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Pierre Poilievre Merely Another Puppet On A String

Pierre Poilievre is just another tool used by the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper and the PMO to deliver the prime minister’s more distasteful edicts and changes to Canadian democracy for which the PM, the PMO and the political machine would like someone expendable to take the fall for when the time comes; easily replaced by another puppet. Continue reading

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Jim Flaherty The Man With A Calculator Where His Heart Should Have Been!

Jim Flaherty maybe considered a great economist and what he started should balance the budget, how could he if he had even the smallest of hearts have done all of this on the backs of Canada’s most fragile of citizens? Continue reading

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Transparency, Honesty, Honor Not Practiced In Canadian Politics!

I could have easily picked Nova Scotia, Nunavut, or the North West Territories; I could have easily picked Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island to make an example of in the picture above, because I believe that not one … Continue reading

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What Went Wrong For Pauline Marois? Have Politicians Learned Anything?

If the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not mean anything anymore, or is not enforceable in the provinces who chose to ignore it, then it should be stated out right so that every Canadian will knows that when it comes to their rights and freedoms that it is the province who decide what they are and entitled to and not the federal government of Canada. Continue reading

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Roll Out The Bus Time Again In Ottawa!

In my opinion no other prime minister in the history of Canada has had the temerity of Prime Minister Steven Harper, or had such a loathing for what he thought it meant to be a Canadian internationally that he felt that he had no choice if given the power to change it to something unrecognisable to Canadians. Continue reading

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