Everything Is Once Again Reverting To Black And White Instead Of Right And Wrong

3612613378_b9f9333b81 noIt would appear that racism in the USA has reached epic proportions in some states and has become deadly as everyone rushes to arm themselves, take the law into their own hands and use the “Stand Your Ground Law“, to commit state sanctioned murder. It would seem that some Americans wish to go back to time when it was legal to settle disputes with a gun and this is not a good thing.  This regression and inability to move on is a very dangerous thing, because things are just not what they used to be in the USA and they never will be again.  Minorities are no longer uneducated, unarmed and subservient. Minorities are no longer without rights and are no longer politically powerless; this can be said for Canada as well.  There is another thing developing in Canada  as a result of what is happening in the  USA and that is we as Canadians are finding it increasingly difficult to discuss anything without turning it into an argument about race, religion, or culture. We are becoming unable to discuss issues such as the merits of the death penalty vs. life in prison for the crime of murder, the need for social programs, or immigration policy without turning it into a racial, religious, or cultural fight and so we never really get to the point of law for all Canadians, but get side tracked into these other totally unrelated things.

I was looking at my Facebook page which I share with my life long friends and family,(An equal mixture of white and black adults from all walks of life) some movers groups that I used to belong to,(Mostly white adults either in the moving business, or recently retired) and finally with a community center and school reunion group (An equal mixture of white and black adults), when it occurred to me that there were two very separate discussions going on about the Trayvon case and it was taking a decidedly racially context. Instead of discussing the law and how it was being interpreted by the citizens and the police, or how it was being applied by the justice system and the implications that the, “Stand Your Ground Law” was having on that society as a whole, each side in their separate camps, neither talking to the other stared posting racially motivated and one-sided posters.

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Change a bad law that is bad for everyone and makes no sense in a civilized country. This is not a race issue to me.

I understood my friends and my family being angry at the Trayvon decision, but started to get a little annoyed at how the whole argument was that of race and was getting away from the main point which to me had nothing to do with color, but everything to do with a bad law and the actions of a coward feeling pretty brave with a gun in his pocket.  This is a guy, who  refused to follow police instructions to not approach the suspect, take no action and wait for them to arrive and because of this refusal to obey the police, attempted to approach the suspect, which led to him being struck in the face by the suspect and brought to the ground in fear of his life.  Feeling that he is losing the fight suddenly the brave man with a gun feels he could be in danger of losing his life and pulls out his gun and shoots and kills and innocent teenage boy.  He is tried and is acquitted under his states “Stand Your Ground Law” where the jury decided that nothing was relevant except that the teenager struck him in the face first and that the would be hero ended up fearing for his life, which according to them, the law says he had the right to shoot and kill an unarmed innocent teenager.  White black, green yellow, or brown does not matter to me, what matters to me is that an innocent boy is dead, because a bad law made a coward feel brave and made it legal for him to carry a weapon of death that he used when he reverted back to being a coward and further allowed him to get away with murder.  This is a picture similar to the one they posted on Facebook which to me took away from the issue that they should have been making in my opinion that the, “Stand Your Ground Law” is a bad one and should be repealed, because it allows people to get away with murder and not because it allowed a Latino man to kill a black child; it could have been two other races and it still would not have been right.

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In favor of the death penalty argue that and not the race of the person killed, or that of their murderer

Then we had the people who I used to move furniture with, whose poster showed a picture of  a black teenager who was tried as an adult who got life in prison and not the death penalty, beside the picture of the 14 month old baby boy he and his friend had shot and killed in his stroller during a robbery attempt. The fact that the death penalty was denied as an option in the case prompted them to conclude that   the “Stand Your Ground Law” was a good thing and they saw the killer of Trayvon as a hero.  They put up equally as inflammatory comment suggesting that they agreed with a white man whose poster they were sharing, that white people were not represented by the justice system, or underrepresented by the justice system for the following reasons.

  1. The president is a black man who publicly stated that he thought the jury decision in the Trayvon case was wrong.
  2. They did not have White Panthers.
  3. They did not have a Reverend Sharpton to call for boycotts and rallies
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Fight for the right things at the right time and stop making everything a fight about race, because things like the Stand Your Ground Law are bad for everyone no matter the color of skin and whether or not you believe in the death penalty should have nothing to do with race.

I said this to both, “I think that there is enough bad blood to go around already and enough arguments on both sides of the issue about who had the right to do what to whom, but what I see in both cases are 2 dead children. I have White, Black and Asian in my family, a mixture of religions and cultures, so when it comes to people dying, especially children, I try to see past the racial rhetoric and posturing and see if there is something in the law that can be changed and to see that injustices such as these do not ever happen again. Two wrongs do not ever make a right.

There is so much racial attacking in these posts that I am surprised that anyone could hit the like button. Those of you who did hit the like button I think that you should really do some soul-searching. I really wish that people would think with their hearts, minds and souls, before posting things that do little to help the issue at hand and a lot to fan the flames of negativity.

If you wish to see the death penalty given for the murder of a child, then say so and stop making it a race issue. If you think that the ,”Stand Your Ground Law” is a bad law and should be repealed, than say so and stop making it a race issue. The race card can be played back and forth from now to eternity without end, but those 2 children are not coming back. I would humbly suggest that if you really want to make a difference than a better way to spend your time would to try and figure out a way that these types of perceived injustices are at least reduced to a minimum.

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