Holocaust, Anti-Semitism And Anti-Semitic Need To Be Stricken From The Dictionary

I believe that words such  as Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitic and symbolic names such as The Holocaust need to be stricken from dictionaries and never spoken again unless they be made to represent all of the great atrocities that are happening, have happened or are will happen. Why I make this statement is because words like these make what was indeed one of the great atrocities of the world appear to be the only great atrocity of the world that was worth doing anything about, or remembering.    What this tells me is that the western world has taken to:

  • Preserving  the memory of the Holocaust as if  in their doing so they do not have to remember all of the rest.
  • Defending against anti-Semitism as if by doing so they have ingested a magic elixir, that will absolve them of all wrong doing present, past and future.
  • Supporting the state of Israel’s right to exist unconditionally, as though in doing so they have taken a one pill cure-all, that will guarantee them unconditional forgiveness for all future sins and atrocities being committed by their members.

Our direction to a clean conscience, peace of mind and an honorable way forward appears to be based on the hope that if we can just do the right thing by this one race, this one culture, this one religion, this one people that we almost let get wiped off the face of the earth, we will be forgiven by all and seen to be a fair and just country.

I am not be funny here or trying to come down on anyone race about racism, racist behaviour, or keeping one’s people pure in terms of culture, religion, color and values, because there is not one nation, or one group of people on this planet that is not guilty of either trying to swallow up and convert everything to their way, or isolate themselves from everyone else so that the outside world does not contaminate their world at all.  There used to be a few nations who tried to hide their innate prejudices, their racist tendencies from the international community with national slogans and symbols of their tolerance and willingness to help others by spouting words like:

  • The USA‘s, “Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
  • Canada, The Great Mosaic”, so respected throughout the world for its populations peaceful cultural blending and diversity; so respected throughout the world for its peoples respect and tolerance for one another and finally so respected throughout the world as a true, “Peace Keeper” and nation where all persecuted people and all oppressed people of the world could find safe shelter, if they could just manage to reach our shores.

Neither country is capable of making their claim any longer in my opinion and I do not think that either country should be still trying to take credit, or trying to pretend that they are an exception to the rule when it comes to following the doctrines of freedom and justice for all under the law, because it makes us look like hypocritical liars.

There is only one race of people on this earth and one nation protected in principle from discrimination by the most powerful countries in the world and that is of course the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  Jewish people are the only people in the world who have 3 words that accurately defines the suffering and horrible losses that they as a nation and as  people have suffered at the hands of their enemies and rightly causes shame to be felt by those who stood by and watched as they suffered and those word are, The Holocaust, Anti-Semitic and Anti Semitism.  Jewish people are the only people who have been compensated for their losses and their suffering by being given what is still being hotly contested in battle, “Their homeland”, the Nation of Israel and more importantly their right to exist.

In Canada you can say whatever you like in terms of racist comments about any other race, religion, culture, or country and it will be considered freedom of speech, but you had better be very careful of what you say about Jewish people, or the State of Israel, because to even deny that Holocaust took place, or that you believe that Israel does not have the right to exist could have you in court facing charges brought against you not by the Jewish Defence League, but by the Canadian government itself for hate speech and Anti-Semitism.  In other words you can say that slavery was not that bad, or that you believe that slavery did not exist and you would sound uneducated and ignorant, but you probably will not end up in court for breaking a Canadian law.  You could say that you think there was nothing wrong with Apartheid and that the genocide committed against the north American Indians by the Europeans was justified, or never happened and there would be no legal consequence for these words.  I say that Racism is racism, genocide is genocide, oppression is oppression and slavery is slavery.  None of the things just mentioned hurt one group of people more than another, so why the special words and phrases to express these atrocities that happened to the Jewish people?

In Canada the North American Indian, now called First Nations in Canada has been asked to forgive us for stealing their land, their heritage, their culture, their religion and their language and there is no special word that speaks solely to their loss, like Anti-Semitism, or anyone championing, “Their right to exist”. In Canada the North American Indian, now called First Nations in Canada has been asked to forgive  and forget that as a people we slaughtered them by the millions, some tribes into extinction simply to make what was once theirs, ours.  We ask them to forget the hundreds of years of oppression, lies, deceitful dealings, the kidnapping of their children in the middle of the night so we could erase all memory of who they were from the face of the land; and yet  there are no special words to describe these peoples suffering, their torment, their agony and the injustices that they were made to suffer and are still suffering to this very day; there are simply no special words to describe their losses.

 If you say so what, or deny these historical facts you will not end up in court faced with breaking Canadian law, in fact you would be in keeping with the way the government of Canada really sees things and how Canada ignores what it has done to these people and what it must do to put things right.  I say this acknowledging that as with the Holocaust, nothing could put things right, nothing could make up for the suffering and loss, but at least in terms of the Jewish people, a sincere, honest attempt was and is still being made to see that it will never happen to them again. Unfortunately where the First Nations are concerned this is not the case of  in Canada, where the oppression, the suffering and all of the injustices are still being allowed to continue and it is the Government of Canada that is doing the abusing and the oppressing as the rest of the international community looks on and shakes their head in understanding, but sits back and does nothing.

The answer to the enslavement of  African Blacks throughout the world and in Canada as well, is now and  always has been,  “So what, who cares,  it was a necessary evil, the ends justified the means and they brought it on themselves, and finally I have not done anything to one Black person, so do not lay that guilt trip on me”.    There has never been any real apology for the enslavement of the African Black throughout the world, by the United States of America, or Canada and without a real apology there need never be talk of compensation for the hundreds of years of rape, murder and forced labour and oppression, to be given to the ancestors of those African slaves. The Americans have apologised for the bombing of Hiroshima, Canadians have apologised 1st for the internment of the Japanese people in camps in 1942 for the duration of the war, then the Prime Minister officially apologised to the First Nations of Canada for the abuses and specifically in some circles what is being called the Canadian Holocaust and for the abuses suffered by the First nation’s children in the residential schools and for the plain wrongness of the situation, but nothing for the ancestors of Black slave, as Canada seeks to hide that part of its dark history and the rest of the world asks, “So what?”

It is so wrong that still to this day in what is supposed to be a civilised world that people and countries make and issue statements like, “It is high time that blacks stop feeling sorry for themselves and get over slavery.  They have their freedom and we have given them the same chances as everyone else to succeed. It is high time they stop blaming us for the results of their natural tendency to be shiftless and lazy”.  In Canada we pretend that the slavery of Blacks happened everywhere but here and our only involvement in the slave trade was to offer refuge to run away slaves seeking safe a haven from the USA.  In Canada we name parks, metro stations and erect statues honoring slave owners and see no harm in it.

I do not wish for what is happening good in terms of support for Jewish people to stop, I approve of the law that considers it wrong to attack the Jewish race, religion and Israel’s right to exist and I do not want what happened to them during the time of the Holocaust to be forgotten. What I do want however is those same principles and those same laws that are protecting the Jewish people and the state of Israel to be applied equally across the board. I want the law that protects Israel and the Jewish people to protect all people and all nations of the world and that protection be done with the same zeal and determination that is displayed when defending Jewish people and Israel.  There have been many Holocausts through out history and history proves that the  story of the European Jews although tragic, was neither the one that took the most lives, had the saddest outcome, or is more befitting of remembrance than any other.

The biggest insult though to the ancestors of the north American Indian, the African slave and all other people who have suffered great atrocities  throughout history  and the biggest obstacle to change in the way we are perceived is that unlike the Jewish race what has happened to us has been swept under the carpet, marginalised and justified.

I will finish  by giving 2 examples of how the Canadian government is guilty of doing what I stated and why I think that things will never be any different as long as Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitic and The Holocaust are the only gauges the we use to define atrocity, genocide the right to exist; racism,  the need to apologise and the need to protect.

  1. Teaching of an incomplete, non true version of Canadian history to our children in our schools causing them to grow up thinking that  it was the North American Indians that broke faith with us the kind benevolent settlers and not the other way around and that therefore they are and were deserving of what happened to them in terms of their loss of lives, lands, religion, language and culture and what is happening to them now in Canada, by our governments absolute refusal to negotiate I good faith, or live up to the treaties made so long ago and ignored by all governments since.
  2. No where in any Canadian history book, used in the curriculum of any Canadian elementary school or high school that I know of will our children learn that slavery was alive and well in Canada.  Slaves were sold in Quebec and in the rest of Canada.  no where will it be taught that Quebec had its, Code Noir, (The Black Code).  Why would anyone feel the need to apologise for something that they are trying to keep secret? How could they without bringing out what they seek to hide?

It is an effort to ensure that the world never  forgets what they have suffered, that the Jewish people have given what happened to them by Nazi Germany a special name, “The Holocaust” and any spoken  against them as well any act of racism either, “Anti-Semitic, or Anti-Semitism”.

I think that as I said before at the beginning of this post that, ” I believe that words such  as Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitic and symbolic names such as The Holocaust need to be stricken from dictionaries and never spoken again, unless they be made to represent all of the great atrocities that are happening, have happened or are will happen. I say that Racism is racism, genocide is genocide, oppression is oppression and slavery is slavery.  None of the things just mentioned hurt one group of people more than another, so why the special words and phrases to express these atrocities that happened to the Jewish people?

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