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Everything Is Once Again Reverting To Black And White Instead Of Right And Wrong

Instead of discussing the law and how it was being interpreted by the citizens and the police, or how it was being applied by the justice system and the implications that the stand your ground law was having on that society as a whole, each side in their separate camps, neither talking to the other stared posting racially motivated and one-sided posters. Continue reading

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Black Face Is Not Funny! Black Face Is Insulting And Demeaning!

I guess with the secret exposed of Canada’s and Quebec’s, participation in the African slave trade, combined with the total removal of the facts of this participation from our taught history and the lack of any apology from either government, it is not that hard to understand the total disregard for the people they are hurting and making fun of by some Quebecers with their continued use of Black Face. Continue reading

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Enter Computerized Business Exit Honesty Transparency And Service

I find that this is a problem with honesty when it comes to some companies that provide access to the internet as well, making it really hard to trust any of them. Continue reading

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David James Leblanc Sentenced To Only 11 Years

LeBlanc was given credit for 258 days he has served in custody prior to his trial, meaning he has about 10 years, 3 1/2 months left on his sentence adding insult to injury. Does this sound to you like we live in a country that takes these types of crimes against children seriously? It does not to me, in fact not much has changed since I was sexually assaulted by a male neighborhood community center worker, 46 years ago. Continue reading

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