Dr. Henry Morgentaler What Have You Done?

D7803857D0FF7F8AFF872E13C5425D_h242_w430_m2_q80_csVSdaZbK  mI personally am no lover of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and feel that the right to have an abortion under any circumstances by virtue of it being a woman’s right to choose  is a little over rated.  I believe that life starts from the minute of conception in other words the minute the sperm enters the egg.  I think though that women and men have a  lot of options and they are better for them than a woman having an abortion.

Abortion in my eyes and in my heart is legalised murder and should never be entered into for any reason. Pregnancy is the result of two peoples having sex and therefore the decision to abort if there ever could be a good reason for such an action should at the very least be a decision entered into by the both expecting parents. That the woman is the host of the unborn child is neither the man’s fault, or the woman’s fault, or either ones choice, but I do believe both people bear the responsibility to see that the baby comes into the world and is properly taken care of.   The argument that a woman who is raped should not be forced to have the child and be forced to raise a child that was not wanted, or planned for and that would serve as a reminder of the rape sounds right, but is it really? Why should the innocent baby be put to death? I say have the baby, let it live because it is also an innocent and give it up for adoption, but give the baby a chance to live.

Then there are the people who would say that tests have revealed that the baby is not well, will be born mentally challenged, or be born with serious deformities are reasons enough to terminate life, or cause an abortion to be deemed best for all, because of the poor quality of life that the child will have to suffer.  These folks also suggest and the heart ache not to mention the physical, mental, emotional anguish and financial strain bringing this type of child into the world puts on a couple, or a single parent and all of society is too great, to put all of the above through. I say that before  Dr. Henry Morgentaler, people raised their children, loved their children sick or not , deformed or not, a financial burden or not, because it was excepted that these were all God’s children and no man had a right to take away another’s right to be born but God.  We say God gives us many hurdles to climb that tests our faith when it comes to work, love, health etc. and yet when faced with God’s greatest gift, the gift of creation itself, the bringing into the world of another human being we feel we have the right to end this life, to terminate this life, because we feel that it is too difficult a task, or burden to bear.

Then we have the careless men and women, boys and girls who are still having unprotected sex and not using birth control because they like the feel of skin to skin and know that if they get pregnant they can choose to kill the child that they created up to a certain point, because in Canada it is okay for men and women, boys and girls to have an abortion simply because they do not want the child that they laid together knowingly and consensually made. Oh I agree that it all sounded so good to make it all the right of a woman to choose, but what did it give us in return?

It gave us more young children having unprotected sex  and I believe as a result more young people with STDs.  The responsible people of any age are never the problem when dealing with sensitive issues such as abortion and the right to choose, it is always the irresponsible person that creates the negative impact on thoughts such as abortion, because the irresponsible person takes advantage of the system and forces the hand of society to turn what should be a personal decision into law that protects all from their irresponsibility and inability to do the right thing.  Every person is different, but I know for a fact that when I was growing up guys used to wear condoms when having sex and girls used to get on the pill when they became sexually active, because they were trying to avoid unwanted pregnancies, not avoid STDs, but as soon as the free abortions for all girls who wanted them became available off came the condoms and the age of the single parent 15-year-old girls began and even worse the spread of STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhea reached crisis status.  I knew guys who were treated for STDs over 20 times and young girls who had abortions so many times that they were force to have the final baby at fifteen, or never be able to have one at all; their systems and baby making parts so screwed up by what they were doing to rid themselves of the unwanted pregnancies.

I think that it is an unfair statement to say either side is without justification, or without passion and heart-felt sincerity when debating and trying to come to terms with the issue of right to life over right to choose, but I think that the broad range of reasons that make it legal to have an abortion, or to hold to the fact that all women in all situations have the right to choose whether to abort or not no matter how many times or the validity of the reason is wrong, because it does not take into consideration of the unborn child.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler was a very smart man who in my opinion was a man who started off doing something that was illegal that made a lot of money and needed and found a way to make it legal.  He made it easy for people to practice unsafe sex by removing the fear of not being able to abort the unwanted by-product of un protected sex, (the unborn child). Doctors and politicians became Gods over night deciding for all unborn children when they were really a person with a right to be born, or when they were nothing to worry about, or whether their existence is equal to, or unequal to that of a life that we can see.

Some of us have decided that we are have solved the greatest riddle of all time the answer to creation itself.  We have determined when a baby is to be considered a living entity worth living and what the new criteria is as to when this entity should be allowed to enter the world if at all.  Abortion has been taken from a bodily function resulting from the body rejecting the baby for reasons it deems appropriate and necessary to a decision based on any number of things and wishes of the female of this species; some that appear reasonable at first glance, but pale under serious scrutiny, but others are just wishes to save themselves from facing the responsibility of their actions, clear and simple.

There are instances throughout history when mankind fought hard to say that certain races were not quite human and not worthy of  having their existence and the right to life valued in the same manner, or as important as those of others.  These people were bought and sold and lived at the behest of another.  It took a long time but we finally arrived at the understanding that this was not a good thing to think and act this way and the right of a person to own slaves and all that it entailed such as the masters ability to let live or put to death another person as a right was ended.

In closing I would just say that I neither rejoice, nor  am I broken-hearted at the passing of Dr. Henry Morgentaler. I definitely do not think that Canadians have anything to thank him for.  He and all who make a living aborting unborn children should be thanking the government of Canada for legalizing the trade that could have found him and them in jail for murdering innocent unborn children.  For him to have made a living solely on the death of unborn children and to have spent a lifetime  fighting to give the right to do so to every Canadian women no matter what the circumstance is not something we should be praising him for, but something that we should be praying for his eternal soul to be forgiven  for.

In my opinion Dr. Henry Morgentaler did not fight the abortion issue to get women rights, he fought it to be able to continue his illegal abortion trade which was priced at $300.00 an abortion in my time. Attaching it to a women’s right to choose was a successful attempt to give the idea of legalised abortion a sense of legitimacy and to be able to do it legally. Dr. Morgentaler helped to take the men, the fathers of those unborn children out of the equation forever and for that why would I thank, or any other man who loves children thank him?  No need to discuss anything with the father now.  Get mad at the dad, decide to take your parent’s advice and wait, find out the baby could have health issues, or for whatever other reason the lady has a change of heart and the abortion is on and daddy must shut up, because it is considered a women’s right to choose; gee thanks Dr. Morgentaler you are a hero to every man that has ever had this happen to him and we are forever in your debt.

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  1. Life is life. Merciless legal system and proud godless military conditions the masses to not have it. Hence thinking nothing an about ending a life whether it is an infant, middle aged in war or old. To think nothing about ending a life is a religious mentality. They schemed and planed how to be crafty to bring about the death of Jesus trying to say we did not do it; don’t look at us. But it is in scripture that they wanted Jesus dead. That is definitely not a Christian mentality. People mistakenly think they are one. They thrown options out the widow. They don’t see beyond this life. The health issues can and more often occur because of the atlas shifting on top of the spine. That is saying it simply. There is such a long list of ailments that are given name helped that I am convinced that the ominous symptoms with the name of of syphilis and gonorrhea can be reduced or eliminated. A stabilized atlas on top of the spine in the orthogonal position is best and to keep it there with visits recommended by the UCS for your individual spinal heath. Having a balanced spine as soon in life as possible before panic sets in with worsening symptoms is best. http://www.upcspine.com or upper cervical heath centers.


    • archemdis says:

      I do not think that abortion is Christianly either, or wold be condoned by any God, or supreme entity. Thank you for you comment and have a great day!


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