Are Quebec Separatists Brain Dead, Dim Witted Or Just Unable to Adapt?

I am not a racist; I am just not too bright

I am not a racist; I am just not too bright

I asked the question are Quebec separatists brain-dead, dim-witted or just unable to adapt, not to be a smart ass, or in jest, but because one would have to be all of these things to not notice that the New World Order does not allow for sovereignty and isolationism anymore, because it is bad for business. I asked the opening question because one would have to deaf, blind and living in a vacuum, not to have noticed that the New World Order is cleansing the world of leaders who cannot grasp or at the very least accept the fact that borders, sovereignty and independence as we all know them and the chaos they have brought to the world of business  will no longer be tolerated.  Every country, every city and every person in them will be part of the New World Order and everyone will do their part and contribute to the well-being of the New World Order; compliance will be rewarded, defiance will be met with regime change and there is no 3rd alternative and all decisions rendered are not debatable and irreversible. This is not a science fiction movie being described with my words, but rather this is where we have allowed the greed of a few with the power of technology and money to take us.

 The descendants of the European colonizers who conquered most of the world, raped and pillaged it and enslaved the people of the lands it conquered and colonized, have long memories and we are witnessing the consequences of this long memory in Quebec. The Parti Quebecois led by Pauline Marois knows what their ancestors did to other countries and to the original people inhabiting Quebec and they are not going to allow for the same thing to happen to them that they inflicted on the people the found living here. Too bad for the First Nations that they did not learn until it was too late that the European settlers did not believe in multiculturalism, or perhaps they would have stopped the migration and immigration of these people to their lands and so still be in control of their lands, in possession of their cultures and still worshipping their Gods today. I find it rich that the French separatist of Quebec would seek to preserve their language, their heritage and their religion when the government of Quebec has denied it to others throughout the history of Quebec and is still attempting to do today with its introduction  of Bill 60, or the Quebec Charter of Values.

I wonder are the Separatists of Quebec so brain-dead, so dim-witted and so unable to adapt that they find it impossible to grasp the simple concept of equality and justice for all people, in all things? How long will the government of Canada pretend that the Québec government’s racist actions and violent acts committed against its own people are  a reasonable departure from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution and allow this behavior by Quebec to continue unchallenged under the guise of being a distinct society? Everyone seems to be worried that if the federal government were to step in and demand that the oppression of minorities  stop in Quebec that there would be a civil war; I wonder if anyone has considered that if the federal government does not step in then the oppressed masses in Quebec may unite, rise up and there could be civil war?

 When the separatist government of Quebec says that multiculturalism does not work, do the separatists and the French people of Quebec that side with this government when it comes to the Quebec Charter of Values understand that Pauline Marois is saying that 43% of Quebecers are racists who are incapable of living together in peace and harmony with others different then themselves? Does this 43% of Quebecers understand that they are agreeing with Pauline Marois when she insists that our religious, social, cultural and ethnic differences represent too big a challenge for that 43% to coexist in the same cities, the same country and soon maybe the same planet with those who are not like them, or differ from them even slightly? It makes me wonder if this 43% of Quebecers are brain-dead, dim-witted or just unable to adapt.  What happens when the difference between the separatists of Quebec and the minorities of Quebec is not language, a religious symbol, or an ideology, but rather the purity of  a person’s ethnicity. the color of one’s skin, eyes, or something else that cannot be voluntarily changed, or forcibly taken away by unjust laws; do these Quebecers get rounded up, deported, jailed, or perhaps get tortured and then killed?  Or will this 43% of Quebecers stand by and watch as their government conducts “secret experiments” designed to create a pure, perfect, elite francophone race?

In my opinion the Harper government allowed the growing anti-anything that was not French and separatist to manifest itself, take root and grow in Quebec unchallenged by even a single court case, because up until the Quebec’s Charter of Values was introduced by the Parti Quebecois, the separatists were not hurting the Jewish community in Quebec. With most Jewish people in Quebec able to speak French the federal government was able to ignore the racist activities that the Quebec government was engaging in. The banning of turbans for Muslim kids wishing to play soccer in Quebec leagues could be ignored by the federal government, because this type of bigotry was in keeping with their objective of securing the Jewish vote. I do not blame the Jewish voter for siding with Harper, because all special interest groups try to sell their block of votes to get concessions from political parties and politicians, but I do blame the political parties and politicians for allowing for this type practice to be divisive and a threat to the electoral process and the treating of all of its citizens equally.

Making life tough on Muslims across Canada was the way that the Harper government chose to prove their support for Israel and in doing so securing the Jewish vote in Canada. I wonder now that Bill 60 affects the Jews of Quebec as well as the Muslims, what this government is willing to do to save the Jewish vote that it has sacrificed so much of its moral and ethical high ground to acquire? The Jewish people of  Quebec are looking to have their religious rights and freedoms protected under Canadian law and I know that they do not wish to be forced out of Quebec, or forced to hide who they are once again. Will the Harper government cut and run and find themselves another ethnic group to support, or will they pick up the gauntlet and defend the people they have promised to protect for their vote and in so doing protect the rest of the minorities living in Quebec by extension; or will they abandon the Jewish people of Quebec as is their modus operandi and seek a voting block  with less baggage?

I believe that Canada and Quebec are at a crossroad from which there is no turning back. On Canada’s end I believe that the federal government and the rest of the people of Canada must understand that they cannot lay claim to being a civilized, democratic country that embraces and supports ethnic, religious and cultural diversity and the equality of all people irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity when they stand by and actively support by their refusal to act the existence of a racist, oppressive regime within Canadian borders. Quebec on the other hand must understand that the time for dividing up this country based on language, race and religion is long gone. There is no going back to the time before France lost the war to England, as there is no chance for the First Nations to go back to the time before Europe colonized North America. The rest of the world has moved on, the chance for revenge has eluded them and is gone forever. The time for getting back what you thought, or know was stolen from you as a people, is long past. The new global world order will not tolerate what it considers petty squabbles and temper tantrums that are bad for business and that disturb a sound world economic environment. It is time for Quebec to accept that it will never be an independent nation and accept its fate with dignity and move forward, before it is dragged kicking and screaming into the New World Order like a spoiled child that refuses to leave the store until it gets what it wants.

 The world has changed to a place where even the sovereignty of  a country and the very borders of a country are becoming to mean less and less as the idea of globalization takes root and flourishes. There is no going back to the separate countries for certain groupings of people and others for those following only a certain religion. The total isolation that was once a possibility, is no longer a realistic option. Multiculturalism is not a choice anymore and has not been since Europe sailed its ships across the seas and colonized the new and ancient worlds. The separatists of Quebec must come to grips with the fact that the world has changed and in this world of globalization, if Quebec is to be allowed to survive at all, it has no choice but to embrace multiculturalism and move forward, or die isolated by their own hand.

The Liberal Party of Quebec has finally dropped their pretense of the being the political party that represents equality for all in Quebec in all things and proved that they are just as racist as Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois.  When Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard said that the Liberal Party of Quebec was in favour of allowing public-sector employees to wear religious symbols at work, but was also endorsing the religious neutrality of the state, the preservation of Quebec’s religious heritage and the continued presence of the crucifix in the national assembly, I understood that he is suffering from Islamophobia and does not understand the meaning of religious freedom, or cultural diversity and so could not possibly support the idea of them or the presence of them in Quebec.

I would ask, “Who died and said that Catholicism was the religious heritage of Quebec and what of  the First Nations people’s right to wear their religious symbols while working for the Quebec government? I believe that this whole charter business is another attempt to attack Muslims in an underhanded back door fashion? Why else did the government not just target the Muslims it wanted to get at and be honest about it? This is a clear case of targeting everyone so that Quebec’s 43% does not look like it is engaging in Islamophobia.

First the French said that they took away the rights of the First Nations to worship their Gods and keep their culture for their own good and kidnapped their children and forced them into residential schools to bring the First Nations people into the world of civilization; a favor the French said that would be appreciated later by the First Nations people as a kindness and never was. Now the likes of Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard seek to do the same favour for the Muslim Women of Quebec under the guise of liberating them from wearing garments that seek to make them submissive; on this point Quebec Liberal leader Philippe Couillard and Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois both agree although I have heard that the majority of Muslim women in Quebec do not feel that wearing the garments of their faith any heavier or oppressive then Catholics wearing their crucifixes hanging from their necks.

Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard says the policy of the Liberal Party of Quebec does not favor the wearing of the niqab and burka in government offices as well as the chador, a long garment that covers the entire body. (Notably all Muslim religious wear) Couillard also had this to say about the chador, “This garment translates a message of withdrawal of women, submission and this is not something that, for us, is compatible with public services.”

So in a nut shell the ancestors of White, French, Catholic’s who stripped the First Nation’s people of all of their culture and religious beliefs have now positioned themselves politically to once again promote and force their ancestors racist ideologies and beliefs on the minorities of Quebec, using bill 60 to make it all legal.

Talk about the worst things in a country’s history repeating themselves. Despite all of the hurt damage and suffering their ancestors caused the first time around, the 43% are willing to do it all over again and the federal government seems willing to let it happen and deems the whole mess,  “a reasonable departure from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution,” legal and within Quebec’s jurisdiction to deal with as  its government sees fit?

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  1. The Muslim religion is like an unnoticed cancer that grows and grows. Turns into a swiftly moving tidal wave killing whoever is not a believer. read this web page.
    Islam is not a religion of peace. Religious people against Jesus were not of peace either. Religion against the sexuality names are not of peace. All need to change.
    Cannibalism is secretly allowed in Islam.
    “Walid Shoebat | Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace” …He speaks the honest naked truth about Islam that Islam wanted to be unknown to the world until they wanted it to be known when they had the strong majority. It is like, not yet, not yet, wait for it, wait for it, thinking to themselves with a smile on their face that seems to be friendly waiting for this. “Quran (3:151) – Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be ‘joining companions to Allah’). Walid Shoebat informs us that according to islamic law: “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body (716 in volume 1, Al-Kortoby)”

    The people who follow Islam need to have a broken and contrite heart even as “Walid Shoebat has speaking the truth.


    • archemdis says:

      You know I think that I will just keep my response short and say that you are entitled to your opinion, but I think that you are wrong and that talk such as what you just put forth are part of the problem. “Let he who is without sin…” I guess it is those Muslims killing innocent women and children from miles in the sky or from miles out to sea. I am not going to even entertain this discussion any further, I find it unworthy, unclean and nothing to do with the post. Have a great day and thanks for posting a comment anyway.


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