Her Highness Pauline Marois The First of Quebec Plans To Introduce A Charter of Quebec Values

pauline-maroisWith the proclamation by Her Highness Pauline Marois The First of Quebec, stating that she plans to introduce A Charter of Quebec Values, an intelligent person has to see that she thinks that civil rights, social freedoms and justice for the minorities of Quebec are a gift from her that can be given and taken away at her convenience, without penalty to her, the people who follow her and the province of Quebec.  I say that she is opening the door and inciting the very bomb throwing, people fighting in the streets  that she says that she is trying to avoid with her Charter of Quebec Values.

 The pressure in Quebec has steadily increased since Pauline Marois took over the leadership of the Parti Quebecois. Pauline Marois continues to provoke the English speaking minority in Quebec by making statements like, “I still hear too much English being spoken on the streets of Montreal“. Pauline Marois  has publicly stated to all citizens  of Quebec, separatists, fanatics and extremists alike, that now is the time to take action to ensure the separation of Quebec from Canada and the time for talking was over”.  Pauline Marois’s attempt at  forcing secularism on all citizens of Quebec with the exception of Catholics, is a direct attack on minority rights and an attempt to keep minorities from seeking work in Quebec’s public sector and government and from practicing their religious rights and freedoms.  Pauline Marois’s Charter of Quebec Values  adds more pressure to the cooker that is Quebec.  I believe that her reckless anti-English speeches and her new attempt to attack all minorities in Quebec and remove their religious freedoms has signaled to the crazies to assume that:

  • It is acceptable for young French men to roam the streets of cities like Montreal beating up and harassing anyone they hear speaking English.
  • It is acceptable for French elderly women sitting in a restaurant to demand to have their seat changed, or the group of people speaking offensive English removed.
  • It is acceptable for a bus driver to have a passenger arrested for asking for the time in English, or an English speaking metro rider to ask directions from a ticket taker in English.
  • It is acceptable to take away  almost every right guaranteed to every Canadian citizen under the Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms where language and freedom of expression is concerned, from the English speaking citizens in Quebec.
  • It is acceptable to discriminate against certain religions and deny them work if they wear signs of their faith.

I think that this new Charter of Quebec Values could just be the catalyst needed to tip the scales from peaceful legal attempts to seek justice, to the other more violent approaches being used to end the tyranny and oppression that is making life more and more unbearable for all save the French separatists living in Quebec.

 Denying minorities the right to run for public office and work for the government while wearing the symbols of their faith openly will not work in Canada, or in Quebec.   I believe what Justin Trudeau said when he said that, “Mme. Marois has a plan, she has an agenda, she’s trying to play divisive identity politics because it seems to be the only thing that is able to distract from the serious economic challenges that we’re facing as a province and as a country,” Trudeau said at a press conference Wednesday. “But Canadians and Quebecers are better than that.”   The Parti Quebecois  rose to power on the back of the FLQ‘s bombing and kidnapping and even the murdering of the innocent. Back then it was the FLQ that felt like they had no alternative, if they were to ever draw attention to their lack of rights and their loss of identity as a people.  The majority of the French in Quebec shared the feeling of those of the FLQ, that they were not being heard and were being treated like 2nd class citizens, but now the oppressed have become the oppressor and the separatist politicians have become drunk with their power.  Pauline Marois and company should know how this will end, because there is no choice in the matter. The English of Quebec have been learning and paying for their disregard for the rights of the French in Quebec ever since the FLQ made the 1st bomb go off.

How can it be that Pauline Marois and her Parti Quebecois can not see the monster that they are creating?  What would it take to open up their eyes; the army moving in, martial law being declared?  The kidnapping and murder of a diplomat? Who would stop the distinct society of Quebec from becoming the once again almost extinct society of Quebec, should the federal government decide to end this insanity? Does Her Majesty the Queen of Quebec have her own army, or does this toothless tigress rely on the knowledge that the Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harper is too afraid to stand against her less he lose political ground in Quebec?  Either way, I fear that the failed attempt to assassinate this despot, this would be dictator and pretender to an imaginary throne, signaled a change in what is considered an acceptable way to get the federal government, Marois and her government’s attention.

In some faiths it is not a can or can not do choice whether to wear religious head wear, or other symbols of their faith, as it is with wearing a crucifix and yet a small crucifix will be permitted, or exempt from the Charter of Quebec Values intended bans. Why would Marois says that she wants no religious symbols worn in the public government job sector and then make allowances for one religious symbol; the wearing of a small crucifix and certain groups of people like elected officials, to me says that she is lying when she says that:

  1. All religious symbols must not be worn.
  2. She is not trying to provoke anyone with her Charter of Quebec Values.
  3. That she is trying to unite the people of Quebec with her Charter of Quebec Values and not divide them.

As I said earlier in some religions it is an act of faith a must do to wear the religious symbols of their faith and so with this new Charter of Quebec Values that purposes to put into law that except for a small crucifix all other religious symbols must be totally driven from the work place I submit that what is really being said is, “Change your religion to Catholic where you will be allowed to wear a small symbol of your faith if you wish to work for the Quebec government, or the public sector, or move.  I fail to understand how phasing in the new rules will do anything to help doctors, daycare workers, teachers,  those people wishing to run for provincial office and all provincial civil servants transition smoothly into the new rules.  It would seem to me that this phasing in of the rules is an attempt to allow the government time to replace those who will not change and to avoid a mass exodus of the doctors, nurses, teachers, businesses and such. The delay is also an attempt to ensure that those who can not afford to move and will not give up their religious practices are not put out of work and have time to find other jobs, so they do not end up on government sponsored up UIC, or welfare.

The possibility of the violence seen during the October crisis is always a real possibility when people feel that they are being treated as 2nd class citizens and that their rights and freedoms are being denied them and they feel that there is just nowhere else to turn.  Standing up against perceived tyranny and injustice by any means necessary is not a French thing; an English version of the FLQ in Quebec is a very real possibility, if the right conditions are met. I think they are getting closer with the constant eroding of the English and minority rights in Quebec, as demonstrated with this last proclamation from Pauline Marois.

I must agree that Canada has come a long way in terms of equality for all, (racially, religiously, legally and ethnically)   and when it comes to multiculturalism, but unfortunately the long way has been backwards instead of forwards.  One only has to look at what is being permitted to happen in Quebec  with the federal government led by Steven Harper, ignoring of Pauline Marios’s attempts to end religious freedom of expression in Quebec to understand the pendulum has been allowed to swing to far in the wrong direction for too long.  Pauline Marois does not see to strike a balance, or a common standard where wearing religious items are concerned she openly is trying to remove the right of certain Quebecers who are Canadians from availing themselves of their right to both freedom of expression and religion with her Charter of Quebec Values, while claiming that she is trying to ensure religious minorities do not threaten Quebec values.

The Queen of the mindless went as far as to demonstrate her total ignorance and lack of knowledge of anything other than speaking French when she stated in an interview in the Devoir recently that, “In England, they’re smashing each other in the face and throwing bombs because of multiculturalism and nobody knowing any more who they are in that society.”  Then the Queen of the mindless decided to tell us why she would rather follow France’s secular lead when she went on to say, “France’s efforts at secularism are not perfect,” she said it was preferable to the multiculturalism policies of practiced in England.”  Then why I would ask would Pauline Marois, (a) Recreate in Quebec the atmosphere and the tension that prompted certain citizens of Quebec to form the terrorist group called the FLQ and (b) Continuously ignore her own history and deny the only outcome possible when an oppressed minority feels that they have exhausted all of the legal avenues available to them and decides it is time to take the law into their own hands and defend themselves and recapture their rights and freedoms that were taken from them?

The funny part of all this is, or not so funny is that since coming up with this insanity the Queen of fools popularity has risen slightly in the polls in Quebec.  Imagine that a mindless mass of French citizens in Quebec, who can not sleep at night for fear that their language, culture and values will be lost if the word “Pasta” is not stricken from every menu in the province, actually thinks that this will secure their precious distinct society.  It is said that a person loses everything that makes them human when driven by a fear so great that they can not see their way out of.  This is usually a mass hysteria fueled by a person, group or government that seeks to utilise the fear of a certain group of people to achieve its own agenda; which is usually a hidden one that has nothing to do with the fear that they have fueled.  I think that this is where Canada and Quebec find themselves right now; having the government of Canada and the government of Quebec fueling their every fear to gain power for themselves.  Fear of a language; fear of refugees;  fear of the poor and the homeless; fear of First Nations People and now fear of Multiculturalism and an influx of minorities eroding at the very fabric of our values.

Now Pauline Marois loves bad mouthing Pierre Elliot Trudeau for patriating the Constitution without Quebec’s consent, but again it is a childish attempt to have Quebec control the outcome of all decisions being made on behalf of all Canada. We know she and her party and followers despise him for fighting for multiculturalism  in  Canada, but I say that the man did not govern this country through a fear that he installed in the people he led and served, like Pauline Marois and Steven Harper.  Interestingly enough, Pierre Elliot Trudeau did not shirk his duty and seek to preserve his office by ignoring the FLQ crisis or the attempts of separatist politicians to take Quebec out of Canada and make the English of Quebec 2nd class citizens as does Steven Harper and his strong, stable, majority government; nor did he, or Jean Chretien hide behind the provincial jurisdiction argument, when it was time to fight to uphold the rights of every Canadian in Canada, as does Mr. Harper.

Now they say that bullies are cowards and no where is this more evident than in the way Steven Harper deals with the issue of Quebec.  When asked what he would do to protect the non francophone rights in Quebec here is what the Prime Minister of Canada said in an interview, “We know that the separatist government in Quebec would love to pick fights with Ottawa,” Harper told a Toronto news conference.  “But that’s not our business. Our business is the economy. Our business is job-creation for Canadians — all Canadians, including Quebecers.” In the next breath, though, he added that the federal government also has a responsibility to minorities and he intends to live up to it. “And our job is social inclusion. Our job is making all groups who come to this country, whatever their background, whatever their race, whatever their ethnicity, whatever their religion, feel at home in this country and be Canadians,” he said. “That’s our job.”  In an interview I read the Montreal Gazette, Harper said he had heard different things about the proposal from Premier Pauline Marois’ government, “some of which cause more concern than others,” and noted that his government wanted to ensure that all groups — regardless of race, ethnicity and religion — felt at home as Canadians. The prime minister also said, “Different competing rights were at play, including the rights of religion and gender equality”. “We will withhold our comments until we see what is exactly in the proposal and we will assure ourselves, when we look at that proposal, that the fundamental rights of Canadians are indeed protected.”

It may not be Pauline Marois’s intention as she says to provoke, but no one in English Quebec believes one word  she has to say like the ones she said recently in an interview I read in Le Devoir.  In the interview, Ms. Marois confirmed the charter will call on government workers to adapt to new standards. Still, she said the government plans to implement it slowly to ensure a smooth transformation toward a more secular government apparatus.  “There will be transition periods,” Ms. Marois said.  Ms. Marois made it clear she wants to prevent government employees from wearing veils, stating it has a “connotation in regards to the equality between men and women, a form of submission.” She said that a veiled educator, for example, has authority over children and could incite them to practise her religion. She said that a full-time teacher who wears a hijab would receive help to make the transition.  Ms. Marois said her government would defend its plan in court, but has no intention of using the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause, which would allow the PQ to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  “We’re not launching judicial battles,” Ms. Marois said. “The objective is not to provoke.”

I can understand Harper’s reluctance to interfere with Marois as she seems to be taking a page out of his Canada for real Canadians handbook and applying it directly to her Quebec for real Quebecers handbook. I put the blame for the suffering of minorities and the English speaking Quebecers squarely on the shoulders of Steven Harper to act decisively and in a timely fashion as English Canadians and other minorities continued to lose one right after another under his watch.  It is his in action and admission that only the economy is his concern that may eventually tip the balance and make violence seem like the only solution to solving and resolving the problems in Quebec for its minorities.  It is his Canada for real Canadians theme and his when all else fails blame it on the immigrants, preferably on the Muslims and the poor answer to everything that gets in the way of him being able to take a stand on Quebec and in some ways he hints in his response to Pauline Marois’s Charter of Quebec Values that he is not in total disagreement with her. The prime minister  said, “Different competing rights were at play, including the rights of religion and gender equality. “We will withhold our comments until we see what is exactly in the proposal and we will assure ourselves, when we look at that proposal, that the fundamental rights of Canadians are indeed protected.”

I will close with some words I read in the Montreal Gazette, in an article by Don Macpherson which read:

“Most of the commentary has been critical, and much of the French-speaking intelligentsia that long favoured the PQ has broken with the party over the charter.”

  1. Even in sovereignist-sympathetic Le Devoir, there have been comparisons of Marois’s PQ to Maurice Duplessis’s repressive and xenophobic Union Nationale party before 1960, and warnings that the charter will hurt the sovereignist cause.
  2. “Shame on the PQ,” wrote Michel Seymour, former chair of a group of intellectuals for sovereignty, while praising the left-wing sovereignist Québec solidaire party for opposing the charter.
  3. Raymond Gravel, a former member of Parliament for the sovereignist Bloc Québécois as well as a Catholic priest, wrote that the PQ proposal is “an abuse of power worthy of a dictatorship or a totalitarian government.”

Final question and statement:  If this Charter of Quebec Values is truly an attempt at some for of secular unification of all the people of Quebec and a clarity of the division of church and state then why the exception when it comes to the crucifix?  I say that Marois only intended to attack the Jewish faith the Muslim faith and the Sikhs in this Charter of Quebec Values and did not want to look racist doing it, but how then to appease the Catholics who are the majority of her supporters and from whose church sprang Quebec’s Sovereignist movement? Allow her supporters to where a small symbol of their faith where all others could not, that symbol being a small crucifix. I submit that Pauline Marois and her government’s Charter of Quebec Values is a fraud and another attack on the minorities of Quebec and has moved form ethnocide to genocide without the gas chambers and the mass killings and who knows what the next charter of her and her government will bring, while Steven Harper and his government decide what rights are okay for her to take away and which are not.

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