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Canadian Government Okay With Ukrainian Protestors Throwing Molotov Cocktails During Protest

I would suggest that the First Nations of this country might feel that they have been pushed too far for far too long now by consecutive governments over the years that refuse to hear them, honor their treaties and agreements and keep them living in 3rd world conditions. Continue reading

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Citizens of Quebec And Canada What Was Wrong With What We Believed In As A Country And A People? / Are The Forced Changes Worth The New Look?

Quebec is not alone it its idiotic single minded pursuit of one priority for its constituents, the federal government led by Steven Harper governs with the same ideological set of values and principles that are dragging the whole country down into the abyss of constitutional challenges, abysmal economic growth and a no working population that has not been seen before in Canada save for the Great Depression. Continue reading

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Old Stale Thinking Versus New Fresh Thinking Canada Now Has A Choice

What about Justin Trudeau officially removing the Liberal Senators from the Liberal Party of Canada caucus that made him the object and the subject of such ridicule, such sarcasm and so much laughter and prompted the usually polite and non-partisan Elizabeth May to stifle her laughter coquettishly in her hand and join in on the childish spectacle instigated by the Prime Minister in a deliberate attempt to bully and intimidate Justin Trudeau? Continue reading

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