USA Government Shutdown Democracy Or Anarchy?

The USA has decided to show the whole world how it’s version of democracy, or anarchy is better than any other form of government in the world, but I say that it is a run away train barreling down a track, at whose end there is only heartache, pain, fear and the possibility of death for the innocent people trapped, unable to get out-of-the-way as they do the only thing that they can;  get down on bended knee and pray to their God and pray that if it is God’s will let them live.

Why bother to have elections in the United States of America is my question of the day?  It is obvious that the USA system of governance is so perverted that it is useless to them and is detrimental not only to themselves but to all people on the planet.  When one thinks of the waste of money and resources that are generated and spent on the political machinery to elect a president that does not really have the right, or the power to govern the country unless it controls both the senate and the house of representatives, I say that perhaps democracy in its present day form does not serve the people any longer as it was meant to do.  When the party that lost the election has the power to demand that they be allowed to implement their policies and the platform they lost the election over; in other words to govern anyway, I would say that this makes the whole electoral process moot and the will of the people non-existent.

Over and over again now we see  that the control of the purse is the right to govern not the outcome of the presidential election.  As long as the losing party has the power to approve the monies needed by the winning party to accomplish anything you will always end up with a dead lock, because it is in the losers best interest to make the winner look bad and not worthy of the people’s trust.  Politicians want power that is why they get into politics and they will go after it by any means necessary and as we see today the peoples best interest has nothing to do with it.  It has been proved over the years that without the ability to make the legitimate government powerless to govern effectively without their approval, by refusing to okay to use more money has emboldened the loser to seek for itself the right to be allowed to govern in spite of their losing at the polls, or hold the winner hostage. This is done by shutting down the government unless the duly elected president caves in and ignores his or her own agenda and instead is forced to adopt the losers agenda. At the end of the day Americans end up with watered down programs that do not work and that they did not vote for on election day  and  a sidestepping of their will.  Imagine running around the world promoting a system of government where the loser of the presidential election is actually the body that  gets to approve of the budget and by the power in that responsibility gets to govern the country?

In recent years and as I speak this power is being used to thwart the governance of the party who won the election and the reason for the shut down of the USA’s government today.  What the American people are voting for on election day, when they go to vote for the President of the United States of America, is a stalemate over 90% of the time, which means a government unable to do anything that it believes good for the people, for which it won the election promising to do, because instead of doing what is best to work with them, the other side more often than not these days opts to make the average people of the USA suffer, by shutting the government down.

What else can you do as a citizen when the country is being attacked from within and it is not some radical Islamic terrorist group threatening to bring your country to ruin, or is threatening to ruin your economic stability with some underhanded action, but the actions of a duly elected part of your own government that has decided that anything is better than giving affordable medical insurance to the less privileged people of your country?  What do you do when very powerful people in your democratically elected government decide that it is okay to send home without pay over a hundred thousand federal employees, to suffer as long as it takes to get rid of a law that has been through every part of the democratic process and won? I say this is what you get when you lie down with Tea Party anarchist; when you make a deal with the devil.  When you lie down with the devil the master of deception and lies, the devil always wins in the end and I think that the Republican Party is finding out that they have indeed made a deal with the devil, by allowing this ultra fanatical group to run under their banner.

Then again it is the Tea Party faction of the  GOP pushing for this government shut down and we know from both presidential election campaigns that they did not want a black president and had decided to discredit him no matter what the cost and I think that this is a little of what is at play here.  Unfortunately I think if Americans are going to get affordable insurance and a health bill with all of the guarantees and accessibility of what they are calling Obama care, it will have to be reintroduced as a white man’s idea, so that the racist element in the Republican Party will be able to vote for it.  It is a fact that racism is alive and doing fine in America when right-wing fanatics like those in the Tea Party are allowed to run for and gain power within the GOP because the Republicans decided that it was better to win the presidency with the votes it sought to get from the very publicly extreme right racist anarchist Tea Party, than to lose the presidency to a Black man.  The problem is that this strategy did not win them the presidency, but has cost them in terms of a division in their party as that Tea Party faction causes all sorts of problems such as the closing of the government, over of all things affordable health care for all Americans.

I would say that this type of behaviour from the capital is great news for Russia, China and all the other country’s with other forms of government.  I think it allows these countries to say and to illustrate to their people that democracy is not all that it is appears to be.  I think that a good argument could be made that it is a form of governing easily perverted into an institution that does very little for its people for a whole lot of money and encourages the well to do to look down on the middle class and the both of them to thumb their noses at the poor.”  I think that the case can always be made by non democratic governments that everyone gets to go to the hospitals and everyone can get a job and no small group of anarchists will withhold critical funding that will see them out of work every time they do not get their way.

I think that we are living in a time where the truth no longer matters and people are being led by fear.  We are being manipulated by most politicians most of the time based on fear.  I think that it was figured out a long time ago by politicians that if you give the people something to fear, something to rally behind like a common enemy whether based in reality or falsehood they will not only vote for you, but will kill and die for you and not care whether what they are fighting for, or killing for is true or not, because it is the common cause that becomes all important. The poor have become one of those causes that the Republican party has offered up as a cause to rally and scare middle class Americans with. The GOP have made the poor out to be the cause of Americas debt and so say, “Fellow Americans are you not tired of paying for those lazy poor Americans? Why should we have to pay for them to have insurance? We have shut down the government to stop you the hard-working middle class from having to foot the bill for Obama care.

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