Russia Puts Troops On The Ground And The West Saber- Rattles

I fear the Ukraine and its people will need more that just cheap talk, sabre-rattling to get Russia to pull out of their country!

I fear the Ukraine and its people will need more that just cheap talk, sabre-rattling to get Russia to pull out of their country!

Just as a follow-up to the post I would ask the question what is going on in the heads of Steven Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada? Is the Stephen Harper led government so desperate to be recognised as an international power broker that it is willing to declare and accept the way the protestors and the opposition party  in Ukraine conducted themselves  as a legal and, justified?   Is the fact that Steven Harper and the Conservative Government of Canada wanted Ukraine to accept a trade deal with the European Union, a move which the Conservatives felt would have proved that the Ukraine government was serious about adopting more democratic principles and ready to be an ally of the Western Alliance enough of a reason to assist a coup d’état in another country, as they admitted to doing on national television from the floor of the House of Commons?

We as Canadians know it is not easy to confine yourself to democratic principles when as a people you feel that you are not being treated fairly by your government. God knows that we understand that, because ever since this government came to power with a majority government they have alienated all but the very rich and punished the poor. They have run this country into the ground, morally and economically; running the country much like the government that has just been ousted in Ukraine, but waiting for the next election and working for change within the law of the country is what democracy is all about and so there has been no coup d’état in Canada.  Canada has a history since Steven Harper came to power with a majority government of getting its political foot stuck in its very big, ill-informed mouth. We as a country led by Stephen Harper seem eager to spread our new-found principles of democracy which amounts to adhering to the fundamentals, basic principles and spirit of democratic rule about 10% of the time when it suits your agenda, or have no choice and governing as a dictatorship the other 90% of the time, because you have a majority government and it is easier for you as a government to get things done.  Listening to the conversation going on in the House of Commons today and the tone of the Harper government as they stated their intent to rush off to the Ukraine and push their agenda and desires for the Ukraine to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union, I could only shake my head and ask myself, “Was this the sole reason that the Harper government chose to support the Ukrainian protestors?”

What of the pro-Russian Jews that are claiming that the protestors are going to persecute them for their language they speak(Russian) and their desire and belief that they are best served by remaining cordial with Russia; are they to be pushed aside, their concerns ignored? Are they to be considered not real Ukrainians until they are slaughtered, or being persecuted by the thousands, like we are now seeing in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka was yet another example of an ill-informed Harper government/Canadian led intervention which resulted in Stephen Harper’s government turning on a group of Sri Lankan people Canadians once supported as freedom fighters and having them declared terrorists.  Since there was no 9/11 for Canada, and Canada was being blamed for 9/11 by virtue of the fact that the terrorists spent time in Canada and entered into the USA through Canada, Stephen Harper needed something to prove that he was willing to tighten our borders and was willing to fight “George Bush’s Axis of Evil” and in so doing help  Stephen Harper to realise his international ambitions. Caught up in the quickly thrown together list of possible scape-goats were the Sri Lankans and they became undesirable for immigration to Canada along with their social organisations, their refugee status attempts denied and their social and support organisations made illegal. We now know that those refugees on the Sun Sea that this government called terrorists and false refugee claimants were really a persecuted people and the Harper government was wrong to call them terrorists and not welcome them as the refugees they were.

Watching this horror story unfold in the news made me afraid for the Ukrainian people, because they had just started down the slippery slope of anarchy by (a) justifying and following through with mob rules and (b) using violence to solve their problems. I would suggest that when they adopted a and b the protestors removed any illusion of law and order from the equation when trying to solve their problems, adopting the ideology  and principles that reflect as long as the end result justifies the means forget about democracy it can be reclaimed after victory is won. How long will the protestors and the new Ukrainian government be able to hold on to what they have won in this manner should be the question on those now in power? In my opinion the answer rests teetering on how long they can keep everyone happy and I feel that will not be for too long, in fact there are voices of discontent and fear being voiced already.  I believe and history has proved that once a people start down a path of solving their problems with violence and coup d’états, it is hard to justify expecting other dissatisfied factions within the country to adhere to the law and the principles of democracy.  More often than not they will see the need for  regime change and the route you chose to achieve your goals and your successful outcome as the best way to a rise to power and also choose to sidestep democracy just long enough to get rid of you promising of course to return to democracy was they are in power.

What happens next for the people of Ukraine? How can anyone possibly hope to secure a democratic outcome to the governing of a nation, from a people that have just proved that  they see the solution to political, social and economic change is to be achieved by violence and  force rather than by engaging in democracy.  What I am getting at is, “Can ever be okay to turn our back on the democratic principles that we say we stand for and support an armed ousting of a government in another country, because we do not like the choice’s their government has made in  trade deals?” “If the answer is to be yes, then what  in a democracy can we as Canadians say really justifies the use of force and violence to change the governments mind on a decision they have made in this country?’ In other words if enough Canadians do not like Something that Steven Harper’s government did and they thought that he was selling Canada out and amassing wealth for his own personal use, would this be enough for them to be justified in taking up arms against the government and eventually forcing him out of office?  This is the real problem that the incoming government of  Ukraine will have to answer very soon.  What will trigger the next violent over throw of the new government?

I thought that the NDP’s position not to take a side and to encourage the Ukrainian people to seek a diplomatic and democratic solution to the problem of the free trade issue was the right one, because it was the only sustainable solution and it was the only solution that any nation calling themselves democratic could subscribe to.  Canada under Stephen Harper’s governance has been playing a dangerous game with peoples lives and encouraging them to rise up against their governments and supporting them even encouraging them to use violence to achieve what Stephen Harper thinks is in their country’s best interest and ours.  We are giving these people with our support a false sense of security.  We are making them feel as though we will protect them if Russia decides enough is enough and moves to re take them as part of a new Soviet Union, when we know we will do nothing should this come to pass.  We are with our gung-ho approach and our posturing are not only endangering the very lives of every Ukrainian man, women and child, but could be jeopardising Ukraine’s  independence as a sovereign nation.  What I do not understand is why the NDP is now backtracking on their earlier position and wishing to go on this ill-fated, ill thought out, one-sided, non diplomatic, non democratic photo opt that Stephen Harper has put together.  I know Canada going to head into a federal election soon, but really NDP?

 Russia ensured that its military was good to go should they be required and are now on the ground in Ukraine with the Canadian delegation, but their representatives are armored vehicles, war helicopters, tanks, war ships and soldiers and they are guarding the airports and all important Ukraine infrastructure.  I would suggest that this is what happens when diplomacy and democratic principles are set aside and supposedly democratic countries support and back coup d’états in other countries, but are not prepared to put troops on the ground to back those people up. It will be interesting to see just how far Stephen Harper and John Baird and the Western Alliance are ready to support Ukraine and its people now that the photo opts and saber-rattling have been met with a show of force from the Russian military and a communist government that is not intimidated by western democracy or threats of retaliation.  How could Canada and the rest of the Western Alliance not have seen this reaction from Russia coming and if they did see it coming why were there no troops on the ground in Ukraine to protect these people? It would seem that Canada through Stephen Harper and John Baird have taken the people of Ukraine out of the frying pan of fragile peace with Russia and independence as a nation and thrown all Ukrainians into the fire of loss of  freedom through military intervention by Russia, over a refused trade deal with the European Union.  I fear the Ukraine and its people will need more that just cheap talk and sabre-rattling to get Russia to pull out of their country!

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