Steven Harper.  What is next for Quebec under her rule, perhaps proroguing the government to avoid the inevitable; is that not what cowardly governments do when they want to stay in power, but are afraid they would lose if they called an election?  This clawless, toothless tigress can not hunt and kill for herself she needs to have her food caught an chewed for her, by another and before even that the old and feeble feline must obtain permission to approach the kill before she is allowed to eat.  How frustrating it must be to have thought you could win a country of your own by oppressing the minority only to find that it is they whom you have been guilty of oppressing that hold the deciding votes of your dream becoming a reality.

What the explanation seems to be for why Bill 14 was even tabled, if this open letter is to be believed, is  that the Parti Québécois never expected that Bill 14 to pass as it is now written, nor did they want it to.  Pauline Marois would now have us  believe, as they explain in this open letter and in interviews, that the tabling of Bill 14  into the National Assembly was merely a political tactic to get the debate going, that the old Liberal government refused to have. In other words the Parti Québécois picked a fight with the  non separatists living in Quebec as a means to open up dialogue, showcasing their natural gift for diplomacy and inherit capacity for sincerity.  This government has flip-flopped so much that I do not think that they even know which end is up anymore, or what they really mean when they speak in either official language.

Why would Jean-François Lisée,  Quebec’s minister of international relations and the minister for Montreal and liaison with the Anglophone community and Diane De Courcy, Quebec’s minister in charge of the Charter of the French Language and minister of immigration pretend that they give a damn about how the Anglophones think, or what they want.   Anglophones know that as long as the separatists of Quebec, feel the need to have their version of the Gestapo, known to all Quebecers as language police in Quebec; maintain the policy and practice that French has to be 3 times bigger than any other language on a public sign in Quebec and all directional signs must be in French in Quebec, we Anglos will feel that nothing will change for the better for the Anglo living in Quebec, no matter how consolatory the open letters and the speeches are.

  • Issues such as the Pastagate fiasco which had the Gestapo of the Office québécois de la langue française trying to remove words off of menus in an attempt to save the French language in Quebec will not see these actions stopped, but rather reviewed.
  • Bill 14 as it reads now would force military personnel to send their children to French schools, overriding their current exemption. The ministers say this section will be removed from the bill and dealt with in separate legislation.  In other words just removed to allow this bill to pass, and so nothing has really changed just approached differently another time.  No understanding of what Anglophones wanted here either.
  • As it is written now Bill 14 empowers the government to revoke a municipality’s bilingual status if the English-speaking population dips below 50 per cent. In the letter, the ministers say the bill will be amended to ensure that the cultural history of bilingual communities is preserved, which begs the question why if this is what they truly believe did they try to do the opposite?

I agree with  what Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association of Canadian Studies when he  said that, “The proposed amendments are too light on detail If so much of the bill is going to be dropped, then what’s the purpose of it in the first place other than to salvage the political face of the government?”

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