Old Stale Thinking Versus New Fresh Thinking Canada Now Has A Choice

Old stale thinking verses new fresh thinking

Old stale thinking versus new fresh thinking

The Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honorable Stephen Harper and leader of the Official Opposition, the Right Honorable Thomas Mulcair and both of their caucuses found something on which they could agree. They both agreed that The leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau had done something amusing, worthy of contempt, bullying laughter and their disrespect, when he did what Prime Minister Harper should have done at some point over the last 8 years. Stephen Harper should have been the political leader to try and put pressure on the senate to reform itself, but chose instead to add to it by appointing senators of his own, so that he could control both chambers of the house and gain more power for himself.

 What was it about  Justin Trudeau  removing the Liberal senators from the Liberal caucus that made the whole Conservative Party in the House of Commons along with  Stephen Harper  and the Whole New Democratic Party of Canada including Thomas Mulcair unable to stop laughing uncontrollably over?  What about Justin Trudeau officially removing the Liberal Senators from the Liberal Party of Canada caucus made him the object and  the subject of such ridicule, such sarcasm, that even prompted the usually polite and non-partisan Elizabeth May to stifle her laughter coquettishly in her hand and join in on the childish spectacle, instigated by the Prime Minister in a deliberate attempt to bully and intimidate Justin Trudeau?  Was it just a hysterical, nervous laughter brought on by the fact that Justin Trudeau has shown the courage to stop talking and finally do what should have been done a long time ago?  Was it the laughter of  jealousy, because a  younger less experienced politician named Justin Trudeau  has shown Canadians that if a political leader and party are willing to take the lead and do what is best for Canadians and if they are willing to relinquish some of their  personal power, putting the decision-making power back in the hands of the Canadian voters, trust in people to do the right things, that it is indeed possible to affect meaningful change immediately to government without all of the endless and needless fighting? Was this attempt by Justin Trudeau to do something positive in senate reform truly what Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulcair found so funny?

What changed in the Canadian Senate when Justin Trudeau officially removed the Liberal Senators from the Liberal Party of Canada caucus?

  • The once Liberal Senators of Canada were given the right to vote their consciences freely in the senate without the need to follow any political party partisanship.
  • The once Liberal Senators of Canada will have their budgets curtailed drastically and so will be forced to watch their spending and traveling expenses whether they want to or not.
  • The Senate of Canada was designed to operate with at least a 2 party system attached to their elected political party in the House of Commons, will now have to re make itself if it is to function.
  • Every Canadian whether a Justin Trudeau fan or not now knows that something could have been done to fix, eliminate or control at least the wasteful spending of tax payers money in the  Canadian Senate by Stephen Harper without opening up the Constitution of Canada and without a Supreme Court fight.
  • Justin Trudeau did his part and effectively put an end to unelected Liberal senators in the  senate. Looking to the future the once Liberal senators that remain in the senate will be replaced by elected Senators hopefully ending for all time non-elected Liberal senators in that chamber.
  • The Conservative Harper controlled senators cannot help feeling the pull of their master’s leash now or the weight of the yoke around their necks.  Soon these senators will begin to want to be free as well. Once the once Liberal senators stop being afraid of being set free and takes their fist step outside of the cage and the other senators witness someone else enjoying their freedom, they will want to taste it and then acquire it for themselves, because freedom is catchy.
  • What was thought only days ago to be impossible has now been proved possible to do, with and end result of a  Canadian senate free to vote as its conscience dictates instead of being forced to vote along party lines. This could lead to a Canadian Senate that will truly become a place of 2nd sober thought.  A senate of the people voted for by the people and not appointed by a prime minister as a form of patronage and a way to boost his own personal power and control over the democratic processes of government.

Imagine an elected reformed Canadian senate, with its own budget sufficiently funded; no longer  having to depend on handouts from any political party and free to vote its conscience. Imagine a Canadian senate that needed to be re-elected by the people of Canada at election time regardless of who was responsible for their initial sponsorship, ending forever their job for life status and making them responsible and answerable to the people of Canada instead of being answerable to a political party leader as it is right now. Since the senate debate began so long ago which leader in government today, or in the past has been willing to do anything, even up to the point of giving up his control and his power in the senate to try and accomplish those goals that would serve Canadians best, even if not himself?  Ask yourself which politician demonstrated through his actions that he was willing to put Canadians first?  I think that you would have to admit whether grudgingly or happily that it was and is Justin Trudeau.

Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair may have become so cynical and so entrenched in the status quo that they find it impossible to conceive that Justin Trudeau could  engage  in such an act of selflessness as to relinquish his control of  the non elected senate solely based on his unshakable belief that a politician is supposed to serve the people and not their own ambitious ends and that all people who claim to be speaking for Canadians should at least be voted into the office they hold by Canadians, but I think that the people of Canada can still see the good in a person when it is there.  Why did Stephen Harper not answer the challenge and set his senators free from his hold, allowing for a completely free senate, instead of trying to humiliate the only politician thus far who has shown the willingness and the leadership necessary to take a step, in the right direction as far as either senate reform, or its abolition is concerned?

I think that Stephen Harper’s need to see reform in the Senate began to wane when he realised that with a majority status in the House of Commons and a majority status in the Senate gave him the power of a dictator, without any of the negative stigma that goes with it.  Debates and the outcome of committee votes are a mere formality done only to keep up an illusion of Canada still being governed as a democracy when the reality is that the debates and the votes are of a symbolic nature and have no chance on influencing the outcome as far as a bill being voted into law, or an amendment to a law being passed.  In reality all members of opposition parties could stay home and nothing would change as far as debates being won and amendments to laws being passed, because until senate reform is accomplished and Stephen Harper is defeated democracy in Canada on the federal level has been suspended and the chance of an open fair debate in either chamber made impossible.

Perhaps it is a young leader like Justin Trudeau with a vision,  the capability to think outside of the box and who is not afraid to act on those feelings is what Canada and Canadians need more of right now. I think that it is young politicians who  also are leaders and that demonstrates through their actions and not just in their words their genuine desire to return  the power to Canadians to decide things like, what Canada looks like and what values Canada chooses to take on as her own, are what Canada and Canadians need a whole lot more of right about now.  Canadian politicians of all stripes have been taking the power to decide Canada’s direction from the Canadian citizen for years now and I would suggest that it is time not only to stop the draining of the power, but to reverse the flow.

The old fogies  that wield the power on the hill right now (Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair), must be coming to the realization that their time in power is coming to an end and in a last selfish attempt to cling to power they seek to discredit those who would take action, instead of making excuses for doing nothing. Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair have made careers out of promising things to voters and then finding excuses why they cannot deliver on those promises. This is the old style politics, played by tired old politicians. Young, energetic, innovative, free thinking leaders like Justin Trudeau make these old style politicians nervous, because these young politicians expose them for the frauds and hypocrites that they are just by waking up and doing what comes natural to them.  For instance Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair claim they want to do to reform the senate, end poverty, create jobs, end abuse of women and children, take care of our seniors properly and put an end to religious persecution, racial discrimination and cultural oppression,  just to name a few, but up to now they have only managed to laugh and find what Justin Trudeau did by removing the Liberal Senators from the Liberal caucus, funny and befitting of ridicule.

Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast are tired of our political leaders treating us as though  we are children, or perhaps mentally challenged adults who just do not know what we want, or what is good for us and if we do know what we want then we do not understand the consequences of getting what we want.  I think Canadians are tired of the paternalistic approach taken by the politicians we elect; they deciding when we should get what we want and how much of what we want should we allowed to have, if and when we are permitted to have it at all. The paternalistic approach which supports the ideology that if you are an elected official of the people that in electing you to represent them that the voters have willing given up the right to make decisions for themselves and have somehow given you their power of attorney enabling  you to do whatever you think is best for them and ignore what they are really asking of you, is  tired and played out way of governing. Politicians such as Justin Trudeau know that the, “They will thank us later for what we do to them now for their own good,” did not work when dealing with the Frist Nations and the aboriginal people found here when the founding fathers arrived and it is not working on any of the Canadians of todays Canada either.

I would suggest that this kind of innovative, honest and free thinking, followed up by direct action is not within the comprehension, or in the arsenal of politicians such as Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair and so they seek to suppress what they are instinctively afraid of, do not recognise and do not have the capacity to understand.  I think that Justin Trudeau is the kind of unselfish politician that Canada and Canadians need to have more of right now and hopefully in the not too distant future we will have enough new young uncorrupted free thinking politicians that will be fortunate enough to have one as  not only the Prime Minister of Canada, but the premiers of our provinces and territories and the mayors of our cities as well. It is time to rid ourselves of the old style politicians with their old style of governing and usher in a new day for Canada full of  the energy, fresh ideas that are not afraid to listen to Canadians and then take action based on what they have heard.

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