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Are Quebec Separatists Brain Dead, Dim Witted Or Just Unable to Adapt?

I asked the opening question because one would have to deaf, blind and living in a vacuum, not to have noticed that the New World Order is cleansing the world of leaders who cannot grasp or at the very least accept the fact that borders, sovereignty and independence as we all knew them and the chaos they have brought to the world of business will no longer be tolerated. Continue reading

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Are Parliamintarians Above The Laws Of Canada As Conservative MP Scott Reid Suggests?

Politicians who have lost their seats and privileges in the House of Commons have done so because of their arrogance and refusal to use the remedies afforded to them under Canada’s election laws and not because elections Canada has been unduly harsh with them. Continue reading

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Legalizing Marijuana Is Like Opening Pandora’s Box

I think first off that both the Canadian government and the American have lost their minds and politicians need to stop smoking weed, or doing whatever drugs they are on that is throwing them backwards in time to the 60’s and 70’s and put the Bob Marley records back on the shelf, allow themselves to grow up! Continue reading

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Canada’s Anti Prostitution Laws Do Not Pass Constitutional Muster

There have been a lot of assumptions made by people who mean well, but I would suggest that they are ill-informed and that this decision has tipped the scales in favor of those who make a living off of forcing young people to remain in prostitution, like pimps and madams. Continue reading

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