Harper’s Quebec Policy Amounts To Hear No Evil, See No Evil And Speak No Evil

Pauline Marois's Youth WingWhen I hear political leaders publicly making statements like, Parti Québécois minister Diane de Courcy did when she said, “Mere legislation was not enough!” and then followed that up with the statement, “I am  making deputies of all Quebecers as “language sentries”  and calling on them to file complaints anytime they feel that the rules protecting the French language have been violated”, I am sorry, but I do not feel the love for me, or my kind of people here in Quebec.  Call me over sensitive, but I do not feel like I am living in a healthy, democratic country that respects, cherishes and supports the principles of ethnic diversity, freedom of speech and expression for all of its citizens equally. When I watch the federal government of this country turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a mute mouth when it comes to the violation of every right of certain of its citizens in Quebec, guaranteed to them under the Constitution of Canada, because they choose not to enter into a political war with that province, excuse me for saying so, but I begin to understand how Nazi Germany came to be and how it was able to what it did so successfully and unchallenged for so long.  What Pauline Marois is up to is right out of Adolf Hitler’s play book, in my opinion.

First the government of Canada decided that there was nothing wrong with the Quebec language Charter also known as Bill 101 that systematically was used to change Quebec into a unilingual province in every important way, but worse used to make the English people of Quebec 2nd class citizens while awaiting their final extermination.  Not by the gas chamber, oh no, but by the constant erosion of their language (the closing of English school boards and schools, the ceasing of English service in any provincial government job, the creation of a language police and finally the calling on certain citizens and even children to spy on their fellow citizens and report any infractions of the language laws to the authorities.  My goodness Pauline Marois’s language police and department of language conducts itself in a manner similar to Hitler’s Gestapo by:

  • Causing divisiveness within the province and turning the majority of citizens against the minority and in so doing putting the very life of that minority in danger.
  • Exploiting jealousies and fears of the majority of its citizens to achieve its own political ends and then ignoring and making light of the violence and abuse that the majority then inflicts on the minority condoning their aggressive, abusive and often violent behavior by its silence.
  • Setting up its own youth wing, encouraging school children to inform on their class mates and teachers who speak English instead of French at school and on their parents who do not speak French to them at home.

One only has to look at the latest idiotic episode to understand what I am talking about and to see that the office de la langue française learned nothing from the Pastagate scandal in its recent past, where in my opinion they made total fools of themselves domestically and internationally. Here is a synopsis of the story of which the whole world watch unfold in what should have been the government of Quebec’s shame, but I do not think it shamed them at all:

  1. Two workers talking on their break get reported to the language police for speaking Creole on the break.
  2. Language police seek explanation for the violation of Quebec’s charter of language regulations and order the hospital to see to it that their employees speak only French on the job site and inform them of their progress by a certain date and threaten them with a $20,000 fine if they do not comply.
  3. Hospital calls meeting on the floor where the alleged infraction had taken place, ( without having seen the complaint, or of having the knowledge of who made the complaint and without knowledge that the 2 employees had actually broken any law, (because such information is not available from the language police) and tells the accused  employees the following, “When you are at work, you have to speak in French,” Johanne Gagnon, the hospital’s director of communications said Thursday. Employees can converse in the language of their choice during breaks and lunch hour, but the hospital told them to be mindful not to make their co-workers feel excluded.
  4. With three days left remaining before the deadline given by the French language police ran out, the hospital sent a reply advising of the measures it had taken. Ms. Gagnon said she hopes the response will satisfy the Office and it will not dispatch an inspector.

That Creole is made up of French and has it origins are based in the French language and culture seems to not matter, the office de la langue française is stubbornly insisting that only certain violations of the charter of Quebec language will be tolerated and deemed acceptable like, “La weekend,” “Les tire” and “un hot dog all dressed” along with  other phrases and a host of other words based in the English language and culture they are trying to eradicate from Quebec.  It is living within this paradox, this contradiction, this oxymoron that I feel abandoned by the federal government, left as a sacrificial lamb, to be the whipping boy of French Quebec, my right sacrificed in payment to keep Quebec within confederation and words like sovereignty and referendum out of the hearts, minds and mouths of the Parti Québécois.

English speaking tourists, people standing in lines speaking English, people ordering food in a restaurant, asking a bus driver for the time of day in English, hell even having a word like pasta on your menu is cause for verbal abuse, physical abuse, substantial fines and even can get you arrested in Quebec and yet the government of  Canada refuses to take action, preferring to wait and see where it all goes and leaving English speaking Quebecers to fight it out in the courts, without the help, or support of the federal government.

I will ask you to consider these questions:

  •  How many women of Muslim faith have to be accosted on the bus in Quebec for wearing their religious scarves or headwear, before the province or the country sees it as religious persecution?
  • How many people have to be beat up for speaking English in public in Quebec before the province and the country see this as linguistic persecution?
  • How long will the province and the country pretend that ethnocide is somehow a better than genocide to the people who are living under them? place to be in when talk and

If  the Charter of Quebec Values is allowed to pass in any form, in its totality or any part of it Quebec will be truly a distinct society. Imagine a province in a democratic country being allowed to deny not only the right to work and speak and socialize in either official language of the country, but also to have the distinction of being the only place in the free world that denies its citizens the right to practice their religion openly and freely within its borders?  Is this the Canada we want, a Canada that only protects the rights of most of its citizens and leaves the rest to the mercy of bigots? Quebec’s only distinctness will come from its ability to instill fear in the Government of Canada enabling its government to bend the federal government of Canada to its will and forcing them to rewrite the rules and redefine what it means to protect ones citizens from oppression and ethnocide.

There is nothing new, or distinct about a people or government being racist and suppressing the rights and freedoms of its citizens, such as language, religion and freedom of speech as far as history goes. What is new however is the fight against such attitudes and archaic ways of thinking that would suggest that it is the majority of the population’s language, religion and color that need to be artificially inflated and maintained by any means necessary to ensure that it remains the majority less the country, the province, the town, or the neighborhood  be over run by the minority, leaving the once majority  no longer the majority, but the minority.  This federal government is powerless to intervene in what is going on in Quebec, because it practices the same type of politics and promotes the same ideological racism that Quebec does.  Did not Stephen Harper declare that he was returning Canada to the real Canadians and that was the Canadians of European heritage sharing a similar religion, language and culture?

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