Mayor Rob Ford Innocent Until Proved Guilty, So Where Is The Tape?

Where is the video? Toronto Star should be ashamed of themselves and held liable

Where is the video? Toronto Star should be ashamed of themselves and held liable

Whether you are a supporter of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, or not you have to admit that the press has gone after this public official with both barrels since his opposition politically went after him for doing charity work in the wrong way; if only Montreal could have this as their only problem with its mayors.  I still do not understand how the press can continue to put out a story about a video of this public figure without actually having to produce it.  I live in Montreal and so feel no particular fondness or animosity towards this guy, but I am starting to sense a conspiracy to get rid of mayor Rob Ford by any means necessary whether or not it be by ethical, fair, or legal means; this is starting to look like a put up job; a scam to tarnish a public figure without providing the proof.

How could a news paper run a story without having the tape or a copy of it in their possession?  This is the type of news reporting that takes unfair advantage of freedom of speech and the publics right to know as it tries to humiliate and force the resignation of a political figure; this is the type of news reporting that tries to control the political dynamics of this city; this is the kind of news reporting that attempts to control who sits as mayor in this city, rather than just write a factual story and a real story; this is the type of news reporting that does not report a story through verified facts, but reports it without having the tiniest molecule of proof at press time, or ever; this is the type of reporting that is done by a news paper, an editor and reporters without a care in the world for the lives that they could be affecting in a negative way. Finally this is the type of reporting that the press all over the country and all over the world jumps on board the band wagon  and reports worldwide, even though they have not seen any real evidence that proves the accusation as being true, knows they can not back it up with proof, but prints or goes on air with, because it sells ads and they simply do not want to be left out.  This causes me to wonder why we should trust anything that the press has to say ever.

I do not know if Rob Ford is a good mayor, or not, or whether he smoked crack cocaine, or not, but I do know that the evidence seems to be all innuendo and he said – she said; or I know someone who knows someone who heard from someone who said they saw Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and taped it, but can not produce the tape, because they just want to be left alone.  I am starting not to care whether Mayor Ford smoked crack cocaine, or anything else and I am finding that I am starting to wonder how this is being allowed to be reported in this fashion and if indeed the press has far too much latitude when it comes to not revealing its proof on a story, or at least being able to provide the proof of the story before they make it public.  I am finding myself lately more interested in who is behind this very sophisticated smear campaign.  I have to ask again is this responsible journalism, or is this one newspaper out to get Rob Ford ousted from the mayor’s office and someone they like into the mayor’s office?

I am one citizen of Canada that is interested in seeing justice served here. I want to see the evidence that Gawker said they could get and the Toronto Star said 2 of their reporters watched.  I want to see the person or persons, the paper that broke this story and all of the other news agencies that engaged in this successful bit of character assignation on a Canadian mayor, forced to set the record straight on the matter and publicly admit that they can not substantiate the accusations they have leveled and preface that with a public apology accompanied by some heads rolling on the proverbial carpet.

I am aware of all the noise that was created over Rob Ford doing a good thing the wrong way and I must say that I found it very amusing how everyone jump on Rob Ford for using the wrong procedure and how it was taken to the point of having him temporarily stepping down, but here we are with this news release in my opinion in such a hurry to smear the mayor that it failed to secure the supposed evidence, this alleged video and putting this man’s job in jeopardy, his morality in question and ruining any future political aspirations that he might have been entertaining and all without proof.

It is not surprising that his political foes and the press have started to circle now that they have smelled and tasted the blood pouring out of the open wound opened by the sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, totally unprofessional and unethical reporting of  a newspaper in what I believe to be an attempt to rid Toronto of its elected mayor and control the civic leadership of Toronto.  The citizens and politicians and the press may have legitimate reasons why they now do not mayor Rob Ford to keep his office, but there is a proper way to remove a  mayor from office and it does not begin, or end in the gossip of a news paper article with no proof.

Guilty or not if we allow the press to remove Rob Ford from his office without proving the allegations they have made publicly and that have been picked up and shown all over the world than we as citizens and Canadians will be changing mayors, premieres and prime ministers every time a journalist, or a news paper owner does not like who legally got voted into office and decides to run him out of office to show him, or her who is really in control of a city, a province, or even the country. It is very dangerous to allow a newspaper like the Toronto Star or any other newspaper, or news agency to think that they are the true power behind who is running this country, because from the person who owns it to the reporters who supply the story they are all mere human beings with personal likes and dislikes and agendas and despite al of that supposed training they more often than not these days allow those things to taint, or bias a story.  They forget that it is not up to them to determine for their readers whether or not Rob Ford is a good mayor, or another politician is a good leader, but their roll is to supply their readership with the accurate facts that they can prove so that we can determine for ourselves the type of leadership we are being given.

Keep in your mind those who deserted Rob Ford ilk rats on a sinking ship, without having seen the video.  Are they really the politicians that you can trust to fight for you and stand by you when te going gets tough.  These politicians ran because they talked to someone who says they saw the video, but could not get their hands on it; they are in my opinion political opportunists and are not worthy of our trust or our votes.  In closing I would say this, “If there is one shred of truth to substantiate the crack cocaine allegations then it should be brought forward, but if there is not a tape than this man needs to exonerated publicly and the parties guilty of this shameful reporting brought to justice, lest the stench of this conspiracy follow the reporting of stories in Canada for all time.

As some Torontonians march on city hall demanding that Rob Ford resign ask yourself these questions:

  • What proof of Rob Ford doing anything have they seen with their own eyes that should cause this man to resign, or have Torontonians marching on city hall?
  • Where is the tape that has these Torontonians so worked up?
  • Is merely being accused of doing something illegal  by ones co-workers, or in the press enough to force a politician from office, or does the allegations need to be proven?
  • Is this the standard of justice and fairness that those marching on city hall would expect if they were accused of something at work, or by the police, or would they want to see the tape, or the proof that they did something wrong?

History of events to date:

  1. On May 16, Gawker editor John Cook published a story about a cellphone video supposedly showing Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking out of a crack pipe while making racist and homophobic slurs.
  2. This story was followed up a few hours later by a report from the Toronto Star, in which two of that paper’s reporters described watching the same video. The Toronto Star would have us believe that a video that not one but two of its reporters said that they saw the contents of and believed its content and quality good enough proof to write a story about mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine was not bought up immediately in order to substantiate the career ruining story? I have to wonder who is smoking the crack, Rob Ford, or Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke.
  3. Gawker editor John Cook reports that the tape is gone, (Surprise, surprise), but does he offer an apology to mayor Rob Ford and all those who believed, or were damaged in any way by his unsubstantiated reporting?
  4. John Cook, editor of Gawker  goes on record saying what his sense of what happened was. John Cook figures 1 of 2 things happened or both: (a) That the video’s owner did not anticipate the epic controversy that would result when news of the video broke. (lol) Are you kidding me? (b) That Anger in the Somali community based in Etobicoke, where the video was supposed to be shot was too intense and caused the video to disappear.
  5. The combination of those two factors, Cook writes, “led the owner of the video to go to ground and soured the owner’s relationship with the intermediary.” He adds that “I have heard independently from others familiar with the goings-on in Toronto that leaders in its Somali community have determined who the owner is and brought intense pressure to bear on him and his family.”
  6. Cook also points out that saying the video is “gone”, makes things unclear like: (a)Whether that means the video was destroyed.  (b) Obtained by another purchaser.  (c)Collected by police.  (d) Handed over to somebody else for safekeeping.
  7. Michael Cooke, editor of the Toronto Star, told a reporter that he believes “the video is slowly making its way to daylight.”
  8. Gawker editor, John Cook is still hoping the video will surface, and is still offering the proceeds of its Crackstarter campaign in exchange for the footage. If that doesn’t happen “soon,” however, the website will instead direct the money to a local non-profit that works on substance abuse issues.

At this point one may have though that he the great and all-powerful editor of “Gawker”, John Cook and  his  partner in all of this The Toronto Star’s editor Michael Cooke might have started to doubt the validity of the video made, or even its very existence, considering that it was made on a cell phone, probably by a crack head and apologised publicly.

I say that:

  1. Maybe this story that Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke  and his reporters rushed to report should have made its way into daylight equally as slow as the alleged video seems to be doing, so that they could have arrived at the same time.
  2. It is no secret that Mayor Ford does not like the Toronto Star and that The Toronto Star does not care for Mayor Rob Ford, but this type of unfounded, unsubstantiated character assignation should not be tolerated. It is shameful and unworthy of the Toronto Star and puts all who work there and in this business in a bad light.
  3.   Watch  Gawker and editor John Cook or the money raised by these unethical fraudsters could just up and disappear like the video.
  4. No video and no retraction and public apology? This type of reporting by the Toronto Star and Gawker is why the news media gets a bad rap when it comes to trust and the right to freedom of speech and protecting of their sources.
  5. That there are entirely too many cooks in the kitchen. (John Cook and Michael Cooke)

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