Crimean Parliament Chooses Russia Over Ukraine And Western Alliance Says Not Legal?

It seems the Ukrainian government was made an offer they should not have refused!

It seems the Ukrainian government was made an offer they should not have refused!

As the chess game continues it becomes clear who the pawns are in this match that was started by the Harper government’s intervention into the sovereign state of Ukraine’s business and the assisted overthrow of that government.  I have stated before that I think that the Western Alliance thinks that it is okay to allow a people of a sovereign country to starve to death, die of easily cured medical ailments,  or an inability to get fresh drinking water due to  imposed Western Alliance’s naval blockades, no fly zones and trade embargoes that make it impossible for medical supplies, food  and infrastructure supplies to be delivered, because a country is not democratic enough, or are endangering what they call their interests in an area literally thousands of miles away.  Canada along with the rest of the Western Alliance have difficulty when  Russia puts troops on the ground to  protect its  interests in a country that used to part of the Soviet Union, is still in its area of the world and in which it still has Russian speaking citizens who are  claiming to be abused and persecuted by the newly Canadian back government, who came to power by a Canadian backed coup d’états.  The Harper government said in the House of Commons in a televised session that Canada has been supporting the protesters and encouraging them in their efforts to oust their legitimate government just before the Russians put troops on the ground in Crimea where they have a military base and a real defensive territorial concern.  I warned when this began that Canada has a way of trying to look tough in  the modern world with old world ideas. Consider this in your deliberations on the whole Ukraine affair and the role that Stephen Harper decided that Canada should take in it.

  • Stephen Harper and John Baird do not like Russia because of their persecution of gays; I think John Baird is gay.
  • Stephen Harper and John Baird do not think there is room in the world for a communist government, or any government that is non democratic.
  • The Harper government bragged on national television from the floor of the House of Commons that they helped to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine, by giving support to the protesters angry at their government rejection of the European Union’s trade deal.
  • Stephen Harper and John Baird rushed into Ukraine to offer their support to the newly established government of Ukraine a government that came to power via a Canadian backed coup d’états, toppling the fragile balance of what Russia feels are its interests in the Ukraine and that region of the world.
  • Stephen Harper and John Baird could not have consulted with their allies when starting this mess and so once again have acted unilaterally, endangered the lives of a nation and the very freedom of a nation, just to look tough on the international scene and be able to say that they were the first in.  Notice when the when the leaders in the Western Alliance  are talking about what to do next, Stephen Harper/the king and John Baird/the fool are not allowed in the conversations where grown men are talking.
  • They have picked a military fight without the power to back it up and have now involved the countries of the west it calls its allies in what could have easily turned into world war three as Russia threatens to stop disarming, or set the world back to cold war times and its real fears.

I get the gay persecution part, because I do not like the persecution of anyone, but how a sovereign nation governs itself is their business and I do not think that the west and that includes Canada has the right to sneak into a country, offer people trying to overthrow the government financial support, military advice, and weapons, because they do not like the governments choice of trade deals. The Harper government showed their inexperience and inability to deal with such delicate diplomatic issues when they bragged about their efforts to support the overthrow of the legitimate government of Ukraine on television.  Stephen Harper and John Baird have almost thrown the entire world back in time with their total lack of  understanding of diplomacy, or willingness to set aside diplomacy,  to  cold war times. Stephen Harper and John Baird speak of bullies running around the world and strutting their stuff, but what of the cowards like them that run around the world picking on the little countries that they do not like, because of their religion or politics? Stephen Harper and John Baird seem to have forgotten that these little guys sometimes have big friends and allies that are not so easily intimidated with threats of sanctions, embargos and the possible threat of military intervention and are powerful enough to take retaliatory  actions of their own.

The Crimean people through its parliament have decided that it wants  to be a part of Russia and enjoy the peace and stability that they feel such an alliance brings them rather than the corruption and persecution that being a part of Ukraine has brought the Crimean people thus far, but once again the USA, Canada and the rest of the Western Alliance are deeming the process illegal, but the process that saw the former legitimate government of the Ukraine overthrown legal. This recognizing of the replacement government as legitimate confuses me and makes absolutely no sense, but is line with the logic that the Western Alliance and Canada are employing now; my way or the highway, or you are either with us or against us. The Crimean parliament has asked for no help from them, so why does the Western Alliance feel they have a right to decide what is legal for the legitimate parliament of Crimea to decide?  Unfortunately what I have predicted in an earlier  post about this matter has come to pass.  Russia used the interference and support for the protesters given by Canada to invade Crimea and like I also predicted all Canada and the Western Alliance are willing to do is give lip service and apply sanctions.  This must be a cold comfort for those who have fought  and overturned a government because of a trade deal only to find themselves very close to being able to say that they are not far from never protesting again.

I think what is happening in Crimea, Russia, which just a week ago was Crimea, Ukraine is an example of why you can never put aside the basic fundamental principles of  democracy for even a short while to gain political power, effect regime change, in short to get one’s own way, because all to often your actions will come back to bite you in the ass as in this instance.   We as a democratic nation under the rule of Stephen Harper have set aside all of the basic fundamental rules of living in a democracy both at home and abroad.  At first it was small changes and now we see very deep core changes such as the ones to come when Bill C-23 and Bill C-150 are made into law.  (a) Bill C-23 accuses all Canadians of being dishonest, devious and fraudsters, who cannot be trusted to do the right thing and vote within the parameters of the law on election day and therefore need to have certain pieces of identification and methods of identifying them removed from the process so that they are no longer tempted to cheat such as “voter identification cards and voter vouching” (b) Bill C-150 will bind the hands of electoral Canada from insuring that all eligible people get the chance to vote, tell people why it is important to vote, insure that every politician plays within the rules and more importantly are punished just like any other citizen when the break the rules and the law.  These are just two laws of many that are in front of us right now in Canada that are attempting to rewrite the laws governing what are acceptable practices for a government to govern by in a democracy.

I for one find the Harper government oppressive, corrupt and behaving more like a dictatorship than a democracy; the proof can be found by simply turning on the television and viewing CPAC any given day at any time.  I also find the Harper government to be arrogant, heartless and without mercy when it comes to the suffering of its own people and that of others internationally; the proof of which can be found in this governments cut to all social programs in Canada and their foreign aid for trade deal policies.  I can understand the Crimean parliament’s choice of wanting to be part of Russia, when, words and phrases, principles and ideologies such as multiculturalism, linguistic equality, religious freedom and transparent governance have now become dirty in Canada and throughout the Western Alliance. Imagine in Canada right now an election in Quebec is being fought on what Quebec calls its Charter of Quebec Values, which seeks to limit religious freedom in that province and the federal government has taken no action to uphold the laws guaranteed to every Canadian within the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  How is that for upholding ones democracy and freedom of rights? How is that for Canadian hypocrisy?

What I am getting at is that you cannot allow Democracy, or a Republic to look like, or appear less fair and inclusive then a Monarchy, an Aristocracy, a Dictatorship, or a Democratic Republic, or other people might  see that you are the same as the types of governments you say  are wrong and unfair to their people.  In short we in the west who are always professing the benefits of democracy to others need to lead by example, or people like those in Crimea will see us as the liars, the oppressors of the people and the 2 faced hypocrites that our politicians are portraying us to be and opt for the security, stability and peace that they think that a government such as Russia offers, is capable of giving them.  The west’s perceived corruption, failure to lead by example when talking about governing democratically and its unwillingness to back up its threats with a  fight unless they can guarantee that it can be done without getting their nose bloody is making the Crimean people turn toward Russia, for the security and stability of knowing what to expect form their government day afer day. At the end of the day every people who have trusted in the Western Alliance to deliver them from their oppressive governments, have found themselves standing alone when the cost to the countries of the Western Alliance in money and political pressure from home forces them to leave, before the promises made of restoring infrastructure, democratic rule of governance and freedom for all insured.

This reminds me of the time that Canada under Stephen Harper’s governance and the rest of the Western Alliance put groups of international observers on the ground to monitor that an election was run fairly and above-board in all ways.  At the end of the election the people of this country elected a government that was not friendly with the west and Canada refused to deal with the elected government, even though they admitted that the people had indeed chosen this group to represent them in a fair election.  Is this our new version of democracy that we only recognize the voters right to a free choice as long as it is what we want?  No wonder the line is so blurred between other forms of government we say that we are better than and ours.

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