This Canadian Thinks Steven Harper’s Government Lacks Transparency And Honesty

MAC1455_pvw aThis Canadian thinks Steven Harper’s Government lacks transparency and honesty.  This lack of transparency and honesty becomes a problem for this government when it tries dealing with Canadians as a whole and not just special interest groups, because it is here that the Harper  government begins to lose credibility through its non accessibility.  It is hard to justify keeping everything a secret from the people responsible for putting you in power to serve them. If all you do (Changing laws, spending tax payer’s dollars, fighting terrorism)  is for the benefit of all Canadians then why the need for keeping all of the important facts from them?  Even when this government does do something now that could be good for Canadians it is overshadowed by all of the other secrets coming to light that they have tried to cover-up and hide from years gone by.

110930ClementcDelaying the truth about things like the F-35 fighter in which Peter Mackay deliberately misled Canadians about the true cost of the jet fighter, or the Tony Clement legacy scandal that saw $50 million dollars diverted from border improvements to his riding as funding for projects considered legacy gifts are prime examples of this governments inability to tell the truth and be transparent.  The government’s reaction when the news broke about both of these scandals was all out denial and an attempt to discredit the members of the civil service and opposition MPs, that brought the irregularities out into the open. The problem with trying to bury wrong doing is that the truth has a way of surfacing when least expected and not always at a convenient time for the liar.  Even staunch conservative supporters are having a hard time rallying behind this government who have become true only onto themselves and except for punishing Canadians and anyone else who do not agree with their idealistic approach to governing seem to have no other agenda.

Wickremasinghe writes, “John Baird is a walking, mumbling disaster.”   “John Baird is a caricature of the loud-mouthed, incompetent, under-qualified politician the people in the western countries have come to despise.”

Wickremasinghe writes, “John Baird is a walking, mumbling disaster.” “John Baird is a caricature of the loud-mouthed, incompetent, under-qualified politician the people in the western countries have come to despise.”

I do not like things hidden when my government is contemplating going to war or whatever the cute, other name or phrase  of the day for it is now.   (military intervention, surgical bombing run,  giving political support etc.)  I confess my head is hard and it takes a while for things to penetrate and I am stubborn so it takes a while  for me to change my mind once it has drawn a conclusion, but it has happened.  I admit it I could not see the forest for the trees.  I watched the shifting of  Canada‘s foreign policy, the increasing number of gays in the Conservative Party of Canada and would never in this lifetime have guessed what was going on and continued to think that the changes had all to do with Steven Harper trying to win the American butt kissing award of the year, but John Baird let the cat out of the bag.

John Baird ran around the world trying to force countries to change their laws and get on board and accept that it is a right to be gay or lesbian and I have no problem with that, but what about the right of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion? Why has John Baird decided that these fundamental rights can be trumped, by the right to be gay or lesbian?  John Baird has said openly that he was instrumental in closing the Iranian Embassy in Canada and it was because of their policies towards gays and lesbians, which leads me to believe that Canada will now have nothing to do with the nations of Islam for they will never allow for gays and lesbians to be legally recognized because it goes against their religious beliefs.

800_cp_jason_kenney_1102111Jason Kenney and MP,  one of the most influential MPs on the hill gives an interview in 2009, “Mr. Kenney, then minister for immigration and citizenship, declared that Canada would be taking special measures to admit gay Iranians as refugees. “I can’t imagine more legitimate grounds for protection than folks who are facing potential execution in Iran for their sexuality,” he told the Toronto Star. “These are people who are clearly in need of protection, and Canada has already received a number of gay and lesbian Iranian refugee claimants.”

Jason Kenney in 2010 arrests and detains 492 Tamil immigrants ( Muslim men, women and children) found aboard the ship, MV Sun Sea who are seeking asylum in Canada.  rewrites immigration law so that he can hold them incommunicado, thus denying them fair and timely access to hearings and the court process.  I guess he did not see them as having as much to fear  persecution wise coming from a country engaged in a bitter civil war as the gays he personally helped escape Iran and personally helped to jump the immigration waiting list starting a year earlier and continuing all through 2010 where he is telling Canadians that all must get in line and Canada cannot afford the cost of taking in refugees such as found on the MV Sun Sea.

Baird-KennyIslam does not allow for gays and lesbians in its faith and as such I believe that the likes of John Baird and Jason Kenney have not only been helping persecuted gays to get into Canada after saying that everyone must follow the process and wait in camps for up to 10 years giving gays a clear advantage over everyone else, but have been busy using their offices to punish Muslims and make immigration for them as tough as possible.  Why just help gays and lesbians is my question, instead of all persecuted people? I hope all persecuted people find their way to safe countries like Canada, but I do not put the plight of persecuted gays and lesbians around the world higher than any other group of people seeking refugee status and entry to Canada as it would appear Jason Kenney does.

ArchemdisIt is in this light that I say that Canada’s underlying reason for all of its sabre-rattling and becoming a weak sort of wishy-washy,  warrior nation is a couple of very powerful gay guys on the hill.  In 2012, it was suggested, that if Steven Harper had to fire every gay aide he had, half his workforce would be gone. When 50% of the Harper government staff are gay it is easy to see how 2 gays in very powerful positions could become almost unstoppable when seeking to advance their views on how the world should deal with gays and lesbians in their countries.  All of this aggression directed at the nation of Islam, I believe is retribution for countries not changing their laws, their religious faith and conviction to suit John Baird and Jason Kenney.  All of our foreign policy changes have not been to better the immigration system at all, but rather to keep out those who would not accept gays and lesbians as normal and make it easier to get into Canada if you are gay and feeling persecuted.  I say not fair abuse of office and that everyone seeking refugee status and entry to Canada on those grounds should have an equal playing field.

Further more I feel that if this is the way we are going to go as a country, than it needs to be said out loud and clear that persecuted gays and lesbians are being given priority status to enter Canada and refugees from countries or who follow a religion that does not allow for gays and lesbians will not gain easy access into Canada.  I happen to agree with Jason Kenney that it is a legitimate reason to help people in any country that are facing execution for their sexual preference, but is not the only legitimate reason to help people and should not become more important than all the other legitimate reasons as Jason Kenney and John Baird in my opinion are trying to do with their changes to Canadian law.

Finally if I am going to see my children go off to fight for something than I want to know the truth about why they are going and I do not think we are seeing this right now with this government.  I think that Steven Harper does not believe that gays and lesbians have any moral standing in Canada and in fact he and his party has denied them same rights, but has allowed this movement to go on in his party for  now because it gets him votes and because half of the people working for him and generating his political machine are gay and lesbian and he can ill afford to piss them off.  I do not think that Canada as a country should be running around the world demanding that countries change when we obviously have not come to terms with equality for gays and lesbians in our own country.  Would I support Canada going to war over gays and lesbians being persecuted? The answer is a resounding yes. I would support Canada’s going to war  to stop oppression period, but I reserve the right to know why I am going to war and not some lie from to powerful gay guys on Parliament Hill.

I do not like the fact that these guys are using their offices to punish anti gay people and countries.  This often makes it even more dangerous for the gays and lesbians they are trying to help.  When they bragged about the Underground Canadian Railway for gays and lesbians do you think that it became easier or harder to get them out after the press release?  These people who were awaiting death got sold out so that Jason Kenney could pat himself on the back.  do you think that Canada’s badgering and insulting Russia publicly did goo for the gays and lesbians in Russia? I do not I think that Russia’s crack down on gays and lesbians was a direct push back, an attempt if you will to win a pissing contest and the losers of this stupid game was the gays and lesbians having to live and deal with the anti gay laws in Russia.

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