Steven Harper Tells Non Conservative Voters, “I Do not Represent You And Could Care Less What You Think”

ArchemdisWell the Conservative Party of Canada convention did nothing to make me  a non conservative voter want to be one of them (A Conservative), because it was for the most part all rhetoric and flag waving for the public and all serious business was done in camera as always; just like in the various committees on Capital Hill.  At first glance I wondered, why  networks bother televising these glorified pat ourselves on the back sessions, what value is there in it for Canadians and why Canadians even bother to tune in?  I realise that all political parties hold these televised meet and greet, begging for financial support sessions, because they are supposed to be a helping tool useful when trying to attract and sway the undecided voter to join your political party as contributing members. These conventions are in other words supposed to be tools used to  strengthen both their financial war chest and their voter base. What I have never heard of done before this convention, was trying to attract the new voter, the new financial contributor by telling them that you could care less about their opinions on:

  • How you governed them up to now, because they did not vote for your party in the past.
  • Your handling of the scandals that are surfacing almost everyday concerning your appointments to the Canadian Senate, e.g. (Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy),  in your cabinet e.g. (Del Mastro) and in your office e.g. (Wright).
  •    How your policies affect the poor and the most fragile of Canadians, because your policies are only meant to make life easier for those Canadians who have jobs and are contributing by working hard and paying their taxes, because they are the real Canadians and those are the only people you are working for in Ottawa.

Yet this is what was the crux of Prime Minister Steven Harper‘s address to his followers at the Conservative Party of Canada’s Convention and to the rest of Canadians thanks to the television coverage of the event.  The problem with this type of message is that:

  • Steven Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada are in power with a mere 28% of the possible Canadian voter support and this is not the type of message that causes the majority of voters who are suffering some effects due to the economic recession to vote for you.
  • A lot of the people who have voted for him in the past were hit hard by the economic recession, or have loved ones that have and in both cases might have not yet recovered, or may never recover and he has just told them that he is not representing them any longer and he does not care what they think about what he is doing in Ottawa and risks losing their continued support.

Yet this is what was the crux of Prime Minister Steven Harper’s address to his followers at the Conservative Party of Canada’s Convention and to the rest of Canadians thanks to the television coverage of the event.   This convention quite frankly served to prove that if you are down on your luck, do not have great family wealth, do not own a large company and you care about the environment more than you do about development and economic growth then the Conservative party does not represent you and could care less what you think about them, because they do not look upon you as real Canadians.

Now if arrogance can be turned into votes on election day Steven Harper and his strong, stable, majority, conservative government will do just fine, but I think that attacking the unions and organised labor was the wrong way to go.  Telling a lot of the middle class workers that used to vote, or night have wanted to vote for you that you intend to restrict their right to collective bargaining and in some cases eliminate their right to strike I do not think is a good strategy to adopt, 2 years away from calling an election especially when your party is already responsible for:

  • Forcing workers with a legal mandate to strike back to work for less money than was offered during arbitration.
  • Causing thousands of civil servants their jobs.
  • Forcing people to work 3 years longer before being able to retire, not caring how strenuous that work is, or the toll mentally, or physically the job has on the individual worker.
  • Making it tougher on the seasonal worker to get Unemployment Insurance premiums during the off-season, because of having to find temporary work and travel to find it and retrain to do something else.

These hard-working seasonal workers might have voted conservative before, but do you really think that they will vote conservative again now that the party has taken away the means by which they and their families have made a living for in some cases hundreds of years and yet this is the way that this government has chosen to deal with these on time supporters.  who is going to hire these people who work seasonal work such a fishing for a couple of months just to make Steven Harper happy.  fishermen fish, but then Steven Harper does not care about fishermen, or seasonal worker, because in his eyes they are sponges on the Canadian economy in the off-season and not representative of why he was sent to Ottawa.

Finally watching the Conservative party of Canada‘s Convention made me see that the Steven Harper led Conservative Party of Canada have learned nothing by their many mistakes  and have unfortunately for them remained convinced that getting 3000 supporters to clap at stupid jokes, cheer when you announce foolish policy decisions and brag about over inflated gains concerning job creation, economic growth and prosperity is somehow a signal that you have the support of the majority of the Canadian population. It is just another indication of how out of touch with Canadians that this Prime Minister and this government is with what Canadians truly want and need. With every poll telling you that you are losing ground and your staunchest supporters wishing that you would step down and you vow to continue down the path that has cost your party its credibility and good brand name and has high-ranking insiders in your party already thinking about what is next when you are gone. One has to wonder if this Prime Minister is Nero reincarnate, or has somehow been possessed by his evil spirit; swapping the harp for the piano, giving concerts  in nightclubs and watching his country burn to ashes while repeating over and over, “I could care less what they think. You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it”.

I guess in hindsight I did actually get to reaffirm what I was thinking and get to see a new approach to fund-raising and capturing the undecided vote, by watching the televised production of the Conservative Party of Canada’s Convention on CPAC.  I saw that Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are like the sexual partner who is attentive, gentle and considerate of your feeling, needs and desires, during the courtship, then declares the honeymoon is over after the wedding night and demands that everything be done their way. All foreplay is a thing of the past and you their partner are informed that they not only still expect their conjugal rights whether you still enjoy the sex or not, but are prepared to force the issue if you do not comply.  This type of selfish, self gratifying and could care less behavior usually signals a very long miserable life together, or that a speedy divorce is in order, so that you may find happiness with someone else who will care more about your wants and needs and what you think, instead of bragging about how much they could care less.

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