David James Leblanc Sentenced To Only 11 Years

Cabin in Upper Chelsea where David James Leblanc (bottom left) and his lover Wayne Cunningham (Top left) chained a teenage boy for days, forcing him to even sleep standing up. They repeatedly raped him daily, up to 3 times a day.
Cabin in Upper Chelsea where David James Leblanc (bottom left) and his lover Wayne Cunningham (Top left) chained a teenage boy for days, forcing him to even sleep standing up. They repeatedly raped him daily, up to 3 times a day.

I guess I just do not get the idea or the strategy in Canada used by the government and accepted by its  citizens, when it gets right down to the making laws that protect our children from those who would prey on them sexually.  We as a people, as a society seem incapable, or unwilling to demand that our political leaders make this issue their top priority instead of only venting our frustration when something like this happens and then drifting back to accepting laws that mistreat refugees as the remedy to deter child predators and in doing so protecting our children from them.  A society can not  enforce laws that do not exist yet and so when we are faced with a governments who are more concerned with how they look financially to the rest of the world and chose to make that their only priority and we as citizens accept that then no new laws will be made to protect our children for the courts to enforce and they will receive the same type of inadequate protection that they have been  receiving up to now. Finally punishing those who would prey on children in a manner that sends a clear message that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated in Canada would not end this type of behavior, but it would go a long way in helping to  protect children.

The current federal government led by Steven Harper has used it majority status to ram through changes to  Canadian law:

  1. That force the courts to jail refugees who flee to this country seeking shelter without going through the proper immigration procedures, men women and children alike; making the claim, that it is in part to protect the children from being abused.

  2.  That make it possible to put minor children in jail with adult prisoners.

  3. To force judges to use mandatory minimum sentences where children commit serious crimes to protect society from them.

 This majority government that has proved it has the power to ram through laws it sees as a priority, so I would suggest the lack of new laws, or any other action when it comes to protecting our children from predators is an indication that this majority government under the leadership of Steven Harper does not see this type of crime as a priority.  Given their lack of political will to do anything that really sends a clear message to child predators, I would say that they made it possible for the light sentence of 11 years in jail less 258 days for time served, that  48-year-old David James Leblanc received after he and his lover kidnapped, unlawful confined and repeatedly raped a teenager in Nova Scotia.  This all happened without one without comment and without one federal conservative party MP front row, or back bencher putting forth a motion  to amend the law to allow for the better protection of  children from this type of abuse.

I say that this government under the leadership of Steven Harper does not give a damn about abused children, or protecting them, but instead used and continues to use their plight as a way as to enable them justify the  enacting of  laws that are not Canadian in spirit, and that have absolutely nothing to do with protecting children from predators.  The Harper government knows that they can make the opposition parties look bad to the voter as long as they say the opposition will not get onside with this bill that protects children and protects society.   Even if you agree with mandatory sentencing for juveniles and putting them in jail with adults for serious crimes, where is the fairness and the sense of balance in light of the David James Leblanc  case.  This is not the only thing that this child predator has done to abuse children and the teen is not the youngest child that this pedophile has sexually abused. David James Leblanc was also involved in another case involving child pornography.  I see clearly that this government took direct action when it came to the punishing of minor children who are guilty of serious crimes to better protect society from them, but what has this government done to protect them from predators like David James Leblanc?

The problems I have with this case start with the agreed upon statement of facts, where it seems to me that they were presented in a way that best suits David James Leblanc.  I say this for these reasons:

  • No where in the statement of agreed upon facts does it actually say that the teenager was actually kidnapped.  Instead the statement reads, “LeBlanc offered the boy a painting job and drove him from Halifax in a van to Lunenburg County on the pretext of going for painting supplies.  Instead it reads, the boy was taken to a bedroom inside a cabin in Upper Chelsea, about 130 kilometres southwest of Halifax”,
  • No where in the statement of agreed upon facts does it actually say that the teenager was actually repeatedly raped. Instead it continues,” wherehis clothes were taken and he was repeatedly sexually assaulted“.
  • No where in the statement of agreed upon facts does it actually say that the teenager  still bears the marks of those chains on his wrists and suffers nerve damage in his hand from being chained and suspended from the ceiling for eight days last September.
  • No where in the statement of agreed upon facts does it actually say that the teenager managed to escape and was hunted down, captured and returned to the cabin where David James Leblanc continued the vicious rape of the boy  daily, up to three times a day, until he was able to free himself again a flee to safety.

I agree with the charges that were laid, kidnapping, forcible confinement, sexual assault, uttering threats and breach of conditions, but I do not agree with him being allowed to put his other separate case in which he was charged and released on conditions for his making and distributing child pornography as well as sexual interference in a separate case involving two boys, aged five and two. I feel this way, because I think that it allowed David James Leblanc to get away with breaking his conditions and on the actual sentencing if he had been tried and sentenced on the charges relating to the boys 2 and 5 years old. I am angry because I feel that this deal was struck in order to save the system time and money and that justice for these reasons was not served.  I do not hear any protest from the government about how this case was handled, or about how light the sentence was considering it was not   David James Leblanc’s first offence.  I would suggest that the brutality of the crimes committed while on conditional release awaiting trial, suggest at the very least a lack of respect for the law and the court and that a sound argument could have been made and won that David James LeBlanc is the type of criminal that can not be rehabilitated and the possibility of his re-offending once released represents too much of a danger to society for him to ever get out of prison.  I do not know what the judge, or the prosecutor could have been thinking, or the reasons for doing what they did were, or why they thought different from me about these things:

  1. The posting of pictures of a 2-year-old naked child and a 5-year-old naked child on a USA porn web site by David James Leblanc, makes him not only a ruthless predator, but shows him to have no remorse for his actions and in my opinion puts him in the category of  the criminal, most likely to re-offend if given the chance
  2. With the kidnapping and  the rape of the teenage boy a clear violation of his court imposed conditions while awaiting trial for the molestation of a 5-year-old child, makes him in my opinion a repeat offender and a ruthless predator with no respect for the court and puts him in my opinion in the category of  the criminal, most likely to re-offend if given the chance.

David James Leblanc offered no statement of apology, or explanation for his actions, either written, or spoken, by himself or through his lawyer  that I know to the parents of young boys in the first case in which he fondled the privates of a 5-year-old boy and placed pictures on a USA pornographic website of the same 5-year-old and also a 2-year-old boy.  Rather to show how sorry he was and how much he wanted to change and could change, he along with his lover  kidnapped and repeatedly raped a 16-year-old teenage boy daily, sometimes 3 times a day kept him chained for most of the time and after a near escape kept him chained naked  in such a way that he was forced to stand for at least 3 straight days without being given the opportunity to sit or lay down, but still available for their sick sexual gratification.

Steven Harper and his government say that they have been making laws that for the first time  in Canadian history that deal in a real way with the protection of children and women, because they  understand the need to get tough on people who abuse children and women, but when I read about a David James Leblanc, 48 from Nova Scotia, who  was sentenced  in a Supreme Court in Bridgewater after entering guilty pleas last month in both the case of a chained teen, and another case involving child pornography, I say that whatever laws they are making let this guy off easy.  When considering the new laws set in place to punish young offenders who commit serious crimes and the minimum sentencing put in place by Steven Harper does this sentence by Judge Richard Coughlan sentencing Leblanc on both matters to what amounts to 10 years, 3 1/2 months, seem adequate? LeBlanc was given credit for 258 days he has served in custody prior to his trial, meaning he has about 10 years, 3 1/2 months left on his sentence adding insult to injury.  Does this sound to you like we live in a country that takes these types of crimes against children seriously? It does not to me, in fact not much has changed since I was sexually assaulted by a male neighborhood community center worker, 46 years ago.

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